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Key Points for Richard Sauerman

  • Richard Sauerman is The Brand Guy and has been ranked in the Global Top 30 Brand Gurus since 2014 (currently ranked 9th).
  • He has created and worked on brands at some of the world’s greatest advertising agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, DDB, McCann Erickson) as well as in his own business, from established global brands (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Levis, Nescafe, Vodafone) to Australian brands (CSIRO, QBE, Arnott’s, Tourism Australia, Lifestyle Solutions, Surf Lifesaving) to start-ups (LeukBook, T-shirt Ventures).
  • His speaking clients include Clayton Utz, AMP, CBA, TAFE, QBE, Fitness First, Surf Lifesaving Australia, Aquent, NewsCorp, Prospa, Contiki, Microsoft, Nestle, Zurich, Bayer, nab, Charter Hall, MFA, Challenger, PwC, GPT, Lion Nathan, Munich Re and American Express.
  • Richard removes the barriers that are holding people back and inhibiting peak performance by inviting participants to step out of their comfort zone and step up their game.

Topics for Richard Sauerman

  • Real YOU
    Motivation & peak performance
    Companies don’t make things happen: People do. When it comes to work and the workplace, too many people do their job with the handbrake on. Each of us has potential that extends far beyond our actual day-to-day performance.
    Instead, we settle for being a 7/10 because it’s a reasonable position to take, it gets the job done, it doesn’t require taking any unnecessary risks, and it keeps us in our comfort zone.
    Real YOU is Richard’s 60-minute talk or full-day workshop – and anything in between – that removes the barriers that are holding people back at work as well as in life. What people think, feel, and believe about themselves shapes and drives their identity, their performance at work, and their quality of life.
    Real YOU lays the foundations of self-belief and a positive attitude for all people, at all levels and in all roles: Leaders, managers, sales and marketing teams, customer service teams, business owners, creatives and innovators.
    Real YOU is a journey of self-discovery designed to take give participants an experience they will literally never forget. It’s like riding a bicycle: Once you learn how to ride a bicycle, you know forever; it’s always in you.
    Real YOU is highly interactive with lots of audience participation. While the subject matter may be considered serious, the experience is high energy, fun, funny, and very real. Richard’s delivery is supported by videos, music, and powerful images.
    Real YOU audiences and participants will:
    • Rediscover their passion (positive attitude).
    • Doubt themselves less (self-belief).
    • Know themselves more (self-awareness).
    • See their colleagues in a new light (empathy).
    • Leave the room with a plan of IMMEDIATE action (impact).
    • And a skip in their step.
  • Power branding
    Branding & marketing
    How to build brands that make sense and are believed and loved
    Most branding falls short of being powerful because it’s too rational. It makes sense, but it’s not believed and loved. And that’s the big trap you want to avoid: You don’t want a brand that just makes sense, you want a brand that people are going to believe and love, that also makes sense.
    Power Branding is based on the pioneering work of The Brand Guy, Richard Sauerman. People build brands, and power brands are about people: How you treat your staff, how you treat your customers and suppliers, how you conduct your business, as well as [and not just] your marketing communications. Power brands build trust, win customers, attract and keep talent, and stand out from the competition.
    Audiences will learn:
    • Why power brands are important today.
    • What it takes to build a power brand.
    • How power branding is everything you do and say.
    • How power branding understands and connect with people.
    • How power branding is a major source of intangible value.
  • Branding the inside
    People & culture
    How to profit from purpose and passion.
    Companies don’t make things happen: People do. And when it comes to work and the workplace, Gallup reports that only 17% of employees in Australia (and the world) are engaged. Not only is this bad for business, but it’s also bad for people and their lives.
    Branding the Inside is based on the pioneering work of The Brand Guy, Richard Sauerman. One of the most effective ways to transform your culture is through branding, but not as you know it. Along with the traditional bottom line, organisations have a second bottom line: A return on human investment that advances a larger purpose beyond just making money.
    This is Branding the Inside, and it drives high employee engagement, loyalty and retention.
    Audiences will learn:
    • How to discover the truth and purpose of your brand.
    • How to put purpose at the heart of what you do and say.
    • How to build a brand-driven culture.
    • How to use your brand to engage your employees.
    • How to shift attitudes, performance, your world.
  • Business as UNusual
    Change & innovation
    How to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty in a changing world.
    If Covid taught us one thing it’s that the world is not as stable and predictable as we once thought. Living and working with change is the new norm now more than ever before.
    Despite that, talk of ‘change’ creates unease, anxiety, and stress.
    And that’s because our brains are biologically hardwired to resist change – the #1 reason why 70% of Change Management processes fail.
    Richard will make the case for taking more intelligent risks in business (as well as in life), and he will leave his audience with a stronger determination to back themselves and their ability to be brave and bold agents of change in a world that’s not waiting for anyone.
    Audiences will learn:
    • What change looks like.
    • Why people resist change.
    • How people resist change.
    • How to change people’s attitude towards change.
    • What things never change.
    • How to make change work in your favour.

Testimonials for Richard Sauerman

Richard was an excellent speaker who delivered an insightful & engaging presentation for our audience of marketers! He clearly had researched our industry and provided specific examples of power branding within the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector. Our audience walked away with some great ideas on what it takes to build a power brand.
General Manager
Digital Agency

At the core of Richard's work is his interest in people, and understanding how people think, feel and behave. He intuitively gets what motivates and engages people, and he brought this empathy, energy and enthusiasm to every piece of work he did for us - from presenting at our leadership forums to running staff workshops, developing our Brand Blueprint, creating our EVP, and in the way he related to every QBE employee he came into contact with.
Group Executive Officer
People & Communications
QBE Global

Richard Sauerman helped us launch our 'What would you like to change?' Brand campaign in 2009. The brief that we gave him was, in my view, challenging and difficult to visualise. His response and subsequent work on our launch programme was seen by myself and my Executive Team to be;
- creative and visionary
- inspiring and provocative
- empathetic and professional
I would have no hesitation in working with Richard again or in recommending him to anyone.
Global Lead People & Change

Richard's personal meld of creativity and integrity will have your whole company jiving to whatever messages you want. He can grab complex business strategy, a roomful of suspicious people, and have them eating out of his hand through reflecting back an organisation's needs in a creative and passionate way. Whether it's insurance, media, not-for-profit or any business, the way Richard helps teams to realise and recognise the people drivers in their business is truly special. Just try him - it will be worth it.
General Manager Communication

I met Richard to discuss a speaking engagement for our Sales Conference on personal brand, customer value and customer intimacy. After listening intently to us and our needs, our company mission and values and what we were trying to achieve Richard succinctly and creatively outlined his plan for the engagement. He was passionate enthusiastic, innovative and challenging with his approach and ideas. The actual presentation was a smash! From the survey of the day he was the standout score and the team absolutely loved his message, delivery and actions to take away. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard to any organisation wishing to find out more about their true purpose and becoming a 10! I am looking forward to working with Richard again soon, he's epic!
Sales & Solutions Manager
UXC Connect