Ask about Jessica Williamson
Key Points
  • Jessica Williamson is the Founder of Ete Swimwear and Somewear Elsewhere.
  • She launched Ete Swimwear in February 2016 at the age of 22.
  • She has a strong background in online marketing and advertising but no formal design training, yet runs a highly successful global swimwear fashion brand.
  • After only 1 week of launching her label, Jess was invited to showcase Ete Swimwear at New York Fashion Week.
  • Jess has grown Ete Swimwear to over 70,000 social media followers and has customers in over 46 countries.
  • Helps brands build their presence online through her business coaching and online membership Dreamers & Doers.
  • Personal Business Story
    Hear Jess’ story of how she started Ete Swimwear. In an inspiring story of knowing what you want and not settling for anything less, Jess talks about how she went from working full time to starting her own business at 22 with no investors, and no contacts. Through many trials and many triumphs, Jess shares how she overcame challenges, what she learnt, what works and what doesn’t.
  • Young Women in Business
    Jess shares her experiences as a young woman in business. From working influencers, digital marketing and growing her business, Jess discusses the power of women and the importance of a solid support network.
  • The Power of Mindset
    Jess shares how the power of mindset helped her to create (and now run) her own businesses. She discusses how often the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves, how this can be detrimental to our growth and how to step out of your comfort zone to achieve your full potential.

Jessica’s intensive workshops run for approximately 2 hours, with sessions times altered to suit your event.

  • Starting and Scaling your Business
    • Global Mindset
    • Setting foundations
    • Creating a brand identity to create raving fans
    • How to reach international audiences from day one
    • Scaling your business
    • Introduction to Influencer Marketing, Online advertising, collaborations and social media
  • Influencer Marketing
    • Strategies to help grow and scale your business with Influencer Marketing
    • Finding the right Influencers for your brand
    • How to contact Influencers/Brands
    • Structuring your collaborations
    • Different strategies, methods and tactics you can use to get the most out of influencers
  • Digital Marketing (Facebook and Instagram)
    • Strategies that I have used on my own business and others to help grow and scale your business online through Facebook and Instagram Ads
    • Setting up audiences, figuring out who exactly to target and how (including custom audiences and remarketing)
    • Setting up campaigns from scratch
    • Analysing and optimising your campaigns to make them work for you!
    • How to ensure a positive return on investment (ROI) on your ads