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Key Points for Vinh Giang

  • Vinh Giang is an entrepreneur who knows what it takes to lead and sell ideas.
  • He is a Young Entrepreneur of the Year and award winning magician.
  • Vinh shares 3 key business ideas and demonstrates them using the art of magic with on-stage audience participation.
  • By creating a fun and highly entertaining atmosphere of illusion, each key business concept is driven home in a truly profound and creative manner.
  • Each keynote is a carefully crafted performance creating the most powerful emotional experience for attendees making the conference theme stick in the minds of the audience members long after the event

Topics for Vinh Giang

  • Communicating virtually
    COVID19 has forced us into a world where virtual communication has completely taken over. Instead of your team connecting with their peers in person, most are now connecting virtually all the time. Vinh's session gives your team a special skill set to enhance their virtual communication for even greater collaboration.
  • The psychology of illusion
    This keynote is about:
    • Creating and cultivating the RIGHT influence in our lives
    • How to guide our perspective for true collaboration
    • How to challenge our belief systems to enhance our actions

Magic is much more than sleight of hand. It’s the ability to guide perspective, spotlight influence, and challenge belief systems. With humor, heart, and captivating showmanship, Vinh transforms these three powerful components and shares how creating and cultivating the RIGHT influence in our lives can make the difference between tremendous success or limited mediocrity. What we know in this world is that everything that once seemed impossible can be reimagined and overcome. It takes suspending old belief systems. Unlocking mindsets. Innovating. Deliberate and definitive action. And yes, even a little magic. Invite wonder and unlock limitless potential in your team by inviting Vinh to speak at your next event.

  • The leaders instrument - Amplify the best parts of you
    This keynote is about:
    • Learning to use your ‘instrument’ – our ability to communicate and connect - in a masterful way
    • Learning verbal and non-verbal communication skills in depth to build deeper connections with others

In this world where electronic communication is seemingly taking over, effective communication skills have become more important than ever. Have you ever asked yourself, “How much is the way I am communicating, or not communicating, costing me?”

That’s the question Vinh helps to answer for influential leadership professionals around the globe. In this powerful keynote, he shares the value of learning to use your ‘instrument’ – our ability to communicate and connect -- in a masterful way. Most of our life experiences both professionally and personally are based around relationships, and those relationships affect the quality of our business and life.  When you learn verbal and non-verbal communication skills in depth, you build deeper connections with others. The better you get at using your instrument, the better quality of life you’ll have.

If you are ready to bring powerful business and life changing communication skills to your team, this is the topic for you.

  • Rather a mind opened by wonder, than one closed by belief 
    This is by far Vinh’s most popular talk, where he performs and speaks about the five different areas of magic, and then links this seamlessly to psychology. When the audience can see the psychological deception taking place in magic, they will be able to immediately see the deception we create within our own lives/businesses. This keynote will dispel negative beliefs and empower your audience to believe that anything in life is possible.

  • The Power of influence 
    With this topic, Vinh will take you exclusively behind the scenes and show you how magicians are able to influence their spectators in an incredible way. It is through this demonstration that Vinh will pose the question: 'who is influencing you in your life'? and 'are your decisions really your own'? Vinh will show you techniques on how to block out negative influence and how to gain and maintain a positive mind set. Imagine just for a moment that you "got up on the right side of the bed' every single day for the next three months. How would that change your life? How would that change your business? Mindset is everything.
  • Perspective – Seeing through the illusions in business 
    Here Vinh will present the audience with several magic performances, and invite the audience to offer their solutions to the magic. In going through this process, everyone will learn quickly that perspective is the key to solving any problem. After all, magic is just a problem that the general public do not have the solution to. While it may appear complicated, remember that magic tricks are problems specifically designed to never be solved. Now, if you can get a small insight into how to solve magic tricks, imagine the clarity you will take into the other problems in your life/business. Magicians are great problem solvers: magic is a skill that we inherit as a result of learning such a secretive art for many years.
  • Misdirection – How false beliefs can stunt your potential 
    This is one of the biggest areas in the art of magic. Through a visual demonstration, Vinh will take everyone in the audience through a series of magic effects to show them how easily one can be misled. Vinh will then take you deep inside the psychology behind the art of magic to show and prove that your negative beliefs, no matter what they are, do not exist. Vinh will show your audiences how to overcome misdirection in life and business. With this mindset your audience will realise that there are no limits to what they can achieve in business or life. It is only with this mindset that magicians are able to create 'magic'. Let Vinh help you and your team create magic with what you do in business.

Testimonials for Vinh Giang

Engaging, energetic, entertaining, clever, interesting, relevant.   
SA Water

Hands down the most engaging session I've ever attended. While Vinh's communication techniques clearly helped with engagement, the actual demonstrations of the difference between techniques and encouraging participation was what really helped solidify the content in my mind.
SHI Virtual 2020 Presentation

Vinh delivered a fantastic keynote and an even more powerful follow-up Master Class at WEC! His content was strong and his message was completely aligned with the theme we were trying to convey at MPI’s WEC. His message was perfect for this audience and our theme and the anecdotal feedback so far has been very positive. I had several people coming to find me to tell me that they absolutely loved Vinh’s sessions.

