28 Oct 2021

Seven of the top mental health speakers based in Melbourne, Victoria

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The Covid-19 pandemic has seen Victoria reach the unenviable milestone of the longest cumulative lockdown in the world. With upwards of 250 days in lockdown since the start of restrictions in 2020, Victorians have felt the very real struggle of separation from loved ones and restrictions on movement and activities.

These top mental health speakers from Victoria bring to the table both inspirational stories and practical tools to support audiences experiencing the hardship of lockdowns, economic instability and uncertainty.


Ray Good

Ray Good knows a thing or two about mindfulness. With almost three decades of personal meditation practice under his belt, Ray has travelled the world to explore this important spiritual practice.

Over the past two years, Ray has helped some of Australia’s biggest companies navigate the emotional and wellbeing challenges of their employees during the Covid-19 crisis. He speaks from a place of exceptional personal and professional experience and will leave your audience with the tools they need to implement change in their everyday lives and mindsets.

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Clare Desira

Clare Desira’s years of experience addressing small workshop groups and keynote speaking to thousands have given her the skills to connect with audiences big and small. She has worked with companies such as Apple, IBM, Red Cross, Australia Post and more and her audience feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Clare shares real-world tips and tricks to boost motivation and productivity, strengthen resilience and navigate change. She will leave your audience truly empowered to take control of their mind and harness its unique power to work for them.

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Emma Murray

Emma Murray is a peak performance mind coach. She works with elite Australian athletes and has been credited as the Richmond Football Club’s secret weapon, having supported them in 2017, 2019 and 2020 to make history as AFL Premiership winners.

Emma works with her clients and audiences on awareness strategies, emotional regulation and enhanced focus over long periods of time. She leaves people with strategies, exercises and practices to move away from fear and shift their thinking for success.

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Jelena Dokic

Jelena Dokic is the former tennis world number 4, having reached international tennis fame at a young age. While achieving immense professional success Jelena also experienced incredible personal hardship. She has documented these challenges in her best-selling autobiography, unbreakable.

Jelena’s remarkable story of survival will inspire and move your audience, and ultimately leave them itching to make positive changes in their own lives.

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Rhiannon Tracey

Where many people would have given up, Rhiannon Tracey has excelled beyond her wildest dreams. After a life-changing injury left her a quadriplegic at 20, Rhiannon has gone on to win accolades, awards and more than her fair share of praise.

Rhiannon tells her unique story with raw honesty. Despite the challenges she has experienced she will leave your audience uplifted, motivated and inspired by this truly unique woman.

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Tom Boyd

Tom Boyd shocked fans and loved ones alike when he walked away from a $2 million AFL contract with the Western Bulldogs. Shocked because so few knew of his Mental Health struggles; a sad but common scenario.

After his early retirement, Tom now speaks with eloquence to audiences big and small alike about his story. His insight into the mental health challenges that so many face will motivate your audience to take the first steps to mental wellbeing.

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Wayne Schwass

Wayne Schwass has a long and lucrative career with the AFL behind him, having played in 282 games over his 14-year career. Today he is an AFL broadcaster on TV, print, radio and online. Wayne is passionate and dedicated to mental health awareness.

In 2017 he launched Puka Up, a social enterprise whose mission is suicide prevention, and mental and emotional wellbeing. Wayne has made it his life’s purpose to end suicide in Australia.

Today Wayne regularly presents on topics such as emotional resilience in the workplace and leaves individuals and companies equipped with the skills to make positive changes to workplace culture.

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These speakers bring a lively mix of practical tips, inspirational stories and their own personal quirks to every presentation they do. You can book any of the speakers listed above for your in-person or virtual event by contacting us today.

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