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Key Points for Tina Tower

  • Founded Begin Bright which was acquired by Cognition Education in 2016
  • Founded Jay St in 2017, an empowering jewellery line
  • Launched film production company - Nikhedonia Productions in 2017
  • Telstra Australian Young Business Woman of the Year 2014
  • NSW Franchise Woman of the Year 2014, Australian Small Business Champion in Educational Service 2013 and My Business for Women in Business and Overall Excellence 2012
  • Featured in major media such as The Financial Review, My Business Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, Today Tonight, 7 News, Wake Up Today, Daily Telegraph, Educational Review and The Australian

Topics for Tina Tower

  • 10 years to an overnight success
    • How Tina went from an idea, to a small suburban tutoring centre, to a National franchise network with over 30 sites.
    • This presentation is personal, powerful and touches on the emotional highs and lows and practical strategies to use for scaling up a business. 
  • Rise
    • How to build the business life of your dreams.
    • How to maintain the stamina required to get through building a business and achieving your goals.
    • Strategies to use when you get back down and need to find the strength to rise again.
    • In this presentation, Tina encourages you to question your beliefs and let go of fear and live the life you've always imagined.
  • Scaling up
    • How to scale your business to take pressure off the owner and to create the freedom and flexibility you went into business for.
    • In this presentation, Tina outlines the positives and negatives of franchising, how to systemise your business, how to create a great franchising culture and pitfalls.
  • Accelerate Workshop
    • If you don't know where to go, you won't go anywhere
    • In this workshop, Tina helps people identify their values in each of the 7 areas of life and what they would look like to achieve in each of these areas both short term and long.
    • You will be then able to break these down into achievable action steps so that you can see how your hopes and dreams can easily become your reality.
    • You will identify where you are currently and where you want to be in 5 years and form strategies and a plan with how to accelerate your growth to make it possible.

Testimonials for Tina Tower

I cannot recommend Tina Tower highly enough. She spoke at our Women in Focus conference in 2016 and ever since we’ve tried to emulate what we officially refer to as the ‘Tina Tower’ effect. Your own event will be richer for having the ‘Tina Tower’ effect. Simply put, the ‘Tina Tower’ effect is what happens when Tina shares her story as candidly as she does. With the perfect blend of vulnerability, humour and stage presence Tina has a unique ability at cutting straight to the heart of what matters in business and in life. 
The ‘Tina Tower’ effect as we’ve come to call it, is after a presentation like hers, there is a noticeable change in the quality of conversations that delegates have with each other. The conversations are richer and realer, as she makes audiences want to want to live both a bigger and more honest life. 
Her ability to distil and share the lessons from her business journey are second to none. Her infectious energy will make sure your conference attendees leave feeling uplifted and positive. It’s impossible to hear Tina speak and not walk away feeling empowered to live your best life. Unlike so many motivational speakers who simply speak on the topic of motivation, Tina is extremely well qualified to speak on the topic having achieved business success so many entrepreneurs and business leaders can only dream of. To have someone who has reached the pinnacles of success like she has, share their story with candidly, is indeed a privilege for your audience.
Women in Focus
Commonwealth Bank