Vinh Giang was simply amazing. His ability to weave his message into the illusions was so creative. I found his presentation to be astounding and wished for more.
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)

You had everyone in awe. It didn’t matter who I talked to… participants, coaches, support staff, AV crew, leaders, and our team (and likely any creature that was present) shared how impactful your presentation was. Thank you for sharing “YOU”. We built something EPIC together. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive and our team’s inbox and Teams channel is pouring over with the kudos and you are a large part of that. In fact we received a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 on a question “I would recommend this event to future Microsoft Aspire participants. We have never gotten that score. One quote at the end of the session hit me positively and emotionally. He shared “I came alone, and am leaving with a family”. Let that sink in… you are a part of that family and created that environment. You poured yourself into the presentation and were gracious enough to connect with them over lunch. You are very special Vinh. You make connections and you make people believe in not only you… but more importantly themselves. You have created fans and myself and our team now wants you at every single one of our events in the future.

Original, inspiring, exceptionally talented.
Civil Contractors Federation

WOW, what a great speaker & entertainer for our Business Networking Breakfast. Vinh spoke about his experiences in starting and running a successful business as well as mystifying us with some of the magic skills that he has. I will highly recommend Vinh he has the ability to instantly make people smile & be happy, what a gift to have.
Rotary Business Networking Breakfast

If it’s a motivational speech you’re after? Vinh is most certainly your go to man! Be inspired as you watch Vinh present, entertain and thrill the audience as he shares his ideas and mind-blowing magic skills. Vinh you are a very genuine, focused and passionate natural speaker living out your dreams; in your presence, I am always moved by your positive aura; keep ‘doing what you love’ and I look forward hearing the next chapter in your life.
'Growth Hacker' in training
HD Enterprises

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Vinh over the last few months and have found him to be an informative and entertaining communicator. In our business dealings he has shown great focus and foresight in his aims and willing to share his experiences and take constructive comments onboard. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking an entertaining speaker with a unique ability to add some magic to any presentation.
SA Angels Incorporated

I have met with Vinh a number of times during the Innovate South Australia entrepreneur workshop. Vinh has a passion for his craft, a great personality, a strong belief in the business potential of the idea and a dedication that will allow him to succeed. I very much enjoyed all my engagements with Vinh and have great faith that he will succeed.
Blue Cove Ventures

Vinh is a very passionate young man. I have had the pleasure of seeing him present on several occasions and he is very competent. Vinh is engaging regardless but when he also weaves his magic into the presentation his ability to hold your attention moves up another notch again. Highly recommended.
Business Architect & Coach
Andrew Leunig & Associates

Vinh is one of the most charismatic speakers I have seen. His training in magic have helped him become a confident and engaging performer – this has clearly transcended into his public speaking.
Business Advisor
Innovate SA

If you are looking for speakers, you no doubt want people who will make your event memorable and will also convey your message to the audience (including your implied messaging such as innovative, organised, and professional). I have been in busines or corporate roles for over 25 years and have attended many conferences and seminars. I have found over the years that the most effective speakers are those who captivate an audience by realting well and making the presentation dynamic, interesting and humorous. I have had the pleasure of seeing Vinh in action on several occasions and can recommend him highly as someone who will add value to your event and ensure that your audience members not only absorb your key message but talk about it for weeks and months to come. He is dynamic, likable, well prepared, entertaining, and can invoke action.
TITANEC OMG - Optimum Muscle Growth

Vinh is an enthusiatic and engagng speaker. He delivers his story of entrpreneurial development in an educating and entertaining manner. His company and the way he delivers his personal experiences of the road to success are both interesting an insightful. Vinh is an accomplished magician and is the perfect speaker to both entertain and engage an audience.
Finance Director
ChiBall World

I have seen Vinh speak at three events to date and I can say that he's a natural entertainer. He has a way with engaging with his audience and is always well received afterwards. I have since subscribed to his video content and I will now be hiring him for my own event. I will be recommending him to any of my colleagues looking for a professional, entertaining public speaker/magician.
Chris Hooper

I heard Vinh speak at a Growing Global Companies Alumni event. With his team, he really refreshed the audience, bringing humour to the fore. Having to condense their presentation to just three minutes was a challenge, but they achieved it with great theming and timing.
Manager, Strategy & Business Development
BDO Australia Limited

Vinh is probably one of the most passionate , electric and energetic people you will every come across. He is an excellent speaker and brilliant communicator with the ability to keep his audience inspired , gripped and captive. Your entrepreneur story is very inspiring and I hope you and the team at 360 Magic keep changing the world.
Web and mobile developer
Web Flame Solutions

He was great very interactive and the students really enjoyed his work! Would definitely book him again. He was very inspirational! Great presenter!
Deakin University