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Nick Bowditch

Key Points

  • Nick is a storytelling expert. Storytelling is really another way of describing effective communication. Every person and every business needs to keep improving the effectiveness of their communication, by continuing to improve their storytelling skills.
  • Storytelling is the most under-rated, yet most powerful business skill anyone can have in 2018. Stories are compelling, engaging, persuasive, and great for sales, marketing, advertising, and business growth.
  • As Australia's storytelling expert, Nick gives audiences both new skills to tell stories better, and the confidence to take away what he shows them and start telling stories better straight away.
  • Nick demonstrates the power of story by sharing lots of his own stories, both personal and business ones.
  • As the only person in the world to tell stories for both Facebook and Twitter as a manager in their marketing teams, he has immense credibility as a storyteller in the modern online era.
  • Nick's strengths as a speaker are that he is genuine, authentic, entertaining and truly unique. He impacts his audiences in ways very few speakers can, as he shares sometimes very personal insights and life lessons he has discovered.

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