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Key Points for Scarlett Vespa

  • Scarlett Vespa is the founder of The Conscious Agency and The Conscious Room.
  • She has worked with iconic brands such as Disney, David Jones, Westfield including being head of broadcast for the Commonwealth Bank.
  • Has a media and advertising career spanning over 25 years.
  • Creator of the Mrs V Shift, a yearly event to give women over 40 a voice.

Topics for Scarlett Vespa

  • Breaking the age barrier: Inspiring corporate education on ageism
    The talk would cover the negative effects of ageism on individuals and organizations, as well as the benefits of an age-positive workplace. Providing practical tips and strategies to help organizations combat ageism, including policy changes. The talk would also focus on the value and contributions of older workers, highlighting their experience, knowledge, and skills. Overall, the talk would inspire organizations to embrace age diversity and create a culture that values and respects employees of all ages.
  • From challenges to opportunities: How to turn adversity into growth and success
    The talk is aimed at inspiring individuals to reframe challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth. It would cover the benefits of embracing challenges, including the development of new skills, the opportunity to learn from mistakes, and the potential for greater success. Offering practical strategies for reframing challenges, such as cultivating a growth mindset, focusing on strengths, and seeking support. The talk would also feature stories of individuals who overcame significant challenges and achieved success, highlighting the power of perseverance and resilience. Overall, the talk would inspire and empower individuals to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and success.
  • Unlocking your potential: The power of building a strong personal brand
    The talk would cover the benefits of building a personal brand, including increased visibility, credibility, and opportunities for growth. Offering practical tips and strategies for building a strong personal brand, such as defining your values, developing a unique voice, and leveraging social media. I would also focus on the importance of authenticity and consistency in building a personal brand that accurately represents who you are and what you stand for. Overall, the talk would empower individuals to take control of their personal brand and unlock their full potential for success.

Testimonials for Scarlett Vespa

Scarlett Vespa is an authentic and engaging public speaker. Scarlett’s passion for the subject matter is infectious and as an attendee you gain a fresh perspective on the major trends that are transforming creativity and innovation across a diverse range of industries.
Business Owner

Scarlett has the innate ability to see through whatever is going on in my life and importantly she puts into perspective beautifully. If you are looking for a transformation, highly advise.

Returned home from Scarlett’s Event feeling lighter and so connected. Scarlett is an extraordinary host and facilitator – she held the space as we received snippets of wisdom all day which I loved.

The finesse with which she curated and facilitated each speaker made it a well-organised event that was absolutely transformational.
Hotel Realm

Engaging & confident. A lively presentation and although l have heard her before speak, there was so much more valid content to pick up on again. One of the most genuine people l have met! l enjoyed her presentation and making some adjustments to my own brand today! Scarlett is so good to listen to, she has a calming sense about her and encouraged us all to have self-love.
EAPA Summit, Melbourne

We invited Scarlett to speak at a recent Shesays event and she wowed the audience! Scarlett was articulate and held the attention of our ladies to talk about the topic of creativity, in particular her experience in the creative industry and beyond. The objective of the Shesays events is to inspire women and she certainly did, we had some great feedback after the event as one our best for the year.