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Key Points for Matt Hughes

  • Matt Hughes is a leading Resilience expert who educates people across the globe in practical and proven Resilience skills and tools for mastering their mindset and cultivating their mental, physical, and social wellbeing.
  • Matt was previously a Chartered Accountant with a 10+ year career working in Management Consulting, Strategy and Corporate Finance across 3 Continents. After facing a series of personal setbacks, Matt realised that a focus on wellbeing often fails us when facing life’s inevitable tragedies. This led him to complete degrees and qualifications in Psychology, with a specialisation in human Resilience.
  • Matt founded Ripen in 2016, and as CEO has led the development of Ripen’s world leading Resilience Online Bootcamp - a team based social learning experience – which he and his team deliver to people working for organisations based across 25+ countries and in multiple languages.
  • Matt works with well-known market leading organisations based in Australia and Internationally. With this global experience and innate empathy for others, he is passionate about ensuring that everyone is given access to Resilience education, regardless of background or preference.
  • Matt spearheads Ripen’s Corporate partnership with Vinnies, which includes revamping Family shelters where women and children seek refuge from Domestic Violence.

Topics for Matt Hughes

  • Resilience or wellbeing – What’s the difference and why care?
    It is absolutely possible to run 5km’s a day, eat healthily, meditate and still be low in Resilience! Drawing on his own relatable Resilience journey (childhood, career setbacks, emigrating to a new country, major loss, starting a family), Matt explores why a focus on wellbeing often fails us in our complex lives, and why unlocking Personal Resilience is the key to achieving lasting wellbeing, and performance!
  • Unlocking your resilience – What is this thing ‘resilience’?
    Your Resilience comes into play every day and at many levels, but few people know what it is or how to measure it! Matt demystifies some common misconceptions about what this thing ‘Resilience’ is and isn’t, and what it takes to get through tough times… at work and in life!
  • Your journey to resilience – How are you resilient?
    Everybody has a Resilience journey and builds some degree of Resilience. But very few people have reflected on where their Resilience comes from or what it takes to nurture or cultivate more of it. This interactive activity takes people on a journey for identifying their current Resilience, not just hearing about someone else’s! Leaving audiences inspired by uncovering and tapping into the Resilience they already have, and awareness of the situations testing their Resilience right now.
  • Uncover the impact of mindset – What is shaping you?
    There are thousands of definitions for the term ‘mindset’ and many people have read self-help books like Carol Dweck’s ‘Growth mindset’. Weaving storytelling with science, Matt helps people understand what is shaping them, including the psychological connection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Connecting the dots with what people may already know about mindset, audiences apply this increased self-awareness to situations they are currently facing, for uncovering the impact of mindset on their outcomes!
  • Practicing mindset awareness – Where’s your head at?
    We don’t need to pay attention to our mindset in every moment, but we do in the moments or situations that matter! Elite athletes, military personnel, and others like them are trained in mindset awareness for thriving through extreme circumstances. Matt shares a practical and proven technique that anyone can learn and immediately apply for Practicing Mindset awareness in any given moment… because it’s not just ‘elite performers’ facing big life goals or the threat of extreme circumstances!
  • Taking charge of yourself – How are you adapting?
    Life doesn’t get any easier, you just get more Resilient! Creating a safe and reflective space, Matt enables audiences to realise they can already take charge of their outcomes by applying the critical Resilience skill of self-regulation. Through sharing personal experiences, Matt then demonstrates exactly how thoughts or beliefs limit outcomes, and a technique from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that Resilient people apply for taking charge of themselves, and their outcomes!
  • Maintaining optimal self-care – What are you prioritising?
    Burnout is now so prevalent the World Health Organisation has it listed as a disease! Connecting the dots between wellbeing, performance and self-care, Matt shares proof that self-care is a priority not a past-time, and how to effectively prioritise time for it even with work and home demands! Matt then empowers audiences with a self-care diagnostic for uncovering current self-care habits, and the habits used by highly Resilient people for prioritising their mental, physical, and social wellbeing, in any situation faced!

Testimonials for Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes is an excellent presenter. He has the ability to combine energetic storytelling with clear takeaways for the audience. Matt clearly is well versed on the theory, history and applications of resilience and resilience training. Importantly, was able to convey this in an engaging manner and provide immediately useful insights. Our delegates loved his presentation and were eager to learn even more. Above all, Matt is a genuine person with good intentions to improve the way we overcome challenges and achieve more, and this is something that comes across both in person and on stage. If you are looking for a speaker or coach to catalyse and see through real change, contact Matt!
21st Annual National Workers’ Compensation Summit

I have been working with Matt and the Ripen team for several years now, leading the implementation of Resilience talks with Matt and training programs across the globe as Group Capability Manager at Blackmores. Ripen’s learning journeys are great for meeting people and learners in their flow of work, the content is highly relevant in the current work environment and delivers tangible outcomes and results.
Group Capability Manager

One of the best things about working with Matt when you have a workshop is the energy and the games that he uses to bring the content to life. I still have staff coming up to me and talking about how great the session was, and that was 6 months ago, and we have slogans that we all agreed together up on our wall as a reminder every day.
Director Strategy & Planning
Australian Government

We recently had a keynote delivered by Matt Hughes at Ripen. We chose this training because we recognised that there was a need in the company, to share some insights and tools about resilient behaviours and how to apply this to our lives, both home and work. I would highly recommend Matt Hughes for such an initiative, as Matt is authentic and passionate and he is able to clearly articulate and highlight what resilience is, keep the audience engaged and help us identify tools on our resilience journeys.
Regional HRM (Australia, India, Singapore)
Church & Dwight

Thank you so much to Matt for leading this - a safe space for all to share and connect. I feel very connected to the team even more so than before. And I know we will move forward into 2022 with new and refined skills!
Head of the Dementia Centre
Hammond Care

I love the natural and calming way that you talk Matt, it's comforting, and I feel like I can fully relate to what you are saying.
Dementia Consultant, The Dementia Centre
Hammond Care

Matt you are a relatable storyteller. The examples are relevant, helped me to grasp the concept. The number of stories was spot on too - not so many I got sick of them and not too few when an easier concept was being taught that I could understand. To me it seemed like you told the stories for a concept that we might struggle to get our heads around. Well done - just the right balance.
Dementia Consultant, The Dementia Centre
Hammond Care

It’s been great working with Matt to develop tailored content for our accomplish award program, our students will really benefit from the Resilience talks and the practical self-awareness tips to help them manage their thoughts and emotions while at university and into their careers.
Employability Coordinator
University of Technology Sydney

We recently rolled out a Resilience session with Ripen. Ripen opts a very pragmatic approach to their training sessions and the content is high quality and easy to follow. The session provided our audience with practical tips to become more resilient and the feedback received was very positive. Matt has a wealth of knowledge on the topic and he connects very well with the audience. He is always flexible with the approach and ensures that the organisation needs are met.
Chief People Officer

Superb! A very relevant topic to make me realise the importance of this aspect of life, especially in the fast changing global scenario and life getting challenging day by day, Resilience is going to be a game changer.
Head of Sales
Weir Minerals

Matt provided lots of tools to deal with challenges both expected and unexpected. Now I am aware of my thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviors, and how they are connected. -
Head of Human Resources (India)
Weir Minerals

I really enjoyed this and have taken some very practical tools away that can be easily used in the real world. Easy to understand, meaningful and pitched at the right level (not too long, not too short, etc.)
National Manager
Services Australia