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Dana Vulin

Key Points

  • Dana Vulin made international headlines when a tragic, unprovoked attack left her with third degree burns to 64 percent of her body and face.
  • At the end of 2013, Dana encountered yet another major hurdle with a routine pap smear revealing cervical cancer.
  • She publicly removed her compression mask for the first time on Channel 7’s Sunday Night program, revealing her face, which had been covered for two years and eight months. The segment was rated in the top 5 stories of all time and attracted international media attention.
  • Her story has featured throughout many major media outlets around the world and she has recently appeared on television programs such as The Morning Show, The Project (panel and special edition segment), Sunrise, Today Tonight, The Daily Edition and This Morning Show (UK) and Loose Woman (panel) UK. Plus, many more.
  • Recently, Dana published her first book titled Worth Fighting For, for which she was invited to speak about at the International Writers Festival.
  • Although Dana’s story is both harrowing and unbelievable, it’s not what Dana is best known for.  She is hailed around the world for making the biggest recovery and transformation in burns history. It’s been compared to winning gold, if there was a ‘recovery Olympics’. It is truly is something that has to be seen and shared to be believed.
  • Dana is back at University now doing her 3rd degree. Her Masters in Science-Medicine.

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