13 Dec 2023

Bring Positivity to Your Next Event With These Radiant Speakers

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Looking to inspire, motivate and bring joy to your next function or event? At ICMI, we have no shortage of speakers with stories who are ready to help you action positive change in your personal and professional life. Below, we wanted to highlight 3 of these speakers, each of whom have their own unique charm and insight.


Dr Tim Sharp


Looking for more positivity in life? Few people could be better placed to help than Dr Tim Sharp, founder of The Happiness Institute and all round thought leader in the positive psychology movement. A sought after public speaker and best selling author, he is widely regarded as a leading authority on all things happiness in Australia.

From engaging keynotes to group coaching sessions, Dr Sharp teaches the fundamentals of living a happier life in a variety of sessions, with practical tools and applications delivered in a fun, light-hearted style.

Lizzie Williamson


Lizzie Williamson is a powerhouse of positivity and transformation, dedicated to revamping the way we work and feel. With her infectious energy, she’s captivated audiences worldwide at conferences and meetings, sharing stages with luminaries like Barack and Michelle Obama, Tony Robbins, and the Dalai Lama.

As a certified personal trainer and a familiar face on morning television shows like Good Morning America and Studio 10, Lizzie embodies vitality and resilience. Through her invigorating keynotes, dynamic programs, energising breaks, and delightful Two Minute Moves videos, Lizzie ignites a spark in individuals and teams, liberating them from sedentary lifestyles to attain peak energy, wellness, and performance.

Lizzie Williamson’s ethos is an inspiring force, radiating joy and empowerment, transforming lives two minutes at a time.

Daniel Flynn


Turning conventional thinking on its head, Daniel Flynn is the multi-award-winning social entrepreneur and co-founder of Thankyou, known for its personal care, cleaning and baby products. Against all odds, Thankyou has gone on to become one of Australia’s most successful social business stories, raising over $17 million to help end extreme poverty in our lifetime.

A masterful storyteller, Daniel is now a thought leader in challenging business as usual, encouraging audiences to flip their thinking through unconventionality and innovation to achieve ground-breaking results.

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