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Key Points for Freda Miriklis

  • Co founded the only organisation on women’s leadership and economic empowerment to 53 Governments of the Commonwealth and lead partner of Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC).
  • Designed and implemented the first Australian private sector consultation, to inform the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment.
  • Established and spearheaded a philanthropic foundation that built schools for vulnerable communities in 50 of the world’s most impoverished countries within 2 years.
  • President of World Startup Festival (WSF) - a global entrepreneurship platform based in California, bringing together startup entrepreneurs, governments, corporations and community leaders from the 10 regions of the world, creating a global movement for youth entrepreneurship and future businesses in the wake of the 4th Industrial Revolution.      
  • WSF works in association with the OECD in Paris and take actions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Youngest president to serve the International Federation of Business and Professional Women in organisation’s 85 year history.

Topics for Freda Miriklis

  • Exploring the potential for women’s empowerment
  • Empowering women for leadership
  • Closing the equality gap
  • Women innovation for a sustainable future
  • Eradicating poverty through the meaningful contribution of women
  • Women's Empowerment Principles: Equality Means Business (WEPs)
  • Social development and sustainability
  • Partnering for wealth creation
  • Master of Ceremonies

Testimonials for Freda Miriklis

Freda's energy and enthusiasm made her such a joy to work with. She really listened and understood the brief, and delivered a keynote and panel discussion that were exactly what I was hoping for. Our audience loved her and she really inspired everyone in the audience with her passion.
REA Group

Freda was an absolute joy to work with. Energetic and genuinely interested in our organisation, goals and the work we do. Freda’s presentation and engagement with the audience exceeded our expectations. Our value proposition was woven beautifully into her presentation forming the perfect marriage of speaker and audience. She had great interaction with the audience and remained relevant, on topic and on time.
Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM)

Freda Miriklis was a powerful addition to our 2016 celebration of International Women’s Day. Her experience as a business leader is clear as she passionately promotes gender equity and systems which strengthen women’s economic empowerment. Her willingness to share case studies was a powerful eye opener to the gender pay gap but also to what is possible. Her presentation was well received and incredibly thought provoking. She was able to keep the audience engaged during and after the event and has prompted many positive reflections across the organization.
City of Casey

I met Freda Miriklis when she was the International President of the Business and Professional Women (BPW). Freda is an impressive lady and her courage and conviction when leading this organization of 30,000 members was motivating. Her presentation skills are extraordinary, her ability to convince and persuade - incredible. No one who hears Freda Miriklis leaves the room unmoved. This is a lady who was born to convince others!
Former president BPW
Lausanne, Switzerland
Head of Stakeholder Relations
Business School Lausanne

As a keynote speaker at the 2014 BPW National Convention, Freda provided a very inspiring voice for women across Canada and around the world. She exemplified a true passion for the topics in which she spoke about out and listeners got a real feeling for her commitment and dedication to the BPW cause. It was heart-warming to see how many women were inspired and energized by Freda's words. Not only were Freda's presentations professional and stimulating, but Freda herself was a true example of a genuine, caring, and experienced woman in leadership. These qualities shone-through when Freda volunteered to participate in interviews from the local television media. Freda was more than willing to take time to participate in the interviews which were handled very professionally by her with all interview questions answered to the fullest extent and without hesitation. This made for a very professional and credible outcome, resulting in the interview being showcased on both television and online. Whether it is a presentation, television interview, or personal one-on-one chat, Freda's passion and genuine nature are exemplified throughout.
Marketing Consultant
Global TV Saskatoon

Freda is a force of nature. Her passion, her commitment to women's empowerment, her eloquence - she is a powerful speaker. When she makes remarks, it is heard as a strong call to action.

General Counsel, Chief
Governance and Social Sustainability UN Global Compact, New York, USA

Freda is a powerful and articulate advocate. She is able to clearly and persuasively present to any audience her views, messages and expectations. She has an open and engaging personality that comes through strongly in her presentations and is able to transmit her passion and ideas directly into the hearts and minds of her audience. 
Secretary General
International Organization of Employers, Geneva, Switzerland

Freda was apart of the inaugural ITC Global Platform for Action on Sourcing for Women’s Vendors that secured $18 million of contracts for women entrepreneurs in its first year and a strong supporter of women entrepreneurs bringing buyers and sellers together to facilitate business and trade opportunities. An energetic and experienced presenter, strategist and leader, Freda will leave you inspired and thinking outside of the square. She is an engaging speaker.
Women and Trade Programme Manager
ITC (International Trade Centre), Geneva, Switzerland