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Key Points for Stuart Gregor

  • Stuart Gregor is the co-founder and former Global Trade Director of Four Pillars Gin, leading it to become Australia’s top craft distilling success.
  • He has been instrumental in garnering multiple prestigious awards, including International Gin Producer of the Year.
  • Stuart is the President of Australian Distillers, fostering phenomenal growth in the Australian distilling community.
  • Stuart is the co-founder of impactful not-for-profit ventures, such as RUOK? Day and OzHarvest, contributing significantly to social causes alongside his business ventures.
  • Stuart is an experience and engaging speaker, auctioneer and MC.

Topics for Stuart Gregor

  • The Four Pillars story
    How three blokes decided one day the world needed its greatest gin to come from Australia. And somehow they seem to have achieved that goal.
  • Passion and purpose in business
    How the bottom line will look after itself if you care enough about your job and others.
  • Follow your dreams
    Dreams are for kids; plans are for adults. How do you go from having a dream and turning it into reality – a case study and some general tips you’ll never want to forget.
  • I can’t find a real auctioneer but need to raise a lot of money
    Call Stuart – he will solve your problem.
  • The spirit of Australia
    Why and how an Aussie spirit became the best in the world – including a tasting of four different Four Pillars gins.
  • Standing up to the big boys
    Why the best brands of the future won’t be big and old but instead, small and young.
  • The marketing myth
    Why almost all “marketing” is essentially bullshit.
  • Is all publicity good publicity?
    A PR pro and business owner answers this conundrum once and for all.
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Host

Testimonials for Stuart Gregor

Stu was engaging, funny, and very entertaining. He authentically connected with the audience, and they were super positive about his presentation afterwards.
Master Painters Australia NSW & ACT

Stuart Gregor from Liquid Ideas provided a resounding “cut-through” presentation to the recent 2015 ALSA Conference in Darwin. 
Stuart’s “pull no punches,” entertaining & down to earth presentation style resonated with the audience and delegates voted his session as highest overall score for a speaker at the conference.
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Liquor Store Association

Stu Gregor has donated his skills and time to be our auctioneer for our signature event,  Children’s Cancer Institute’s Diamond Ball since 2013; in this time he has personally helped to raise in excess of $375,000 directly through the live auction prizes and wine game – for us this is the difference between an event achieving success or not.  But even more than the funds raised, Stu brings an energy, dynamism, humour and compassion to the night that is an integral part of the emotional journey of our guests  - he is both entertainment of the highest calibre and a fundraising machine as an auctioneer. I cannot imagine us now running this dinner successfully without Stu – he brings an honesty and quality that reminds our guests why they are there and releases the sadness of stories of kids with cancer – this is an extraordinary talent and we are so appreciative of his support –  a special man with a quick wit and a very big heart.
Head of Fundraising
Children’s Cancer Institute

We are indebted to auctioneer extraordinaire Stuart Gregor for being part of our fundraising Sports Lunch for four consecutive years.  Stuart’s generosity in sharing his knowledge of fundraising, his professional approach, humour and wit have all contributed significantly to our fundraising success, and to our guests immensely enjoying our Sports Lunch events.
Abbotsleigh Lunch

Not content with being the original master of the wine options game, Stuart Gregor has now fashioned himself into one of Australia’s most entertaining charity auctioneers. His style is unconventional – ranging from charming and witty to cajoling, wheedling, haranguing and slightly manic even – but also extremely funny. More importantly he is extremely effective at persuading guests to continue bidding long past the point they probably should thus ensuring a result for our auction at Second Bite’s Waste Not Want Dinner that far exceeded our expectations.
Waste Not Want Not
Where auctions at charity events can often alienate much of the room who aren’t bidding leading to chatting and thus impacting on the effectiveness of the auction, Stuart’s approach makes for a great spectacle that captures the attention of the room. While the fact that he is also extremely funny means that those lucky winning bidders are invariably delighted when the item is knocked down to them, and smiling when they part with the money. Something I think is crucial to maintaining that positive relationship between guests and the charity.
Matt Preston
Second Bite Ambassador

Stu had the perfect mix of industry cred, charisma and subject matter knowledge – he’s the first, and last, place we’ll look for any marketing events I’m involved in going forward, class act.
Marketing Manager

Stuart Gregor recently spoke at our MFA 5+ Inspiration Event.  He spoke on the topic of BRAND YOU!
He was extremely engaging and entertaining.  A big personality, with authentic characteristics than resonated with the 250 people who attended.
Some of the comments were:
• Great speaker!  Gave out life advice like candies!
• Great style and down to earth and relatable
• He is the “class clown” and he is a true blue honest person, which is refreshing!
He nailed the topic, and personalised with many life experiences.
Director People

Stuart Gregor has donated his services as MC and auctioneer at our annual gala dinner (Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s major fundraising event) on a number of occasions.Stuart is always highly entertaining, energetic and engaging.  He held the attention of a large and boisterous crowd whom he engaged in a highly profitable auction and event which raised over $2 million on the night. The feedback from our guests confirmed Stuart’s humour, charisma and skill as both public speaker and auctioneer. He is pure gold!!!
Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Thank you so much for last night.  You rocked.  You really did. Never before have we finished on time!  And never before have people enjoyed the auction as much! It’s a hectic night but you had it completely under control.
Nordoff Robbins