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Key Points for Mark Visser

  • Mark Visser created a world first by riding 40-50ft waves at the infamous Jaws (Pe’ahi) break in Maui, in total darkness.
  • He was Big Wave Surfer: 2014/15 Big Wave paddle in champion.
  • Mark is an influential coach to world champion Kelly Slater & Steph Gilmore, Australian SAS, US Navy Seals, Olympic athletes & professional sporting teams.
  • He is a mindset coach for Melbourne FC working with head coach Simon Goodwin. The club won its first AFL premiership in 56 years and Simon was awarded 'Coach of the year’. Prior to this, Mark was involved in Richmond FC pre-season camps and worked directly with leadership players to see their first premiership in 36 years.
  • Mark is the founder of The Ocean Warrior. A training program created for adults and children to stay calm under pressure in and out of water.
  • He is the creator of The Inner Warrior Program – In-person master classes and workshops focusing on mindset development, processing fear, stress & advanced emotional intelligence training.
  • Mark is the author of The Big Wave Method - Eight Steps to Overcoming Your Fear and Achieving Your Ultimate Dream.

Topics for Mark Visser

  • The dream
    Redirecting goals to align with strengths and passion.
  • Mapping out the path
    Identifying obstacles, opening up your awareness, establishing a clear plan, self-worth and eliminate limiting beliefs.
  • The team
    How everyone’s role is crucial to success, one individual can only do so much. United culture and operating as one is key.
  • Training and technology
    Preparing for the worst and planning for the best to ensure confidence, focus while minimising stress and fear.
  • Life is not linear
    Not everything goes to plan. The importance of all team members staying on task and being present in the moments that matter.
  • The success
    Achieving a world first and realising that ‘impossible’ goals are possible.
  • The next big thing
    Redirecting your focus to go again.

Testimonials for Mark Visser

His story was very compelling with the audience very engaged. We enjoyed the interactive activity as it broke up the presentation.
Imperial Brands Australasia

Mark Visser is an exceptional talent with so many great messages.
Templestowe Financial Services

He was a rockstar. So good, I would book him again in a heartbeat. Staff feedback has been off the charts epic.
Rogue & Refined

It is not often that you have the opportunity to test your boundaries at a Conference breakfast. Mark had the ability to capture everyone's attention and keep us on the edge of our seats, the room was so quiet as everyone listened intently. The content was spot on and I have gone back to thinking about his message each day since.
Executive General Manager Global Markets
Commonwealth Bank

For me – Mark was the perfect speaker. The first day of the conference was long and technical with a lot of slides and panel discussions. It was so refreshing to have Mark on stage speaking from the heart to kick off Day two. I thank him for his time and thank you for staying around after the actual event to speak to the attendees. They really appreciated it.
Senior Marketing Manager & Corporate Affairs
Commonwealth Bank

Thank you for your presentation last Friday at the Conference. I am sure our team has done the same however I wanted to personally reach out and say thank you. After your presentation and over the remaining days of the conference, I sought feedback from my Franchise Partners and they quite were impressed by your presentation. Not so much about the almighty wave you surfed, although massively impressive, more so in the manner you approached the project. My role with the company is to assist with the Franchise Partners business growth and planning and to have your example of applying a business planning/strategy process to a life goal helped connect this message. It also caused me to stop and rethink how I am approaching goals in my professional and personal life as well. One of the core messages you shared that was repeated to me from our group was being ready for opportunity shared via two of your stories i) connecting with your team at the party you nearly didn't attend, and ii) the jet ski saga. I am not kidding, at least ten times one of the two came up in chats with the Franchise Partners. I am keen to see this play out in their business planning and client engagement strategies. Thank you again for your presentation. I look forward to seeing your next project you shared briefly at the end. Best wishes for success.
Growth and Support Manager Australia
Total Fitouts AU & NZ

The audience was spell-bound watching some of his video clips. Mark is a driven motivator and engages warmly with guests at all levels. We would highly recommend Mark to any event organiser or group wanting a big impact keynote speaker.
Branch Owner
Bank of Queensland

One of the best keynote speakers we have ever had! Mark captured the audience and delivered a powerful message that we can all relate to in the corporate world.

An unexpected speaker. Mark’s story linked so well to what we aspire to and gives a different perspective on the importance of team work, focus on the challenge, and being your best. We booked Mark for 4 consecutive events.
Group Leader
ANZ Bank

Thoroughly entertaining, everyone loved it, with plenty of chatter later around the bar and in the office today. Lots of take homes for all of us irrespective of our role in the business which was excellent as so many professional speakers only focus on the sales team, leaving the rest of us bored!
Marketing Exec
McGrath Real Estate

Mark had a wonderful session with the group and interacted with all of them at the level they needed. The presentation was bang on and it really connected for our kids on all levels. I had overheard so many different parents, athletes and coaches chatting about how great it was. An unbelievable opportunity for us all to listen and meet him.

I was really impressed; it had the hair on the back of my neck standing up!
The Chia Co

Thanks so much for making our event such a success. The team all loved Mark’s story and the key messages were totally aligned to our overall theme for the day. We loved having Mark at dinner also, was really great of him to make the time.
Resolve Finance