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Key Points for Kate Christie

  • Kate Christie is Australia's leading time management expert, transforming lives by reclaiming 30+ hours monthly for clients like BUPA, Westpac, and government bodies. She empowers people to design fulfilling lives.
  • Renowned for dynamic presentations, Kate advises on effective time use. As a columnist, co-host on "Kochie's Business Builders," and media guest, she shares actionable insights widely.
  • With five bestsellers, Kate's wisdom reaches audiences worldwide—Australia, Asia, America, Europe, and the UK—inspiring better time management globally.
  • From corporate law to entrepreneurship and single parenting, Kate's diverse background fuels her coaching prowess. She advises on productivity, goal setting, and work-life balance, enriching both personal and professional realms.

Topics for Kate Christie

  • Power up your productivity
    Your audience is Time Poor. There are 3 key Time challenges they face:
    • They don’t plan their time.
    • They don’t control their time; and
    • They don’t Focus on the right tasks at the right time.
      What they really want is MORE TIME!
      Kate has stepped tens of thousands of audience members through her ‘5 SMART Steps’ framework to solve these frustrations:
      • Learn how to set amazing goals and plan your time around them.
      • 2. Take Control of your time and drive your own agenda.
      • 3. Gain clarity over your priorities to maximise your productivity.
      • And most importantly - find an extra 30 hours a month to design a life you truly love.
  • How to change your life in 90 Seconds
    Based on Kate’s Award Winning 5th book: ‘The Life List’, in this masterful keynote Kate will take your audience on an incredibly inspiring ride that will change their lives.
    For the last decade Kate has worked with thousands of incredible, high performing teams and individuals just like you - people who:
    • Want a more fulfilling, sustainable, leveraged work and family lifestyle.
    • Want to continue to thrive in their career, while also realising phenomenal personal achievement, growth, space and freedom; and
    • Know that they have to get back into the driver’s seat and curate their perfect futures.
      But just HOW on earth do you actually design your perfect life? What starts off as an amazing idea can pretty quickly lead to complete overwhelm and paralysis. Do not give up! Changing your life is actually a lot easier than you might think. In fact - you can do it in just 90 seconds.
  • How to set and smash audacious goals
    The research is clear - people who set written goals are significantly more likely to achieve their goals than those who don’t. If you want your high performing audience to take their success to the next level, it’s time to educate them on the Why, How and What of goal setting.
    An interactive and engaging goal setting masterclass, your audience will leave this session with:
    • A minimum of one written 5 year goal.
    • A minimum of one written annual goal.
    • The Framework, knowledge and structure they need to set and smash all of their goals.
  • Maximum motivation
    Future Proof Your Organisation - Maximising Productivity with a Hybrid Workforce
    Future proof your workforce with the #1 key soft skill they need working in a hybrid or digital nomadic workforce - smart time management. The world of work has changed and your organisation needs to stay ahead of the curve or risk losing the war for talent. More than ever, talent is voting with their feet and you need them to vote for you. Support your new business model by upskilling your leaders, middle level managers and staff on how to maximise output in a new world of work. Equip your workforce with the skills, resilience, mindset and communication skills to:
    • Work remotely or in a hybrid work environment.
    • Recognise the common productivity mistakes leaders are making right now.
    • How to avoid making them; and
    • Proven strategies to position your organization and team for the workforce of the future.
  • Team productivity protocols
    This Workshop is targeted at high performing teams wanting to work together with synergy and at pace to remove organisational drag and to maximise individual and team productivity. Kate will walk your team through the best tailored productivity strategies for your team/ profession/ physical working environment, and will facilitate agreement on your new Team Protocols.
    Your team will be left with:
    • The tools and confidence on how to better invest their time and to respect the time of everyone else.
    • A written suite of Team Protocols ready for implementation.
  • Me first - The guilt free guide to prioritising you
    Based on Kate’s 4th book: ‘Me First’ (published globally by Wiley in 2020), this Keynote is targeted at every professional woman who is juggling her magnificent career or business life with motherhood.
    For every woman who has wrestled with Imposter Syndrome; Mothers Guilt; never saying No; never having enough time; forever being Busy; and forever doing everything for everyone but herself.
    For every woman who needs a reminder that if she is truly to be the best possible version of herself, then it’s OK to put herself first, at least some of the time.
    Kate challenges your audience to:
    • Debunk their feelings of self doubt.
    • Realise they can be both a great mum and have a great career.
    • Take care of their own wellness to avoid burnout or opting out.
    • Be the absolute best version of themselves - the guilt free guide to prioritising you!
  • Master of ceremonies
    Who better to Emcee your event than a time management specialist!? Kate will keep your event on track with an intelligent, humorous and informed approach to keeping your audience, sponsors and other stakeholders highly engaged.

