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Key Points for Uma Rudd Chia

  • Uma Rudd Chia brings two decades of expertise as an award-winning creative director who has had to hold her own as the only female creative lead in many multinational agencies.
  • Has delivered keynotes to over 500,000 people in over 10 countries on technology, innovation, creativity and women empowerment.
  • Recent kindle best seller,10 Things Brands Could Do To Survive A Crisis, has been hailed as a brand and marketing playbook for the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Is a leading female speaker on innovation and artificial intelligence, having spoken at the Melbourne/ Beijing Smart City Summit and I’ll Be Back Southwest.
  • Just this year, has been featured on key medias in the UK and Singapore - the Straits Times, Marketing Magazine, The Drum and Money FM, Advertisers on Advertising, to name a few.

Topics for Uma Rudd Chia

  • Unleash Your Inner Roar
    As consumers are looking beyond great products, to brands that also share their values, this talk helps marketers learn how to stand for something that matters to their audiences.
  • The Female Idea
    Ideas are NOT gender neutral. They are male and female. Discover the importance of recognising this and how you can leverage this diversity to become a top marketer.
  • 10 Things Brands Could Do To Survive A Crisis
    Based on Uma's Kindle best-seller, this talk gives marketers practical steps they can take to come out unscathed through a pandemic.
  • Thinking Creatively Inside The Box
    It’s easy to be creative with a big budget and zero constraints. But necessity is the mother of invention – top tips to come up with the best ideas under pressure.
  • How to influence and lead people with diverse opinions
    The talk that was top 10 power talks in 2020 for Tiger Hall. The topic is self explanatory.
  • Life 3.0
    A semi-fictional presentation of a future where artificial intelligence penetrates every area of living, without us knowing and what the consequences could be?

Testimonials for Uma Rudd Chia

In a time when most people are either panicking or freezing, Uma is a one of those rare breeds who is doing creative, positive and valuable things. She is one of the most creative people I have met in my life (and I have studied creativity across 70 countries and over 20+ years, so I have met a lot of creative people.) She inspires you to have faith in the future, take action to make the best out of the situation and push you to start creating more things instead of sitting around and waiting for this crisis to end - well that is if you are anything like me. How lucky is the person who listens to Uma - you’ll get some positive and useful messages in a time where we are bombarded by the opposite.
The Creativity Explorer

Whatever topic Uma speaks on, it’s about hope, not disillusionment; about action, not ambiguity; and about pragmatism neatly bundled in a flourish of imagination and possibility. That’s because Uma has always believed in the formidability of uncompromised selfbelief. Her mum would probably tell you that, as a child, it made her just a little bit feisty. But that’s the creative spirit liberated and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Uma has a way of reminding us of what it means to think as a human when the future of humanity might just well be at stake.
Founder & Managing Partner

Uma has an amazing ability to connect with audience and I felt lucky to have her on stage for General Assembly’s events. Her presentations about topics such as creative design trends or women empowerment were powerful and to the point. I'd highly recommend Uma as a speaker and presenter.
Expansion Lead
West Coast at General Assembly

Uma is entirely passionate and utterly "crazy." When she is on stage, she has this infectious personality that lights up any room. Whenever she conducts workshops, she explodes with a host of creative ideas that fill up the wall with Post-Its. She is a perfectionist and always exceeds expectations whenever she has to deliver a talk. Her continuing love of learning is evident - she grows as a presenter. Uma's passion is the real reason for her creativity. She always leaves a lasting impression.
Chief Creative Office
Vertical Storyteller
Cannes Lion Jury President
Keynote Speaker

Uma never fails to inspire me with her drive and motivation, bounded by strong values to bring the best ideas to life. She takes charge with passion and continuously strives and delivers her best in every talk and action. She's ruthless with her vision yet absolutely compassionate to care for the people she communicates with by listening to understand everyone's challenges and bringing smiles towards success as a true leader.
Experience designer, strategic thinker and facilitator of creativity

Uma is one of the smartest and bravest women I have come to know, hear and work with.
Creative Director and Inventor