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Key Points for Yemi Penn

  • Yemi Penn is a global thought leader on ‘Liminal thinking’, guiding leaders and organisations to use thresholds to create change by making complex problems simple.
  • She is a fearless businesswoman who has transmuted her pain to power to build businesses in Australia, U.K and the US and coaches others to do the same.
  • Yemi specialises in challenging status quo in STEM related fields, encouraging the industry to de-construct its belief systems to create new paradigms.
  • Yemi was named a finalist for the Women’s Agenda Leadership awards as ‘Agenda Setter’ for 2022 for her work in transforming trauma.
  • She navigates and facilitates difficult conversations around, race, diversity, inclusion and belonging. She has a gift of talking about the elephant in the room without getting anyone trampled on.
  • She has been a guest on multiple podcasts including the Melissa Ambrosini Show, The Mojo Sessions with Gary Bertwistle and a personal invitation to Jack Canfield’s house (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series) in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Yemi has featured in a number of worldwide media outlets including The Age, Sky News, Refinery29, ABC radio and more.

Topics for Yemi Penn

  • Sustainable peak performance and mindset transformation
    Liminal means threshold. To solve problems, we will need to shift our perspectives and change the mindset in which these problems were created.
  • Human disruptor
    Challenge status quo without fear of retribution, rebuilding belief systems, igniting creativity, starting with self.
  • Yemi’s story
    An inspiring story of transmuting pain to power, leaning on our ‘differences’ to instigate change.
  • Inclusion and belonging
    Tapping into her research, Yemi shares how much the body keeps the score, building unconscious bias at the same time screaming to belong.
  • Courage and resilience
    Our resilience blueprint is individual to us, meaning our specific distressing events is what creates resiliency in us, and the approach we take to get through it is what builds our blueprint.
  • Deep dives
    These sessions have no structure but are designed for Yemi to guide the conversation with deep listening following a keynote. she goes deeper into the tools and concepts shared and creates a safe space for a smaller group to participate.

Testimonials for Yemi Penn

Yemi has a magical ability to connect with large audiences, bring them on a journey of self-discovery, whilst embracing their own vulnerability. Yemi is an unexpected powerhouse of emotions and inspiration. She engaged our audience through challenging questions, difficult conversation, and well-timed humour. Yemi is wonderful to work with, bringing her whole self to each engagement, deeply understanding your purpose and where you want to take your audience. I would recommend Yemi to be your next keynote or MC with no hesitation.
Lead Content Curator
The Outside (PwC)

Yemi facilitated an extremely complex and challenging symposium over 2 days of multiple sessions with several stakeholders to help us achieve concrete outcomes and action plans that we wanted. It was an immense task and Yemi was beyond excellent in keeping people engaged, active and in good humour to work collaboratively and effectively
Associate Professor and Director, Women in Engineering and IT
University Technology Sydney

Yemi was very personable, sharing from her own experience built immediate rapport. Personally I was very impressed that Yemi was in the room prior to her session. This became evident in her presentation when she referred to topics that previous speakers had discussed, making her key points more relevant to the audience.
Hammond Care