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Key Points for Nick Caldwell

  • As a former Commando and SAS operator, Nick Caldwell has real world experience in building elite teams, a resilient mindset, and solving complex problems in extremely high consequence situations.
  • Nick can discuss how to navigate complex environments, working with a diverse range of stakeholders and cultures to achieve common goals and objectives.
  • He is a veteran of the Iraq war of 2003, with a unit citation for gallantry, amongst the first coalition forces in to the heart of Iraq.
  • Nick has co-founded 2 companies: The Mill Gym in 2008, a limited membership exclusive gym facility forging physical and mental resilience, and Omni GeoX in 2010: a geological exploration company.
  • He worked with Channel 7 on orchestrating and implementing the security solution for the release of Schapelle Corby in Indonesia, and her subsequent time on parole.
  • Nick has worked with a number of corporates and teams on mindset, high-functioning resilience and elite teamwork including BHP, Byrnecut, Metso, Pindan, Western Force and Fremantle Dockers.

Topics for Nick Caldwell

  • Understanding the fundamentals of resilience
    Discussing why we need to be resilient, how do we build resilience, how our brain bias and frames of reference work and real world experiences of situations.
  • Forging mindset and understanding human behavioural bias
    How our background and experiences can impact on how we view situations and how “hard” we determine situations to be, and how we can change this.
  • The impact of our personal, professional and operational environment
    Looking at who we surround ourselves with, what we expect from ourselves and our peers, the environment we work/live in, the standards we live by, our mindset as we approach situations.
  • What is high-functioning resilience?
    This covers the difference between being resilient and “getting through” a situation versus “thriving” in that situation and getting a better outcome.
  • Taking effective action in building and enhancing resilience
    What we can do for ourselves to build our own resilience, what decisions we should make on a daily basis to enhance this, what we can do within our workplace environment.
  • Our mindset, behaviour and approach
    Discussing mindset as we approach every day life, making decisions, when working in a team.

    In all the topics Nick uses real world experiences as an SAS operator to reflect the resilience learned and built that can be applied to the individual and corporate everyday.

Testimonials for Nick Caldwell

From the moment we arrived and met Nick and his team, their level of kindness, communication, humility, respect and organisation was extremely impressive. Nick’s brief was perfect and resonated so well with the environment we are striving to shape at Claremont, and the associated behaviours that most importantly under pin this. The way in which he explained the values of acting with Intent, Contribution & Communication made an immediate and very strong impact and framed the ‘why’ in which did the activities we did perfectly. Also to touch on building resilience through the small wins we achieve by doing all the ‘little big things’ in our daily lives and the associated positive neural plasticity responses that occur in the brain is a wonderful message for the players to hear. The flow from the brief into the activities and the way in which the guys facilitated them and managed the players was great, only intervening and providing directions when needed and being crystal clear and firm. To sum it up, I have been involved in quite a few days like yesterday, but this was without par by a mile the best due to the points above. I would really appreciate it if you can pass on my sincere thanks to Nick and themillgym team that ran the day so well, I am so happy that we found you guys and shared that experience with you”
Claremont Tigers 

Nick ran a 3 hour workshop on High Functioning Resilience for our team of 25. Our team are predominantly engineers of varying age from a variety of different backgrounds. Our company is a global frontrunner in sustainable minerals processing technologies and services. Nick is a truly captivating presenter with expert level knowledge and experience on the topic of resilience and the importance of mindset. I honestly cannot recall a time where I have attended a presentation like it - myself and 24 other people silent and still in seat, present and engaged in what was right in front of us for the duration. Feedback from participants was very positive – some saying it was one of the best team builders they’d been on, others that they left feeling inspired and motivated to take on more, some mentioning it had given them a profoundly different perspective on life and on those that serve. Thanks, Nick it was a privilege to have you come and show us some tools to take our contribution and performance in our work and personal lives to another level.”
Metso Outotech

There aren’t many individuals or businesses who can have a vast array of skill differences in the one room and confidently teach a brand new skill or rehash a well drilled one under complete control. I knew the calibre of the individuals who I’d be dealing with, but was still taken back by their presence and ability to convey their point to the audience.

From the minute I arrived I was impressed by the way in which everything was approached. Everything is thought out, planned and intentional. All of that is tangible to other fields; business, sport, life in general so it was great to see it from a different perspective. The instructors have such a vast amount of knowledge and experience so the opportunity to ask questions and receive an abundance of feedback/information was amazing. From a learning perspective it was top notch. The preparation of material and the way it was communicated was perfect, I was actually surprised how quickly I learnt some of the skills and feel empowered to put them to use! All in all it was a great workshop, well planned, well executed and all of the instructors are a credit to The Mill. Looking forward to the next challenge!
McNally Group

Nick, Dan and their teams have consistently provided timely and effective solutions to assist our personnel working across the globe. I highly recommend the Mill team for training and developing your staff especially when they work in challenging conditions. From the scenario-based first-aid training to the risk-assessment workshops and de-escalation training, our team have achieved incredible outcomes thanks to the Mill.
Operations Manager
Omni Geox

One of the most valuable workshops of its kind I have attended. I’ve been in corporate sales for over 30 years and attended many training sessions and company workshops, but none give the kind of perspective which comes from men for whom a true mastery of this area can literally mean the difference between life and death. Valuable information for developing not just high performance individuals, but elite teams.

Thoroughly impressed. Until I did this training I never realised how important mindset is and the prevalence and limitations of bias, and how they affect your approach to confrontation and how other parties react to you. I now have a much deeper understanding of how to work with my team and empower them to find solutions. Thanks.

Really enjoyed the workshop, lots of information you don’t come across everyday. Easy to learn with how everything was explained and then demonstrated. Would be interested in further training classes to improve the basics learnt in the future.

It was amazing ! I got so much out of the sessions, Nick and his team were very welcoming and knowledgeable with what they taught , will recommend this program to everyone.

One of the best things I’ve ever done. It has inspired me to look into starting some form of self defence training in the future and even though the class was just a beginner course, it has really given me invaluable information and taught me some basic techniques that I will never forget.

A thoroughly enjoyable workshop which was well planned and executed. Nick and his team were professional and respectful in the delivery of both the theory and practical aspects of the course. Questions were encouraged, and answered without judgement, creating a healthy learning environment for all, regardless of fitness level or previous knowledge. As a supervisor of the group, I learnt a lot watching the manner in which the Mill team fostered teamwork within the group and developed the less confident and assertive members of the team. Totally recommend - a ‘must do’!
Australian Defence Force Recruiting

I thought the workshop was amazing, it was really fun and engaging. It is great that we were able to rotate through almost everyone in the group, so that we were meeting new people and possibly even stepping out of our comfort zone a bit. Thank you so much for the amazing day I found the information really helpful.

This workshop was something I had never done before and I was initially quite out of my comfort zone. However Nick and the other two trainers were so great at making you feel comfortable and explaining everything. It was immensely clear that all had so much experience which made you feel like you were really getting the best training. I’m very glad to have taken part in the course and would definitely consider improving on the skills we were taught in the future.