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Key Points for Peter Alexander

  • Peter Alexander has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, successfully building his own brand.
  • He identified a gap in the market and started his business by creating comfortable women's pyjamas.
  • Peter turned setbacks into opportunities, using creative strategies such as mail order advertisements to generate overwhelming responses.
  • As the founder and Creative Director of Peter Alexander Sleepwear, he has grown the brand into a multi-channel business with over 140 retail stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Topics for Peter Alexander

  • The Peter Alexander Story
    Prepare to be captivated by Peter Alexander, the unlikely fashion mogul who defied all odds. Dismissed by many due to his lack of fashion experience, learning disability, and absence of a university education, Peter transformed a mere $3,000 loan from his father into a mind-boggling retail empire. With an astounding annual revenue of around $350M, the question lingers: How did he do it? Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey as Peter unveils the unconventional lessons he learned along the way, revealing the secrets behind the enduring success of Peter Alexander. Prepare to be both amused and awestruck as his story challenges the status quo and unveils the blueprint for building a nine-figure business in today's world. Get ready to be inspired like never before!

Testimonials for Peter Alexander

A fantastic personality. Great stories and a great success story.
Ci Events

Excellent. Peter was a humble and down to earth presenter. His personality is reflected in the way he represents which is very informal and unarticulated, having said this it was these characteristics which made his presentation so unique and his experiences seem so real to the audience. Peter's account of how he commenced his business is entertaining and humourous. The audience could not help but laugh at his antics and stories. By the end of his presentation the audience felt uplifted and inspired to succeed, just as Peter had done.
Dealing with Peter has been a fabulous experience - he was approachable, flexible and friendly. From a coordinator's view he was easy to deal with and forthcoming in providing quality interviews to local media. I would highly recommend Peter for any business or motivational presentation purposes based on the comments above.
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