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Key Points for Kristina Karlsson

  • Kristina Karlsson, a visionary entrepreneur, intricately weaves authenticity and relatability into her dynamic storytelling, sharing the remarkable journey of founding and building a globally adored $650 million retail brand at the young age of 22.
  • Renowned for forging profound human connections, Kristina Karlsson, a trailblazing entrepreneur, imparts deep business and personal insights, creating an authentic and relatable space for audiences to connect with her influential journey of highs and lows in the business world.
  • A highly regarded business leader, Kristina precisely tailors her presentations to resonate uniquely with diverse audiences, provoking thought, providing insights, and stirring action, reflecting her impactful career and ability to connect personally.
  • Passionate about inspiring big dreams, Kristina, a sought-after entrepreneur, delivers immediate, practical value through relatable storytelling, making her a catalyst for positive change in business, teams, and personal pursuits.

Topics for Kristina Karlsson

  • How to build a $650,000,000 business
  • Wins and losses; victories and mistakes
    History is peppered with the real-life stories of people who have broken the mould – dreamed up a new future – and gone on to make those dreams reality. Kristina is one of them, and in this engaging and raw presentation, she shares the key business & personanal lessons she learned along the way - from business success to mistakes incurred …engaging, educating, inspiring & empowering audiences to make personal, team or organisational transformations.
    Many organisations and people focus on goal setting – based on the constraints of what they see as their every-day realities. Kristina takes them to a new level – beyond constraints – to tap into their hearts as well as their minds in an unconstrained and powerful way.
    A great way to start strategy or planning sessions – or if you need to shake up and inspire your people to consider new approaches.
    As a valuable add-on, Kristina can facilitate her powerful and now famous 101 Dreams Workshop for you after the keynote, so people leave with dreams written on paper. Excited and ready to action. Personal, team, business, or all the above.
    Key takeaways, tangible outcomes and ROI
    • A sense of self-belief that comes from “If she can do it, I can too”.
    • Real life ‘insider stories’ from one of the worlds most loved brands – creating talkability, interest & buzz.
    • Inspiring & practical learnings.
    • When combined with Kristina’s 101 Dreams Workshop: Participants take away a long list of dreams written on paper – with the Top 3 identified – and a list of the 7 most important actions required to make each of them a reality.
  • Be bold and make it happen
    There are risks in everything you do – just go for it.
  • What are you doing that is different? And why will people want it?
    What is it about your product that purchasers like.

Testimonials for Kristina Karlsson

For anyone looking for more meaning, purpose and joy in their lives, this book is a wonderful place to start - a simple guide to help you tap into your childlike sense of wonder, reclaim your life and thrive.
Arianna Huffington
New York Times best selling author and co-founder of The Huffington Post

If you're ready to live the life of your dreams, read this book now. It'll be a beautiful use of your time.
Robin Sharma
Author of No. 1 worldwide bestsellers The Monk Sold His Ferrari and The Sam Club

I know well the power of dreaming and of writing those dreams down on paper. It's truly life transforming. Kristina's book not only gives you permission, it shows you how in a simple and practical no-nonsense way.
Li Cunxin
Best selling author of Mao's Last Dancer

Discovering and then chasing our dreams is what drives us forward, bringing passion and purpose to our lives. Finally we have a book that will unlock your dreams and help you start achieving them.
Alisa Camplin-Warner
Winner of a remarkable Winter Olympic Gold Medal

The insights on dreaming & doing in this beautiful book open you to a flow of ideas and inspiration from your brain and your heart - and you never know where the learnings on offer might lead you! Awakening to your dreams and the immense possibilities they foster serves not only your quality of and excitement for life, but that of the world.
Dr Libby Weaver
Leading nutritionist biochemist. Eleven-time bestselling author and international speaker

Kristina's book provides the key to tap the dreams in our heart, gives us permission to claim our greatest purpose, and provides us with the tools to forge a brighter path - for all. Kristina tenderly and fiercely speaks to our hearts - to find strength
and awaken our dreams to connect to something greater than ourselves.
Oprah Winfrey's all time favourite guest