Testimonials for Kate Christie

The London Fuelling Ambition conference was a huge success, with over 400 women entrepreneurs and business leaders brought together to listen to a world class presenter line up from the UK, USA and Australia. We flew Kate over from Australia because we wanted our audience to hear about SMART Time Management from an innovative, dynamic and highly engaging thought leader. Nothing about Kate’s approach to Time Investment is vanilla – she compels her audience to think about their time differently and provides the strategies and practical advice to make implementation for quick returns simple. Kate is a storyteller – she told our audience at the start that she wanted to leave them educated, entertained and with a lasting impact on the way they choose to live, work and play, and she delivered. The attendee feedback from the event consistently rated Kate as one of the stand out presenters from the conference.
Head of Marketing and Events
Newable United Kingdom

Kate is a storyteller. She presented The Life List keynote to a room full of lawyers and had our audience transfixed. One minute she had us laughing and the next crying and the whole time, we were completely engrossed in her story. Everything she said resonated with our audience. It was a powerful lesson in how to engage and keep an audience from start to finish and we all walked away determined
to live our best lives.
Happy Lawyer, Happy Life

Having seen Kate Christie present live on stage on Time Management I was very keen to secure her as our keynote speaker for the 43rd Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Conference. At the last minute the event was moved to an online forum due to covid - and Kate was incredible. It is rare to see a speaker translate their on stage presence to an equally engaging and dynamic online presence - but Kate really delivered. I could not recommend Kate more highly as your next speaker - having worked with hundreds of speakers around Australia I absolutely rate Kate amongst the best I have seen.
Specialist Practice Growth Consultant

We had an opportunity to invite Ms. Christie for our program Women in International Security in Eastern Partnership 2021 and all our participants (women) were amazed by the way of her workshops. Very smooth, very inspirational, and very engaging workshops! We hope to invite Ms. Christie to other our international programs.
Project Manager
European Academy of Diplomacy

Kate Christie presented a session at Pittard's 2019 Real Estate Agents' Convention. My company has been in the conference business for almost 30 years. Many of our clients have been with us for decades. To say our audience is discerning would be an understatement. Some speakers are all hype and little substance. Not Kate Christie - her content was 'gold'. She showed the audience how to create an extra 30 hours of productive time every month without having to work more hours. Think about that: 30 hours is an extra two or three days that can be used for family time, or for producing results and more income. If time is money, an extra 30 hours per month, 360 hours per year, is worth a fortune to a focused professional. You can understand why our audience took notes furiously! Kate's delivery was fun and engaging, packed full of nuggets on how to make life more productive and fulfilled. If you want a great speaker for your conference, you can't go past Kate Christie.
Pittard Real Estate

An important topic delivered in a fun way that was able to be communicated to all attendees.  Kate Christie had a time management answer for anything we threw at her. Her delivery was spot on and the ladies were inspired to get their time management into action now.  Kate was fun and we all took multiple tips back to both our workplaces and our homes.  Thanks.
Hotondo Homes

Kate Christie certainly provided some great tips on better managing our day in a busy office environment.  The challenge is putting these great tips into practice in our daily routine. 
ICCA Australia 

Kate Christie is truly one of a kind - I’ve never met anyone so incredibly passionate and so hugely capable when it comes to helping people take control of their time - the number one issue we all face in life. Kate is a bestselling author, international speaker, she’s appeared on Australian and NZ television, she has been featured on radio and in print as a leading commentator on time management and managing work/life integration. Her laser like focus is to help people take control of their time to ensure more meaningful success across career, family, community, and life. Having consulted to big and small business, government departments, and high level executives, Kate has now delivered the definitive workbook to help Doctors gain control of their time. My advice is simple, if you’re a doctor or work in the medical industry take the time to read everything Kate does. Her advice really does have the potential to change your life. Many people promise this, few deliver, Kate Christie most certainly does!
International Bestselling Author and Global Speaker

We needed a dynamic and engaging speaker for the Premium Bank to present to our Women in Business customers. A colleague recommended Kate to us and she was both insightful and inspirational. With her vibrant, and fun personality, Kate Christie connected with our audience immediately and delivered content that they could use when they get back to their office. Kate was very easy to work with. She delivered clear, strong and practical messages with humour and certainly retained the attention of our guests. It was also a really nice touch for us to be able to gift a copy of Kate's book 'Me Time' to our customers. The feedback from our audience was all very positive. I would, and have, recommended Kate as a great speaker as well as a time management expert.
Westpac Bank

Kate Christie was a key note speaker at the FEW (Financial Executive Women) Annual Leadership Conference 2016. We were so fortunate to have Kate speak and give us her insights into creating 30 extra hours a month. Kate's’ tips into time management and seeing time in monetary terms created for an eye opening experience. Her tips around being more efficient in what you do and when, and in achieving a better work/life balance are invaluable. I am constantly receiving positive feedback about Kate's’ session from FEW members who are now utilising Kate's’ services. I would highly recommend Kate for your next event.
Financial Executive Women