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Key Points for Suzanne Waldron

  • Suzanne Waldron has been an active ambassador for R U OK? since 2015.
  • She is the Creative Director for Museum of Freedom and Tolerance.
  • Suzanne Walron is a former curator for TEDxPerth – with more than 10m views on their channel.
  • Suzanne has published two books: A Flourishing Mind, and Sleeping Giants.
  • Suzanne Waldron has been nominated for Western Australian of the Year.
  • Suzanne holds a Masters Degree in Applied Coaching, and Neuro-Linguistics.

Topics for Suzanne Waldron

  • Looking sideways
    This keynote is filled with a positive narrative about best placing our responsibility where we have most impact in times of relentless deficit world messages.
    Often longing for governments, society, industry or organisations to deliver for us, we miss the everyday chances to look sideways at our peer group of which, when we stand together can bolster and support in ways that are often far more powerfully effective because they are collective. This is civic leadership.
  • A flourishing mind
    After a traumatic childhood, Suzanne Waldron has become fascinated with how humans work and how to make most of life in the ever-changing moments of dark and light. This funny, honest, revealing keynote unpacks the three things that she puts at the top of her behavioural work as most significant when wanting to flourish in work and life.
  • Interviewer
    Suzanne Waldron researches with her head but ask questions from her heart. This helps the conversation get to the heart of what matters.
    Because Suzanne is obsessed with philosophy, economics and relationships, her operating frame is one of how to apply systems thinking, and human genius to the way we live and work. Suzanne Waldron is not a person who exposes, rather uncovers truths and insight that provides place for consideration over judgement. Indeed, Suzanne's conversations aim to elicit hope and possibility for all involved with a healthy dose of ‘what can we do about it’?  
  • Panel moderator
    Panel moderation echoes the skill of interviewing, albeit the obvious difference of several people to interact within the conversation. Conversations span incredibly diverse content and knowledge. As a curator it speaks to Suzanne's intense desire to collect vast wisdom and knowledge, and make it mean something. Much like interviewing, panel moderation requires a great deal of preparation and design.

Testimonials for Suzanne Waldron

What an incredibly amazing experience to witness Suzanne Waldron’s recent keynote speech, at the BOMA Hawaii Leadership Symposium, “The Impact of Genuine”. An engaging interactive experience and reminded us to be genuine and true to ourselves. She had my team, during and after her session, buzzing with renewed excitement. Suzanne is an inspiring person in every way and I look forward to reading her book; “A Flourishing Mind”. ~ from my Hawaii team at Shidler. Thank You!
Vice President
Shidler Pacific Advisors, LLC

Suzanne Waldron gave an amazing keynote via video link at the launch of Soundfair’s HearMe Report. Using stories of lived experience and her deep insights into humans and their behaviour, Suzanne not only wove magic, she also galvanised change. People walked in wearing their professional ‘armour’ and the blinkers that come with one perspective, but walked out disarmed, seeing a broader vista and ready to champion change. We could not have had a more perfect and effective speaker - even beaming in remotely, her warmth, energy and compassion filled the room and people’s hearts.
Community Engagement
Soundfair Australia

I just attended the workshop that you gave for Audiology Australia and I wish to convey my very sincere thanks and gratitude. Over many years I have attended talks and presentations for many different audiences, sport, business, education, motivation and sales etc and your presentation was the most engaging, nurturing, engaging and liberating session I have ever had the pleasure to attend. Thank you so very much you have presented an approach to speaking which becomes an extension of clinical service and makes the process much less daunting.

Suzanne Waldron brings a refreshing approach to panel moderation and interviewing that is both inviting and enjoyable. Her warmth keeps the speakers comfortable and eager to share their insights. Her curiosity makes the topic in the discussion a worthwhile experience for the audience. Suzanne is highly skilled at making the conversation more about the participants and less about herself. This makes for an enjoyable and enlightening experience for either virtual platform or in-person events.
Product Executive
Content Strategy Lead
CPA Australia