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Key Points for Simon Hammond

  • Simon Hammond reshapes organisations and engages them to rethink their strategic approach. His goal remains: to re-engage and re-link organisations to their customers through emotional drivers.
  • Passionate on brand connection, Simon Hammond's radical new advertising and branding methodologies are currently being used by some of Australia's top companies.
  • His Social Insights program and keynote addresses are in huge demand across Australia for their ability to challenge executives and teams to think differently about consumer connection, team culture and brand uniqueness.
  • As an innovator, Hammond has published three acclaimed books and wows his audiences with a full rock version of his business insights presentation.

Topics for Simon Hammond

  • BE Brands - Belief, Belong, Behaviour 
  • Branding - the power of a great brand
  • Converging media  
  • Customer connection  
  • Finding a real corporate voice
  • GUTS - Gut Instinct, Tribalism and Courage - Essentials for Progressive Change
  • Social Insights - Fundamentals for Business Success
  • The power of your people -Cultural Change  
  • Tribalism

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