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Key Points for Dr Ross Walker

  • Dr Ross Walker regularly appears as a health presenter on the Australian media with regular radio segments on 2GB, 3AW, 6PR, 2SM, 2HD & 65 regional stations.
  • In Five Stages of Health, respected cardiologist and media personality Dr Ross Walker debunks the myths and hype of modern health and gives you the facts you need.
  • He has 40 years of medical experience.
  • He is the author of seven books on health and wellbeing.
  • Host of his soon to be broadcast national radio show on the Macquarie Radio network.

Topics for Dr Ross Walker

  • 5 keys to ultimate health
    • Quitting addiction
    • Cultivating a healthy sleep habit
    • Enjoy a healthy eating habit
    • Exercise and movement
    • Healthy mind - healthy body

  • Big fat lie
    • Medical misconceptions
    • An alternative view to current conservative thinking, allowing audience members to take control of their own health and wellbeing

  • Happiness – The best drug on the planet
    • The 5C's to achieving peace, happiness and contentment

  • Supercharge your brain power
    • How to gain a competitive edge over your competitors through understanding the best application of knowledge

  • Sleep – A vital component of healthy living
    • Learn the best ways to cultivate a healthy sleep habit and improve the quality of that vital one third of your life

  • Future proof your health
    • Discover the current new directions and the bold predictions for medical investigations and therapies over the next 50 years

  • Live to 100
    • Is it truly possible to extend your life and if so, what are the current secrets of longevity
    • This presentation will look at the current "Blue Zones" of longevity around the glove and the exciting new research demonstrating advances in anti-aging

  • The five stages of health
    • Body Health: Medicine works
    • Environmental Health: Modern toxins and how to deal with them
    • Genetic Health: You can't change your genes (yet), but you can change the consequences
    • Emotional Health: Change your situation or change your attitude
    • Mind Health: See your life symbolically and choose peace in every moment

  • The five steps to supernutrition
    • The Five Steps will lead you towards the right path for proper nutrition and ultimate health

  • Integrative medicine – The future path
    • For too long conservative medicine has preached the inefficiency of complementary therapies, whilst the complementary medical world has suggested that orthodox doctors live in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry
    • The presentation will demonstrate, using heart disease as a model, how an integrative approach serves the patients best interests

  • Your biography becomes your biology
    • This lecture examines the 7 energy centres in the body and how a block in one of these centres may lead to a disease specific to that area.
    • Learn how clearing a block may contribute to the restoration of health

  • The end of the journey or just the beginning
    • Examines a 'meta-physical' journey through life and how a variety of difficult to explain phenomena can enrich  your life and soul

  • Meditation sessions

Testimonials for Dr Ross Walker

BioCeuticals has had the honour of working with Dr Ross Walker for several years. Recently he presented a series of seminars for us in which he dispelled many of the misconceptions around the causes and long-term management of cardiovascular disease. His presentations were delivered with authority, conviction and excellent humour. Dr Walker has a vitally important message backed by a wealth evidence and data. His ability to communicate this to all audiences is reflected by the outstanding feedback we received from our delegates. He is indeed one of those rare voices capable of conveying complex and confusing topics as simple, inspiring truths.
Head of Education and Clinical Services

On behalf of the Appliance Connexion Board, Member and Supplier Delegattes attending this year's annual Annual Conference in Singapore, we would like to thank you for your professional key note address on 'The 5 Pillars to Personal and Business Success'. Ross, your presentation really hit a great spot with our delegates, it was timely to remind them that personal health is a major part of their own futures. Your presentation style was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It has been a pleasure working with you, and we appreciate the hard work and preparation that is required prior to the event.
Appliance Connexion Limited.

Our guests were enchanted and delighted by Ross' performance - and so were we.
Aston James International

Outstanding presenter in every which way. Articulate, intelligent and humorous with great audiovisuals to support presentation.

Ross' easy, jocular presentation style makes a very serious subject easy going and he gets his message across very well.
Challenge Bank

Very well received by the mixed audience. He was vibrant and fresh in his presentation and we had good vibes from the breakfast sessions. The audience really enjoyed his content and presentation style. Highest rated speaker of the meeting.
Price WaterhouseCoopers

Your presentation certainly satisfied each of our criteria - it was entertaining, lively, informative and overall "whet the appetites" of the team.
Roche Products Pty Ltd

Thank you for a wonderful presentation. It was an excellent address with messages we all need to apply to our daily lives.
Mitre 10 (NZ) Ltd

We had Ross previously - He is excellent, commanding and engaging and gives good value for money His message always reaches our audience.
Royal Adelaide Hospital

Excellent! Inspiring, relevant and fantastic information which was enjoyed by all delegates.  Ross sold all his books and has more orders to send.
Creative Event

Wow! What a message you delivered to our clients last night about prevention and providing answers to follow the path to wei/ness. Your passion for people and their health is evident in your message. Your message is delivered in medical terms that everyone in the audience understood. Your delivery of this vital message and its contents were talked about late into the evening with our clients. We all shared in the laughter and the serious side of your message.
CPS Group

Ross is an energetic speaker that delivers a strong message in a humorous way. He has done a number of keynote presentations and has always rated as the best speaker of the day. It is a pleasure to work with a professional like Ross.
Executive General Manager, Adviser Distribution
Suncorp Life

Dr Ross Walker was the guest speaker at our client functions we recently held in Sydney and Brisbane. Over 300 clients attended the two luncheons and the feedback we received was exceptional. Ross is a speaker who engages the audience and delivers an important message about health. We all need to hear his presentation. Ross has the ability to deliver his message in an entertaining way which makes the audience smile, while leaving them with a clear and practical way to improve their health. His message is truly life changing. What sets Ross apart is his passion for health and for speaking. I highly recommend Ross as an exceptional key note speaker.
Fitzpatrick Private Wealth