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Key Points for Dr Tim Sharp

  • Dr. Tim Sharp boasts extensive expertise with three psychology degrees, including a Ph.D., and has established himself as a leader in clinical psychology, executive coaching, and as the founder of The Happiness Institute, focusing on enhancing happiness in Australia.
  • He is a prolific author and speaker, renowned for his best-selling books on topics such as sleep and happiness, as well as his engaging presentations on national and international television programs.
  • Tim's versatile consultancy extends to multinational organizations and individuals, while his regular contributions to print and online media, including Body & Soul and The Australian Financial Review, cement his authority as a mental health advocate and happiness promoter.
  • With over 25 years dedicated to improving mental health and happiness, Dr. Sharp's expertise, evident through his diverse media presence and acclaimed public speaking engagements, positions him as a sought-after figure for TV and radio presenting, corporate speaking, and brand partnerships.

Topics for Dr Tim Sharp

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  • Consulting
  • Individual or group coaching


  • Habits for happiness
    Dr Tim Sharp aka Dr Happy has completed 3 degrees in psychology following which he has worked as a therapist, academic and researcher for more than a decade. It’s safe to say there’s not much he doesn’t know about human behaviour, especially happiness, and how to help others. However for all of his adult life, Dr Tim Sharp has also endured his own lived experience of ill mental health. In this presentation Tim shares his story, from a personal and professional perspective, and all he’s learned about happiness, mental health, resilience, thriving and flourishing, whilst highlighting the strategies workplaces can use to support their teams.
  • Faults, failings and f#%kups – A perfect recipe for success and happiness
    Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever failed at something? More to the point, who hasn’t? We all have, including many famous and successful people, so why then do we resist this reality so determinedly? What if we could not just accept but really embrace our faults, failings and f#%kups to enjoy more happiness and success in life. Perhaps we’ll never be really happy until we do.
  • Lost & found
    After several decades of researching, writing, and talking about happiness, and how to live a great life, Dr Tim Sharp has finally admitted that he really might have been lost all these years. But that’s OK, because some of the best moments of his life have come from aimlessly wandering nature trails and allowing his mind to wander through all the deep, and sometimes dark and disturbing, nooks and crannies of his varied emotional experiences. In this, Tim’s most personal keynote yet, Tim presents both the scientific findings and his own lived-experiences, illustrating how and why we can live a better life not necessarily by trying to “find ourselves” or by searching for clarity but rather, by accepting that it’s OK to be lost and imperfect, and in fact sometimes the best times and the best lessons come from embracing the messiness of our internal and external worlds and using it all for growth.

Testimonials for Dr Tim Sharp

Tim is an outstanding public speakers that gave a great opening keynote to the Psychological Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace Congress. He delivered an inspiring presentation that demystified positive psychology and firmly positioned it within the corporate world.
Intrepid Minds

In 2008, we worked with Dr. Tim Sharp from the Happiness Institute on a variety of levels. As keynote speaker for our organisation conference in March, conducting a Happiness Index survey with our organisation, linking through to our leadership forum and ensuring that the positive psychology principles were applied consistently from leaders throughout our organisation and finally Dr. Tim worked with our team in conjunction with his latest book “100 ways to happiness – a guide for busy people" at our Boost conference in November. Our employee’s feedback was extremely positive of Dr. Tim who was engaging, dynamic and provided a platform to think creatively around just one small change in the workplace by employees can have huge benefits to overall engagement, wellbeing and positivity to make for an even more productive workplace.
Director, People and Corporate Relations 
Novo Nordisk