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Key Points for Stephen McGown

  • Stephen McGown was voted best speaker of the year at a number for EO chapter events internationally.
  • Stephen is the best selling author of 6 years a hostage (Captured by Islamist Militants in the desert) which was nominated for Book of the Year in South Africa.
  • Stephen is involved in running work-shops about resilience.

Topics for Stephen McGown

  • Resilience
  • Attitude
  • Mindfulness
  • Importance of teams
  • Importance of strategy
  • Importance of communication

Testimonials for Stephen McGown

I’m so sorry this happened to you Steve. What a heart wrenching story - your resilience is out of this world.
Steve your story is extremely inspirational to all , the message is that one should never give up ....
How important to realise the only control you had was the control you had on yourself and your mind
Inspirational that you are still so positive after your experience and that you are sharing it with others, puts things into perspective
So true! Don't waste your time with people that drag you down.
Wow! What a horrific experience! Puts things into perspective. His story reminds me of Eddie Jaku. Such amazing resilience and hope
Wow.. Turning every negative situation into the positive, which is hard at times for many, however your life story really resonates and really makes us think how lucky we are
Kath is also an inspiration!!!!!
So many layers in your story Stephen! You and your family are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing the inner workings of your journey and emotions. The very very dark places but also the glimmers of hope.
You're awesome Steve, thanks for sharing with us
Very inspirational, thank you for sharing!
Honestly what a story of humanity and perspective and mindset. Thank you for sharing this incredible story.
You are a true warrior and one that should commended
What a unbelievable story, and a truly inspiring person. Thanks Steve, has helped remind me today of the important things!
Thank you for sharing Steve - and helping to remind us of what’s really important. All the best to you and your family for the future.
Amazing. You did so well getting through this horrendous experience Steve. Thank you for sharing and look forward to reading your book. Wishing you good luck and that you get those missed years back with a long and happy life from here.
Thank you Steve - so inspirational yet so many tangible lessons too Thank you for your rawness and I wish you all the best
Thank you for telling us what most of us need to hear right now, amazing
Thank you so much. You're an amazing human. Thank you for sharing your story with us today.
Thank you so much for sharing your story - heart-breaking and inspirational - gave me a bit of perspective I really needed today. Stay safe and well.
Thank you!! Very inspiring.
Thank you so much for your generous sharing Steve. I am beyond inspired by your story.
Wow #perspective #gratitude.
Thank you so much, that was incredible. wishing you and your family well.
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