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Key Points for Samantha Gash

  • Samantha Gash captivates audiences with her compelling narratives and actionable insights, drawing from her diverse experiences as an adventurer, entrepreneur, and advocate.
  • Sam's groundbreaking feats in traversing deserts, trails, and continents raise awareness and funds for education, gender equality, and climate action.
  • Sam's journey exemplifies resilience, leadership, and purpose, inspiring individuals and teams to overcome challenges and achieve extraordinary results.
  • Sam's philanthropy, raising over $1.5 million for non-profits, and roles as a World Vision Goodwill Ambassador empower individuals to pursue lives rich with purpose and impact.
  • In 2024, Samantha was awarded Bronze in the Humanitarian Impact category at the Women Changing Changing the World awards. 

Topics for Samantha Gash

  • Resilience and agility: The twin pillars of a future-ready workforce
    [Samantha and her teams have embarked on expeditions that pushed them to the world's extremities, facing environments where unpredictability reigns and plans falter. In the face of natural disasters that challenge their resolve, local disturbances that test their adaptability, the physical toll on their bodies that demands resilience, and cultural challenges that require sensitivity and understanding - she knows a thing or two about how to move forward when the path ahead is obscured]
    In an era where change is the only constant, "Resilience and Agility" emerge as indispensable attributes for organisations and teams aiming to navigate the complexities of the modern business environment. This topic delves deep into how these qualities can be harnessed to foster an innovative, robust, and adaptable workforce, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow head-on.
    • Capturing failure as a a tool for growth
      Emphasising that 99% of success stems from failures, Samantha explores the transformative power of viewing setbacks as vital learning opportunities.
      Discussing strategies for cultivating an organisational culture that encourages experimentation, accepts mistakes as part of the innovation process, and leverages these experiences for continuous improvement and growth.
    • The importance of realistic optimism
      Integrating optimism with a realistic assessment of current challenges and potential setbacks fosters a balanced approach to ambition and risk-taking.
      Realistic optimism can fuel resilience, driving individuals and organisations to pursue lofty goals while being prepared to navigate the hurdles along the way.
    • Failing fast and iterating often: The next best plan
      This approach accelerates learning and innovation by quickly moving past unviable options, allowing for the swift refinement of strategies through feedback.
      At its core is Samantha’s "Next Best Plan" mindset, fostering resilience and adaptability in both organisations and teams.
      Through a cycle of testing, learning, and refining, it optimises operations and boosts agility, preparing for inevitable changes.
    • Velocity: Strategic progress beyond speed
      Velocity transcends mere speed, focusing on purposeful, strategic progress for organisations and their teams. It differentiates by emphasising direction and intention, ensuring actions align with meaningful outcomes.
      While speed measures quickness, velocity ensures that movement propels forward towards specific goals, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.
      This approach guarantees not just rapid but smart advancement.
  • Creating high-performing teams through synergy and understanding
    [In high-performance teams, where diverse skill sets converge around shared objectives, synergy and a deep understanding of one another are paramount. Samantha’s experience with such teams showcases how aligning individual talents with group goals can create an unstoppable force. Whether it’s traversing a country, raising $1.2 million in 12 days or founding her own business.]
    • Leveraging diverse skills
      Effective teams consist of diverse members who bring a range of skills to the table.
      Samantha illustrates how to unite these varied abilities by connecting everyone to a common goal, ensuring that each person's expertise is utilised to its fullest potential.
    • Synergistic collaboration
      Beyond simple teamwork, synergy occurs when this diversity of skills operates in concert.
      Samantha talks about creating an environment where each team member's unique abilities are amplified through the collective effort, propelling the team beyond the sum of its parts.
    • Understanding as a foundation for success
      The core of a synergistic team is a mutual understanding. Samantha emphasises the importance of recognising each other’s work preferences, communication styles, and what drives each team member.
      This understanding is vital for seamless integration of efforts and maintaining team harmony.
    • Supporting individual roles
      Central to a team’s functionality is how members support one another in fulfilling their roles.
      Samantha advocates for a culture where support is reciprocal, and the success of one is seen as the success of all, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement.
    • The multiplicative effect of collective effort
      When a team is in sync, their collective output is exponentially greater than what each could achieve alone.
      Samantha's approach highlights how collaborative efforts yield a greater impact than individual actions could generate.
  • Unlocking transformation and growth: Individual and organisational extension
    [Samantha’s journey from being the last picked in schoolyard games due to her height to a renowned endurance athlete was sparked by Bud Tingwell's simple yet profound advice: "Just Say YES." This led her on a YES QUEST, challenging her to confront and move beyond her self-doubts. Through consistent effort and perseverance, Samantha proved that showing up and pushing forward can break through physical and societal barriers, redefining her potential and accomplishments.]
    • Redefining boundaries with curiosity
      Samantha explains the importance of leveraging curiosity to challenge and expand the invisible rules we've set for ourselves.
