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Key Points for Philip Smallman

  • Phillip Smallman has done over 1000 workplace presentations delivered in the last 12 years.
  • He has presented safety presentations within culture change programs offered by Journey Partners, Enhance Solutions, Gordon Towan and Assoc. and WSP Group.
  • Phillip Smallman understands what we have to lose as a consequence of injury can give us the 'why' of safety. Only a personal account will give the client maximum impact.
  • His clients in the last five years include: John Howard, Endeavour Energy, Adelaide Brighton, BAE Systems, Brown Brothers, Downer Group, Nilsen Electrics, Fulton Hogan, Woolworths DC, Aggreko, Boral, Qenos, Tatura Milk, Orica Mining Services, Pacific National and many more.

Topics for Philip Smallman

  • Making safety personal
  • The 'why' of safety

Testimonials for Philip Smallman

we had comments that it was the best safety presentation people had ever seen, and that came from people with 35 years in the industry.
IGO Limited

Phil was engaging with the audience. His authenticity and willingness to share his experiences struck a cord with the audience. Phil provided thought provoking ideas, on among other things safety and alternative thoughts and ideas on what safety really is. 
Arrow Bronze

Great story, high impact, thought provoking and helped our leaders see that a true safety culture starts with them. 

A great presentation that got the staff thinking about their personal role in safety and how we must show leadership in all positions to impact culture/attitude when it comes to safety. A great platform to leverage off.
City of Kingston

Phillip Smallman's presentation was moving and well rounded. He managed to highlight the true meaning of safety in a way that resonated with our group. Our operations team is still talking about it!

Phillip Smallman's presentation was fantastic – I have had many staff members come to me since to saying how much the presentation has affected them and opened their eyes.
Bass Coast Shire Council

Phillip Smallman was able to deliver his very important message about the ‘why’ of safety in an engaging manner.
Foodbank Victoria

The overall rating of excellent is supported by the impact Phil had upon the employees that were privileged to attend the presentations. Phil's story that he relates about the incident he was involved in, the impacts of the incident where he explains the loss and costs and the overall summary of the presentation into a basic safety culture model is outstanding. The concept of employees who take short cuts and not follow systems and practices moves the employee from the realm of possibility to the realm of probability is very important and the choice of the word 'arrogance' to describe the attitude that people take when they put themselves into the realm of probability really hit home to employees. From a personal perspective, I consider it an honour to have travelled with Phil over the week and I have gained a perspective on Safety that will impact on my life from this point onwards and as a Safety Practitioner, I believe I can influence other people with the concepts Phil presented so they will have the choice to remain in the realm of possibility or put themselves in the realm of probability.
Ergon Energy

Wow. For the hour that Philip spoke for you could hear a pin drop in the room. Philip Smallman's story is very personal one that leaves a very strong message about why safety and just importantly ones attitude to safety is important.  The message that he left with our audience is one that I am sure will stay with them for a long time to come.
CFC Group

Phillip Smallman was very good, he kept my audience of 95 people glued to their seats for 100 minutes as he took them on a journey. Phil really hit home in more ways then one, as I looked around the room that day I could see people wiping their eyes as tears flowed, others had their mouth wide open in dismay and others obviously searching their own minds on what they may have done in the past that could have been dangerous and stupid and lucky not to be affected. He’s speech set the scene for the rest of the day which was so important for my conference to be a success so I thank him for that.
CSR Lightweight Systems 

Phil, yesterday morning did a truly wonderful presentation, bought tears to my eyes and that of many others, I had to give him a hug after. It was a very strong message and I think one that will travel well throughout the business. Having our management group there yesterday, I think has inspired them to spread the message more widely across the business.  Fingers crossed, hopefully, this means we will look to book more sessions for the business. Look forward to Phil's next session, will try not to be too teary :)
Safety Health & Environment Co-ordinator