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Key Points for Justin Herald

  • Justin Herald is the creator of Attitude Inc, a clothing brand that became an international licensing success that turned over in excess of $20 million per year.
  • He was named the International Entrepreneur of the Year, 2005.
  • He was awarded the Future Leaders Award.
  • Justin Herald is the Managing Director of Customer Culture, one of Australia’s leading customer service and customer engagement training companies.
  • Justin Herald is the creator and founder of JuniorEntrepreneur.com which teaches kids how to take their ideas and turn them into a business.
  • He is the author of 8 Books.
  • Justin Herald personally mentors over 100 business owners each year.

Topics for Justin Herald

  • Secret sauce service
    After the last 3 years, customers and clients are looking for more than just a “good deal”.
    Experiences are the number 1 desire for your customers / clients, but how do you stand out from everyone else?
    Justin Herald will show you that you need to have “secret sauce”, the ingredient that your competitors don’t have, in order to stay the number one choice in your current and potential customers mind.
    What’s Your secret sauce?
    This can be easily adapted to any business and more importantly, across ALL departments by applying 6 key strategies.
    This keynote is filled with practical and real examples and is guaranteed to make an impact in their day to day interaction with their customers. This then effects the bottom line of any business. This is a fun filled, laugh out loud but insightful keynote fit for every business.
  • How to grow a business without spending a cent
    The famous Attitude story which is about how I took my last $50 and turned it into a $37 million global brand with no money spent on advertising or marketing.
  • 2023… The year of the customer
    This keynote has been the most requested in 2022 due to businesses wanting their staff to focus on the customers journey and experiences.
    If we all don’t look after our customers, someone else will which it is more important than ever to ensure the whole team is on the same page.
    This keynote really sets the benchmark that needs to be instilled in all businesses.
  • Old school is the new norm
    Over the last few years of the pandemic, the businesses that have understood that the basics that businesses were built on many years ago, are the things that need to be implemented back into their business.
    Audiences gain a great deal of take home tips throughout this keynote as the younger generation of employees, franchisees and even business owners may never have realised that there may be an easier way to navigate out of the downturn in business that many have faced.
    The simplicity of how to work this way is really the success of this presentation.
  • The cycle of a sale
    When you understand the simplicity of selling and the ease of getting repeat business, then business growth can be a lot easier. Throughout this keynote, I show the 4 areas that customers deal with before a sale, and the 4 areas businesses need to understand AFTER the sale to ensure repeat business AND referrals. This keynote is based upon 30 years of proven results.
    How to grow a business without spending a cent – The attitude story
    This is a fun filled yet highly practical keynote that is extremely applicable for what businesses have had to go through over the last few years. This is the story of how I took my last $50 and turned it into a $37 million brand in just 6 years. This was at a time when the internet had not really become “a thing”, when social media was not even a thought bubble, and when old school relationship building was the cornerstone of business success.
    This is my most requested Keynote due to the amount of enjoyment audiences get out of the presentation.
  • The art of adaption – When uncertainty is the new certainty
    The one thing all business now realise is that things can change very quickly. Unless we adapt our businesses to be able to respond quickly to those changes, then things will either stagnate or die.
    This is a great keynote for staff for them to realise the role they play right now.
  • Workshops
    Justin Herald also has a range of half day and full day workshops as well as his “Customers First” Online staff training program.
  • Schools
    Justin also does a lot of school talks. During the pandemic he launched www.JuniorEntrepreneur.com globally which teaches kids how to take an idea and turn it into a business. This has become a great success.


Testimonials for Justin Herald

We were faced with the responsibility of selecting a guest speaker for our recent national conference. The task was not taken lightly, as we understood the pivotal role a speaker plays in setting the tone and imparting valuable insights to our attendees. After thorough deliberation, it became evident that Justin Herald was the perfect fit for our event. Recognized as one of Australia's foremost Conference Keynote speakers, Justin's reputation precedes him. Beyond his speaking prowess, his role as the Managing Director of CustomerCulture.com added another layer of credibility to his expertise. Our aim was to secure a speaker who could bridge the gap between complex concepts and our audience's perspective, cutting through the noise and providing meaningful takeaways. True to our expectations, Justin's address was a masterclass in effective communication, resonating deeply with our attendees. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse Justin as an inspirational speaker for any corporate function, confident in his ability to elevate and empower audiences across various industries.
Managing Director
Specific Locations

Justin's ability to connect with his audience and deliver his message in both an engaging and relatable manner left a lasting impression on all attendees. Justin's passion for speaking and commitment to excellence are evident in every aspect of his presentation. I highly recommend Justin Herald for any speaking engagement or consultation services. He is a talented presenter who can bring value to any event or organisation. His experience and knowledge in the business world are invaluable, and his ability to motivate and inspire others is truly remarkable. If you want an audience to be activated then Justin Herald is the perfect choice.
Turf Australia
Strategic Projects Officer