      This exploration becomes the first step in a transformation process, guiding us to question and venture beyond our comfort zones.
    • Building confidence through demonstrated evidence
      True confidence is rooted in collecting solid evidence of our skills and successes.
      Engage in actions and achieve milestones that reflect your true potential.
      Use each achievement as a stepping stone to reinforce belief in your capabilities.
      Transform self-doubt into self-assurance by continuously proving your competence to yourself.
    • The strategic power of "Yes" and the protective "No"
      Understanding when to embrace opportunities with a "Yes" and when to prioritise our well-being by saying "No" is crucial.
      Samantha discusses how a thoughtful "No" can often serve to preserve the integrity of our "Yes," ensuring that we commit to what truly aligns with our growth.
    • Balancing safety and extension
      Finding the equilibrium between comfort and challenge is vital.
      Samantha explores how to oscillate effectively between safety and stretching our limits, enabling sustainable growth without compromising well-being.
    • Anchoring in well-being for leaps of growth
      The foundation of any significant leap towards growth is well-being. Samantha underlines personal responsibility in nurturing our well-being, ensuring that we're leaping from solid ground, prepared for whatever lies ahead.
  • Embracing human-centric leadership in times of uncertainty
    [In the fluid landscape of modern leadership, Samantha advocates for a human-centric approach that marries empathy with decisive action. Drawing from her own experiences as an adventurer, entrepreneur, and advocate, she brings authenticity to her philosophy of leadership]:
    • Confidence amidst uncertainty
      Samantha underscores the need for leaders to navigate ambiguity with confidence while remaining agile enough to adapt to changing circumstances.
    • Humanising leadership
      Through her own narrative, Samantha exemplifies leading with a heart, showcasing how understanding the personal and professional challenges of team members fosters a supportive environment.
    • Cultivating self-awareness and honesty
      Reflecting on her background, Samantha stresses the importance of leaders being honest and self-aware. Acknowledging personal limitations and strengths enables leaders to engage authentically with their teams and model transparency.
    • Empowering others to lead
      Drawing parallels to her expeditions where trust in each team member's capabilities is vital, Samantha promotes the idea of shared leadership to foster a sense of ownership and empowerment across the organisation.
    • Aligning passion with purpose
      Samantha weaves her life story to illustrate how aligning individual passion with the broader purpose of the organisation can galvanise teams and enhance motivation.
    • Strategic vulnerability
      Her experiences have taught her that strategic vulnerability can humanise leaders, making them more approachable and forging stronger, trust-based relationships within teams.
  • Igniting employee engagement: A roadmap to resilience, trust, and passion
    [Samantha has worked for the largest corporate law firm in the world, she is the co-founder and CEO of Her Trails and has worked with teams in highly complicated and ever changing environments]
    Samantha offers a vision for elevating workplace environments, blending enduring passion, foundational trust, deep emotional engagement and empowering wellbeing to drive organisational success. With current statistics revealing that only 23% of employees in Australia and New Zealand are truly engaged at work, her insights underscore a need for a reimagined approach to cultivating employee engagement.
    • Cultivating enduring passion
      Samantha emphasises that passion and purpose are the engines of resilience, driving a workplace culture that is neither transient nor superficial.
      She illustrates how fostering a culture that thrives on challenges and transforms obstacles into opportunities for growth can significantly enhance employee engagement.
      By promoting an environment where passion is nurtured and purpose is aligned with the organisation's goals, employees become more engaged and adaptable.
    • Building a foundation of trust
      At the heart of Samantha's philosophy is the critical importance of trust between employees and leadership.
      In an era marked by uncertainty, creating a supportive environment where trust can flourish is paramount.
      Samantha emphasises transparent communication and the empowerment of employees as essential to developing a workplace where individuals feel a profound sense of security and belonging.
    • Deepening emotional engagement
      True engagement stems from a heartfelt connection to the organisation's mission.
      Aligning personal values with the company's goals not only boosts individual fulfillment but also drives collective success.
    • Empowering personal well-being
      Employee engagement is intrinsically linked to well-being. Recognising and supporting the holistic health of the workforce is critical to fostering a culture where everyone can feel safe and thrive.

Testimonials for Samantha Gash

Samantha Gash was open, honest and authentic. She spoke of her experiences and the audience genuinely connected with her and let us know she was the best speaker we have had to date. 
Kimberly-Clark Professional

Sam was really great, highly engaging.   
Orora Group

Samantha Gash was amazing.  Inspirational, motivation, a beautiful kind heart with the determination to match.  Loved her and her message.

Samantha came and spoke at our recent Blueprint Conference and to say she was a crowd favourite would be an understatement! Her presentation, right from the beginning, was captivating and inspiring. It was relevant to all the business owners in the room, and you could have heard a pin drop, as they were so involved in her story. I’ve booked literally 100’s of speakers over the past 10 years and I can honestly say Samantha was up there with the best we’ve ever had. The feedback from the participants was extremely positive and I wouldn’t hesitate to book Samantha again or recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing speaker.

