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Key Points for Scott Rankin

  • Scott Rankin is the recipient of the 2018 Tasmanian Australian of the Year.
  • Big hART has received 45 awards including the 2017 Telstra Tasmanian Business and Charity of the Year, a Helpmann, AFI, World Health, Human Rights and 8 Institute of Criminology Violence Awards.
  • He is a regular media commentator featuring on ABC Lateline, ABC RN Breakfast, Richard Fidler Conversations, SBS News and in the Australian, SMH, the Guardian and the Age.
  • His films and documentary series for Big hART have screened on ABC TV and SBS TV. 
  • His theatrical works have featured at Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Edinburgh festivals, touring from the Netherlands to Japan, Iceland and South Africa.

Topics for Scott Rankin

  • Namatjira
    How justice was made for the Namatjira family, a journey with Indigenous Australia in successes and failures.
  • Nations are narratives
    No nation is static, all nations are narrations and writing the story of the nation is a living thing. It is not about power, it is about wisdom.
  • Everyone has the right to thrive
    Everyone has the right to thrive, not just the fortunate. The importance of supporting the most vulnerable in the community.
  • Stewards of profit
    We can never own profit, we must change our mindset to see our role as stewards of profit. The role of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.
  • Digital inclusion
    Digital is essential for our future but many Australians are being left behind, including young people and Aboriginal people. 
  • Innovation in isolation
    Isolation can provide opportunities for great innovation and visionary thinking, drawing on work from the Pilbara, NW Tasmania and Central Australia.
  • Australia is an Archipelago
    Australia must change from seeing itself to an island to that of an archipelago, keeping our eyes open and looking outward.
  • Build on what is strong, not on what is wrong 
    Too often as a culture we look at our deficits rather than building on our assets.
  • Chinese junk to Buckingham Palace
    A life in social justice which trace’s Scott’s unusual life journey from growing up on a Chinese Junk to meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
  • Skateboarders will change the world 
    Young men, fast cars, masculinity and how an underground sub-culture can build a better Australia.

Testimonials for Scott Rankin

Your methodology is unique. You change one artist at a time, one spectator at a time, one community at a time.

Scott Rankin is a big-picture kind of guy. No topic is so small that he can’t immediately envision the broad implications of it.
The Mercury

An uncompromising advocate of cultural rights for all Australians
The Australian

Rankin wants to reclaim the national narrative
The Age

Big hART is a very important partner with government.
the Hon Will Hodgman MP
Tasmanian Premier

This is the kind of model that works…We don’t want future generations to experience the same rates of violence. It is time, it is way beyond time that we demand change. This is how we do it.
Rosie Batty

Big hART’s team of incredibly creative and engaged individuals has shaped world-class art and music productions. The organisation’s influence is extraordinary in scale and their work is truly helping to create a new social trajectory for Australia.
Telstra Director
Branded Channels

There is no company I admire more in Australia.
Festival Director