27 May 2021

Top 7 Nutrition Virtual & Live Keynote Speakers in Australia

Top 7 Nutrition Speakers Australia

Top 7 Nutrition virtual & live keynote speakers in Australia


The importance of good nutrition translates through every area of our life, making us happier, more productive and of course, healthier. Our experts deliver exciting and engaging content that make us not only more aware of what good nutrition can provide, but also how we can incorporate small steps into everyday life in order to live well.

Where previously nutrition used to be a guessing game, research into gut health over the past decade has advanced the field monumentally, and fully qualified nutritionists have a wealth of knowledge to draw on to educate, inspire and empower their audiences to live life to the fullest.

The list below has been curated by the ICMI team highlighting 6 of the brightest minds in fields relating to Nutrition, however you can also browse our full range of Nutrition speakers here, or even extend your search to Chefs or lifestyle & wellbeing professionals.




Lola Berry

Colourful, fearless and bursting with enthusiasm, leading nutritionist, blogger and best-selling author Lola Berry is a master at finding exciting ways to help people make small achievable changes in their lives.

She advocates on the importance of mindfulness, fitness and nutrition and the impact of these on mental health. Lola is a highly sought-after expert for speaking, cooking demonstrations, nutrition consulting and yoga classes. She is currently only available for virtual events.
Find out more about Lola here


Michele Chevalley Hedge

Health and wellbeing expert Michele Chevalley Hedge is a woman in demand. She is authentic  creates simple messages that resonate, turning evidence-based information into practical daily actions.

Michele recognises that mental health is just as important as physical health, and her presentation is a must for anyone looking to be a leader in workplace health and productivity.

Find out more about Michele here


Stephanie Gobbo

Stephanie Gobbo is a modern-day science-trained naturopath and nutritionist with a passion for wellness and holistic health. She inspires people to feel the best version of themselves and presents tangible health tips to achieve this objective. Stephanie has numerous clinical areas of expertise that she brings to her presentations that are evidence and science-based.

A vivacious and confident speaker, Stephanie will uplift and inspire you to achieve your wellness goals.

Find out more about Steph here


Health & Nutrition

Mark Bunn

Former AFL Footballer and best-selling author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health, Mark Bunn helps organisations and their people get ahead of the game in the ‘future of human performance’ through his fascinating blend of ‘ancient East meets modern West’. Mark is an expert on happiness, health and performance, and takes a holistic approach to speaking on health.

Find out more about Mark here


Simone Austin

Simone Austin cuts through the noisy nutrition space and shows her audiences how to enjoy food AND be healthy too. She is an Advanced Sports Dietitian who shares stories from over 25 years experience working in elite sport, with some of Australia’s most successful sporting teams.

Simone is currently Senior Dietetic Adviser and Manager of the Advocacy and Policy team at Dietitians Australia, with her advocacy work focussing on aged care, mental health and disability.

Find out more about Simone here


Dr Ross Walker

Dr Ross Walker has a vision to help everyone achieve total mind and body wellness and live life longer by embracing Positive Lifestyles and Preventative Health and supplementation.

With entertaining and emotive stories, Dr Walker will educate any audience with the most accurate, comprehensive and informative health and stress management presentations they will ever experience.

Find out more about Dr Ross here


Food & Nutrition


Tawnya Bahr

As an industry connector, chef, and founding partner of bespoke food tour company Straight To The Source, Tawnya Bahr uses her culinary experience as a platform for promoting and supporting sustainable agricultural practices and producers. Tawnya’s energy is palatable, and her presentations are thought-provoking and delicious.

Her audiences leave hungry for more. And you will, too.

Find out more about Tawnya here



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