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Key Points for Keith Abraham

  • Keith Abraham has presented to more than 1.6 million audience members from 30 different countries at more than 2,300 conferences.
  • Keith Abraham's leading edge and innovative approach has seen him become Australia's foremost expert on customer loyalty. Keith also talks on Goal setting.
  • In his presentations, Keith shares easy-to-implement, proven strategies that have a profound effect on his audience and encourage them to awaken their "inner spark'. But Keith's not all "strut' and no "substance'. His presentations are studded with relevant facts, gems of wisdom and amusing anecdotes to ensure that every member of the audience will take at least one important concept home with them.
  • His clients include Toyota, Lexus, Westpac, AIA, Puma, Isagenix, Arbonne, Million Dollar Round Table, Entrepreneur Organisation and Amway. 

Topics for Keith Abraham

Conquering What’s Next, What’s New and What’s Necessary

How would you feel if you were ahead of the curve, not just waiting to catch up but had moved forward, moved up and moved beyond what you had ever thought possible?

This is the art of mastering what's next, what's new and what's necessary. Once you know what drives you to go beyond your comfort zone, you can move from being successful in your industry, business or life to becoming truly significant. All too often business leaders reach a level of success without truly becoming significant because over time they stop evolving.

When you are just surviving and being challenged by circumstances beyond your control, you lose momentum! The most effective way to create momentum is to let go of the memories of the ‘good old days’ and create a new vision for the future. For over 24 years Keith Abraham has shared with 1.6 million people in over 33 countries his life’s research, stimulating participants to achieve their personal goals and professional goals, to realise their best potential.

In his insightful presentations, Keith will show your leaders how to move from being the best, to becoming the greatest! Your leaders will become compelled and committed to moving up a level by getting out of their comfort zone as they stop and think about what’s important and what matters for them to achieve massive momentum.

As Keith shares his four-part formula, your people will become clear, determined and focused on the right goals to achieve in the next 12 months. They will have the tools to achieve what seems like the impossible.

Every business leader, business owner, sales professional or customer service champion needs to master three areas in their career, business and life … self leadership, business leadership and marketplace leadership.

Mastering these areas enables you to move forward, move above and move beyond what you thought was truly possible.

  • Creating energised, engaged people
    How to reconnect and refocus your people on what’s important now for them to do.
    • Reset – Identify the most important goal for the next 30 days in your business in order to align your business role to the New Normal.
    • Review – Understand the power of the right mindset to ensure your mental wellbeing and personal wellness in order to remain strong, focused and empowered.
    • Respond – Simple strategies to rebound faster, better and stronger in your business role after the crisis has passed.
  • Developing high performance leaders
    How leaders can accelerate their accomplishments in a new business world.
    • Evolve – In changing challenging times it is critical that as a Leader you are one step ahead.
    • of developing your talent and knowledge to keep ahead of the curve.
    • Engage – How to create a strong connection with your Team that maintains to hold a high level of engagement, enthusiasm and energy as they work remotely from you.
    • Expand – We will look beyond the challenges and identify the opportunities that exist to expand your brand and profile in the hearts and minds of your customers world in which they live and work every day.
  • Generating massive business momentum
    How to think differently in order to recover, recalibrate and rebound successfully.
    • Pivot – How to shift your thinking, become curious and explore the possibilities of doing your business vastly different than before to move ahead beyond the crisis.
    • Pipeline – We review the opportunities that exist in the short term, the medium term and long term in order to focus on profitable income streams for your business.
    • Proactive – Nothing happens until action is taken, so we will identify the high payoff activities you need to be taking right now to create sustainable business progress.

  • Achieving the impossible
    An inspiring keynote presentation focused on getting your people to stop ... and think about what is important and what matters to them. As Keith shares his 4 part formula your People will become Clear, Determined and Focused on the right goals to achieve in the next 12 months in their personal life and professional role. They will have the tools to achieve what seems like their impossible!
  • Becoming unstuck
    For more than two decades Keith has researched what causes the Top 20% of your Business Leaders to become ... Stuck, Stale and Stalled! In this insightful keynote he will show your Leaders how to move from being the BEST to becoming the GREATEST! Your Leaders will become compelled and committed to go to the next level by getting out of their comfort zone.
  • Creating customer loyalty
    In this interactive keynote presentation Keith will share time tested easy to implement strategies on how your people can deliver a World Class Service Selling experience to your Customers that turns them into Loyal Brand Ambassadors for your Business. You see when your people understand the 5 Buying Motives and the 4 Components of any Great Service Experience, Customer Loyalty comes naturally.

Testimonials for Keith Abraham

Keith is a unique and passionate guy who has the ability to unleash the potential in any organisation or person. In my experience with global and local companies, we can often spend considerable sums of money to get consultants to find solutions, whereas Keith brings all this thinking and more without the cost, making this book unique and accessible to everybody.
Asia Pacific Luxotica

I have often shared a platform with Keith Abraham. He is a big picture thinker, communicates with simplicity and clarity, understands today’s technology, and embraces new technology with his time-tested techniques to engage people. A very passionate man.
Max Walker AM
Keynote conference speaker, best selling author, AFL player and Australian test cricketer

The impact of the Passionate People Program on our people was that it allowed our staff to spend time on themselves and create personal and business goals, and turning these into action. The key message our people took away was the value of spending time to think about what you want to do; and to be passionate about what you are doing or change it. A must do Program. One that should be part of a school curriculum.
Head of Retail
Adviser Services AIA Australia Limited

Keith is the Prince of Pssion. I have worked with Keith for over a decade. He has shared his energy, sense of humour and business acumen with hundreds of my team in different countries. The feedback is always exceptional, citing personal insights and providing tools that have led to life-changing transformation. I can attest to this personally.
General Manager
Retail Banking, Westpac New Zealand

Keith is an incredible and credible adviser and presenter. He has a genuine passion for helping people improve themselves professionally and  personally. He has ignited a passion in me for ‘just getting on with it’ and shifting my focus from having a job to having a passion. A great bloke doing amazing things.
Executive General Manager
Adviser Distribution, Asteron Life

We know our people are connected to what they are passionate about in their personal life and they have a plan to achieve their personal and professional milestones, then they will be outstanding in their work and for our customers. That is why Keith Abraham’s approach to passion was so right for our people, our customers and our business.
General Manager
Organisational Development and Human Resources, Data#3

In today’s world we want more than just a speaker to inspire and inform us. We want them to partner with us to provide us with innovative ideas and strategies to ensure that the presentation message lives on. Keith gives us unprecedented value by working with us to deliver a tailored solution for our people.
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

Keith is an exceptional presenter who has a great ability to acquire the knowledge of the business and to deliver a dynamic and engaging presentation to the audience. Keith stands out as a professional who delivers long lasting business results every time.
Woolworths Limited

Keith’s energetic and passionate approach in his delivery is just what the delegates needed to experience. Introducing Keith to the audience was a pleasure as we were confident his presentation would be beneficial and add value not only to the conference but also the individuals who attended.
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

Keith’s contribution to our peoples personal development has been phenomenal. He has been a catalyst for our people and our organization to achieve measureable gains in performance.
Terry White Management Pty Ltd

Keith had an ability to sum up issues quickly and engaged people in appropriate conversation to put in place a clear plan for the long-term future of our business.
Benjamin King Money Pty Ltd