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Key Points for Mike Smith

  • Mike Smith is the Founder and Used-Pouch Salesman for Zero Co, one of Australia's fastest growing startups tackling the global plastic crisis.
  • The Zero Co team pulled almost 700,000 bottles from the ocean and saved almost 200,000 bottles from going to landfill by building a community of over 60,000 Aussies committed to ditching single-use plastic.
  • Mike is a trailblazer when it comes to raising funds for eco-friendly causes. In 2021, Mike and Zero Co broke the Australian equity crowdfunding record for raising $5M from the public in just over six hours, along with $8M in funding from some of Australia's top VC firms.
  • Following a trip to Myanmar in 2011, Mike founded The For Good Group, a non-profit that has since built two schools.
  • In 2018, Mike took 18 months off and travelled around the world, scaling volcanos in Kamchatka, trekking the Himalayas in Sikkim, and visiting North Korea, Tajikistan, and Bhutan, to name just a few obscure locations.

Topics for Mike Smith

  • The Zero Co Story
    How to take a big world-changing idea dreamed up in your bedroom and turn it into reality, proving the naysayers wrong and lighting a sustainability pathway for global companies to follow. In this presentation Mike offers lessons and inspiration from the bleeding edge of innovation in sustainability and entrepreneurialism.
  • Radical transparency and the power of perseverance
    In this post-truth, fake-news, greenwashed world in which we live, radical transparency is the silver bullet of our times. If you’ve got nothing to hide, then hide nothing. Put it all on the table for all to see…warts and all. Radical transparency is how you win hearts and build community. Plus, how to turn a hundred nos into one yes…and then snowball that one yes into tens of thousands of passionate community members. How to build resilience in yourself, your team and your vision and realise the power of perseverance.
  • Circular economy solutions to climate change
    Keynote highlights include:
    • Quick snapshot on the latest climate change data and some of the biggest news stories in the space (ie Antarctica recently recording temperatures 40 degrees above seasonal norms).
    • Biggest drivers / largest emitting industries.
    • Customer insights - snapshot of data showing customers want more environmentally friendly consumer products.
    • The power of the circular economy to reduce emissions - case studies of major brands / companies from major polluting industries (fashion & plastic in particular). Using Zero Co. and other brands to showcase how circular supply chain solutions can help reduce CO2 and talk about various solutions that exist.
    • Brands leading the way in tackling and talking about carbon - case study on brands that are world leading in their approach.

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