I recently heard Justin speak at a three day Industry conference that rotated through quite a few keynotes across the program. I must admit my eyes were glazing over by midway through day three when Justin hit the stage. What a breath of fresh air! Justin’s keynote was relatable, humorous & full of absolute gold. I was completely engaged for every minute of his keynote & still recall the majority of it. While it was a fairly large audience- I felt like Justin was connecting with everyone in the room (myself included) as if he was having a chat at a dinner party. Often- speakers will come in with an air of superiority & a success story that seems unattainable to the vast majority of attendees. Justin’s keynote is delivered with a down to earth & relatable message as someone who has very literally built a business from the ground up proving that passion, a quick intellect & a “no bull” approach can in fact bear fruit. Justin’s entertaining delivery certainly resonated with me & I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as a speaker with impact at your next event
Australian Dance

I have heard Justin speak at multiple business conferences and as recent as last week, and was impressed every single time. He's a refreshing mix of down-to-earth, tell it like it is, and successful business owner, who's actually done the things he's helping people do. It's quite rare that you find someone this successful, being so approachable. Justin is entertaining and real. He speaks with zero pretence and a genuine heart to help and see people succeed. You can really tell he loves his family; he loves what he does, and he loves the people he serves. I can't speak more highly of him as a keynote speaker as he definitely holds the audience’s attention!
K. Kelly

Hi Justin, Thank you for being our keynote speaker for our Fleet Managers conference. The feedback was excellent. 35% said that you were “amazing”, and 65% rated you as excellent! Comments from the team such as “I thoroughly enjoyed the day as I learnt a lot. Justin was a very engaging speaker”, “Loved Justin, very inspiring” and “I loved Justin’s comical and sensible approach. He made it easy to listen”.
Eagers Automotive

I heard recently heard Justin speak at a conference the company I work for had put on. To be honest I dread going to these events as they normally are a boring experience but Justin’s 90 odd minutes on stage was one of the most impactful and memorable presentations I have been to. He is effortless; connecting with the audience through his genuineness and no bull approach. He provides practical and actionable advice and packs his talks with value. Smart, funny and just all round great human!! Justin’s make business do-able, fun and infectious.

Justin Herald is by far the most inspiring and entertaining guest speaker I have seen present to senior students. The content around becoming a Junior Entrepreneur hit home with nearly every student. His casual and yet professional demeanour had the audience’s attention from the very beginning. His use of humour, and some of the most entertaining and thought provoking stories you have ever heard kept the students entertained and inspired right until the end. Our students have not stopped talking about Justin since he left three weeks ago! We will have Justin back every year to continue inspiring our students.
Careers Co-ordinator
St Patrick’s Marist College, Dundas

Justin Herald is the best speaker we have ever had for any of our conferences. His content, delivery style and messages rang plenty of bells and enabled us to end the conference on a high note. Thank you for making it such a success.

Thank you for working with and training our staff. Your content was absolutely perfect for them, and even we the management learnt new things and great new ways to re-engage with our clients. The way you explained and educated us as to what the customer is wanting these days was brilliant and insightful. We have never seen an immediate impact before from other speakers until today. The staff have already implemented many principles that you shared, and it is having an instant impact on our bottom line.
Operations Manager
Nexgen Group

Thank you Justin for presenting at our staff conference on The Cycle of a Sale. Your content was absolutely perfect for them and even we the management learnt new things and great new ways to re-engage with our clients. The staff have already implemented many principles that you shared.
Operations Manager
Nexgen Group Call Centre

I want to thank you for the being an awesome guest speaker. Our 250 restaurant managers that attended the presentation were extremely complimentary of you, your personality, knowledge around business and the current customer environment. You were the best guest speaker I have ever experienced... I have been with McDonalds  for over 17 years and seen A LOT of them. I must say that you related your experience with customers and their expectations seamlessly to how we want to market our brand. Thank you for your energy, passion for customer engagement and being a "call it like it is" type of person. Your personal brand is refreshing and will definitely continue to bring you well deserved success in the future.
McDonald's Australia Ltd

The facts speak for themselves. Ninety seven percent of the audience who provided feedback rated you either 'very good' or 'outstanding'. Quotes such as, ' excellent, a true inspiration", 'the best speaker I have ever heard'', 'the best start to any day' really made our event. Thank you so much for being an inspiration and leaving our audience with a load of take home value.
Redcliffe City Council

Thank you for such a significant contribution at the Roche Conference. Your ability to read the audience meant that you pitched your communications appropriately. You said it as you see it which made the audience sit up and take notice. The feedback we have received so far has been fantastic. In fact, from the moment we met you at the brief until the end of the conference, your professionalism and energy were well noted. We would be more than happy to recommend you to any organisation who is seeking an impactful, thought provoking and meaningful speaker.
Marketing Manager