I knew Samantha Gash would be brilliant … but she exceeded any expectations I had by a long way. It would be entirely feasible to couple personal challenges and achievements such as Sam’s with a platform of self-grandiosity. I guarantee you, Sam is not that person. Sam willingly gave all in her presentation. I can confidently say every single person in that room was enthralled by her energy, enthusiasm and passion. You could hear a pin drop. Critically, Sam’s ability to weave important professional and personal leadership messages through her personal story is a work of art. You will not be disappointed.
Wine Australia

Samantha Gash was great for our event. She really got everyone feeling motivated.
Executive PA Media

Samantha Gash’s story was well told and inspiring for our audience. Our CEO was able to reference many of Samantha’s messages throughout her own keynote later. It fit perfectly with our theme of building for our future.
Vita Group Limited

Samantha was excellent. She was engaging and told her amazing inspiring story very well.  It was a pleasure listening to her speak.
Cricket Australia

Samantha Gash was wonderful, she was on time and relaxed. There wasn’t anything that was too much, and the audience got the chance to meet with her afterwards. She was so engaging, the audience were enthralled by her tales, and energised by her message. Samantha was a big hit and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a keynote.

Samantha Gash was extremely well received, and an absolute delight to have at our event. Her experiences captured the imagination of our guests, and the advice she gave based on these experiences inspired everyone. Sam was receptive to understanding the context of the event and then demographic of the audience – a dream for any event manager trying to communicate key messages! Sam was warm, humble and passionate, and able to adapt to her surroundings to really speak our language...Thank you Sam for sharing your life lessons and encouraging us all to push beyond our comfort zone.
Event Manager
Commonwealth Bank

I’d like to personally thank you for serving as a speaker at our conference last week. The feedback we have had has surpassed previous conferences with regards to ratings of speakers, content and learnings from the sessions. Your willingness to share your insights and experience with our delegates played a significant role in the success of the event.
Executive Manager, Advice Solutions
Industry Fund Services

So relatable.
Cardinia Shire Council

Samantha Gash delivered an inspiring, captivating and emotional presentation to the future leaders of all industries. Her humility and bravery is not only aspirational for all, but she helped our delegates tap into their own bravery rather than have them admire that trait in someone else. It is the fourth time I have seen Samantha present and each time it has been an immense privilege. She was a favourite on the day.
Program Director

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Samantha Gash speak at a financial services industry function and found her to be thoroughly engaging. It is very refreshing to hear someone speak so clearly and authentically about taking on extraordinary challenges. Samantha spoke without hesitation about her passion to make a difference and was compelling and inspiring. Her aim to make an impact on women’s lives in Africa while creating employment is at once creative and meaningful. Samantha’s talk did not fail to connect with anyone who understands the importance of young women needing confidence to take opportunity in life…starting with the basics. Her feats, this purpose and the way she connects, means time with Samantha Gash is very worthwhile.
Asset Management

Samantha Gash’s story is authentic, moving and inspirational. Her delivery was heartfelt and honest and had attendees glued to their seats. Samantha’s energy, positivity and passion is infectious and left the audience inspired by what can be achieved with determination, motivation and pushing yourself beyond where you thought you could not go.
Executive General Manager

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Samantha Gash on our flagship Business Forum conference. Sam is such a dynamic and engaging speaker that we were very lucky to have on our stage. Sam’s story is amazing and resonated with our audience, many of whom were members in business at the C-suite level. I have never seen so much immediate positive feedback, it left delegates feeling moved and inspired – and most importantly, actionable suggestions – on how to implement these valuable life session in corporate life.
Chartered Accountants

Samantha Gash tells an incredible and personal story. Although her physical pursuits have been super-human, her messages to our teams are more about how much of a role the mind plays in setting and achieving goals – whether they be business or personal. She really helped my team put business issues into perspective, and helped them realise that ‘what’ we do as a business, is far less important than ‘why’ we do it.
Head of Financial Planning

Such an inspirational story that brought tears to many people’s eyes. Sam is a greatspeaker and has an extraordinary story to tell. She spoke about her physical and mental preparation & how she prepared for the unknown and there were many messages and takeaway tips for our people. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam.
Bupa Australia

Samantha is truly inspirational. I have seen many speakers over the years but Samantha's authentic presentation and incredible personal story has inspired me to succeed in several aspects of my life - both personally and professionally. I feel very fortunate to have heard Samantha present, she exceeded our expectations and would highly recommend her as speaker.
Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse

Sam delivered a brilliant and inspiring presentation. She was powerful and passionate, and delivered a strong message of courage and determination. Sam’s story of personal achievement and commitment to constant never ending improvement was the perfect empowerment for our team. Her ability to uplift an entire audience was enlightening, and everyone was thoroughly captivated by Sam’s amazing story.