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Key Points for Lisa Cox

  • Lisa Cox is an internationally awarded thought leader, innovator, social changemaker and consultant who is changing the way the world’s most influential and powerful industries represent disability.
  • She is an international speaker which includes a TEDx talk, 2023 Advertising Week and other industry events to lead conversations around the representation of disability with other professionals in the space.
  • Lisa has collaborated with peak industry bodies, government and others such as: Advertising Council Australia, Australian Human Rights Commission. Lisa is a member of the Griffith University Inclusive Futures Engagement Council and Media Diversity Australia, where she was the inaugural Disability Affairs Officer.
  • If her professional skills and academic credentials (two university degrees) weren’t enough, Lisa has a captivating personal story that has already motivated and inspired many around the globe.

Topics for Lisa Cox

  • Gratitude and finding happiness after challenges
    What dying twice taught me about living.
  • Disability advocacy
    A shame-free and solutions-focused approach to advocacy and how to create content that won’t get your brand cancelled online.
  • Disability representation in content
    Ideal for advertisers, marketers and other communications professionals. This discusses the specifics about best representing disability in content, based on Lisa’s years as an award-winning copywriter.
  • Brain injury
    Lisa shares her experience with a brain injury.
  • Mental and physical health and fitness
    The world of wellness with a disability. Lisa is also a trained integrative health coach.

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