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Key Points for Kate Langbroek

  • From community radio to commercial success, Kate Langbroek's journey is marked by fearless wit and humor.
  • Kate has overcome many challenges, including her child's leukemia battle, with grace and strength.
  • She relocating her family to Italy during a pandemic showcased her adventurous spirit.
  • From bestselling author to captivating interviewer, Kate continues to excel in diverse roles with authenticity and humour.

Topics for Kate Langbroek

  • Master of ceremonies
  • Two boys, one girl; My life in radio and comedy
    A woman working in comedy - especially in radio comedy - will rarely (if ever) be the majority in the room. And then there’s a funny thing called the gender pay gap. Kate discusses how she has encountered, and surmounted both of these challenges, and risen (with a few banana-skin falls along the way).
  • The boy who lived: A mother’s fight to save her son
    It is every parent’s nightmare; a child diagnosed with cancer. Kate’s first-born son, Lewis Lewis, was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was six years old. She shares how her family endured four years of often-brutal treatments, as a family, and as a mother who tries to hold her world together when it is falling apart.
  • Walking away from everything and gaining it all
    Who has not dreamed of running away from it all? Kate did exactly that - in 2019 she moved to Italy for the adventure of a lifetime. Only she had to take five people with her. In an often-funny and often-moving recounting of the realities of what actually happens when you make your dreams come true, she shares the highs and lows of leaving everything behind, what she learned about herself and Australia, and finding out what ‘home’ really means.
  • Those who dare to dream, and those who dare to do
    People love to say; If you dream it you can do it, but Kate’s contention is that dreaming alone is not enough. The arena of life is full of those who criticise from the bleachers; who can see so clearly what could - and should - have been done better. Kate’s address celebrates the notion that the world is built by those who actually DO - who organise, who admin, who build - who book the tables-of-ten for others to enjoy. It is both a humorous and motivational salute to those who take the risks in turning ‘what-if’ into ‘look-at-this’, and an uplifting tale of moving from one side of the ledger to the other.

Testimonials for Kate Langbroek

Kate was amazing, we can't thank her enough for bringing so much fun and laughter to the event: and for working on the fly. What an absolute joy to work with and our client loved her.
Target Staff Awards

We absolutely loved working with Kate - so professional and so much fun.
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