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Key Points for Jessica Williamson

  • Jessica Williamson is a serial-entrepreneur and a certified, award-winning mindset and business coach.
  • She launched Ete Swimwear in February 2016 at the age of 22 with no financing which made over $300,000 in its first year business.
  • She has a strong background in online marketing and advertising but no formal design training, yet runs a highly successful global swimwear fashion brand.
  • Although still running one of her businesses after selling two, her priority is to continue helping women in business and female entreprenuers to unleash their potential.

Topics for Jessica Williamson

  • Mindset and unleashing your potential
    Your mindset is everything and is the number one reason why people achieve success. Often, mindset is the ultimate barrier for people who are looking to unleash their full potential. My extensive understanding of NLP and training in the field of mindset means I know how you can overcome these barriers, to stop you from getting to the next level.
  • Goal setting and building your dream life/business
    If you don't know where you are going, you may end up someplace else... Jess has a unique approach to goal setting & believes anything is possible!
  • The power of introverts
    Jessica always thought she needed to be the loudest person in the room. However, through a journey of deep self-discovery, Jessica has harnessed her power of being an introvert as established that being a quiet introvert is far from being synonymous with lacking confidence, having less fun or being less vibrant. She has learnt that having an introvert personality comes with incredible strengths in deep listening and engaging with others one to one. Jessica's audience has deeply resonated with this topic and unique perspective.

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