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Key Points for Justine Flynn

  • Justine Flynn is a co-founder and director of Thankyou, a small start-up which has gone against all odds to become one of Australia’s leading social enterprises, globally recognised for its creativity, innovation and impact.
  • Thankyou sells a consumer product that exists all-for the end of extreme poverty. To date, Thankyou has given $17 million to their impact partners working in over 32 countries and in 2021, the Australian Financial Review recognised Thankyou as number 29 in the top 50 corporate philanthropists, ahead of many ASX 200 listed companies.
  • Justine Flynn was named number 2 & 1 in Smart Company's Hot 30 under 30 in 2015 and 2016, as well as being a finalist in the Telstra Business Women's Awards in 2014.
  • Justine is an advocate for women’s impact and empowering people to reach their full potential.

Topics for Justine Flynn

  • Something needs to change
    Driven by a passion for challenging the status quo and a desire to go against ‘the way things have always been done’, Justine wholeheartedly believes in the fact that if we want to see a change in the world around us, we need to begin by making some fundamental changes to our traditional systems and the way we approach things. Justine will share insights on how to change our own mindset, influence change in our communities and petition for industry change, engaging the audience to think outside of the box, challenging the more traditional ways of thinking to step out of what is comfortable and take action in order to see unprecedented results.
  • Pioneering and resilience to overcome uncertain times
    If there is one thing that is certain today, it is that we will continue to face challenges and uncertain times. The last 2 years have been a testament to this fact. For Justine, her strength and resilience to overcome hardship was built in the years leading up to the pandemic, and at the start of 2020 when the local and global supply chains fell apart and Thankyou experienced its own internal crisis, her leadership as a co-founder helped the organisation overcome some of their hardest times and led to Thankyou being able to give $10 million to impact partners helping eliminate extreme poverty, only 8 months later. In the middle of a pandemic, when government aid and corporate giving had significantly reduced, Thankyou was able to give its largest amount to impact to date. Justine will share on pioneering and the setbacks often experienced when carving new ground, as well as discussing practical tools to build resilience that will help your team see ground-breaking results.
  • From burnout to breakthrough
    Having experienced a number of setbacks, both professionally and personally, including a burnout that resulted in her being bed-ridden for 4 months before beginning the long journey of rebuilding, Justine brings a passion and strength to the topic of resilience. Sharing candidly about her experiences with burnout and the months that followed, she describes the importance of setting a rhythm and maintaining a sustainable pace that allows for long-term impact to see maximum results. With a passion for people discovering their talents, Justine will provide practical tools and insights to reignite the fire and resilience needed to see individuals unlocked to their full potential in a sustainable and long-lasting way.
  • Building a workplace culture that can see the impossible become possible
    With a proven track record of achieving remarkable results with her team, Justine shares about the culture and workplace dynamics that are essential to this success. Drawing from her unconventional approach to business, Justine will not only address the importance of a different way of thinking, but also the significance of how a different way of working together saw a team of young, naive students achieve results that far outweighed their experience, education, training and resources and lead to Thankyou becoming one of Australia’s leading mainstream social enterprises.
  • Customised talk
    Justine will tailor her presentation to suit the client’s objectives and the needs of the audience.
    With expertise in:
    • Social enterprise
    • Brand and marketing
      Product development
    • Innovation
    • People & culture
    • Philanthropy

Testimonials for Justine Flynn

Justine was an absolute pleasure to work with and encapsulated the theme and vibe for my event perfectly. I chose Justine because her story is an inspiration to not be afraid to dream big, and whilst there will be challenges and it won't be easy, all big ideas and life changing impact start somewhere. Which is exactly what I hope to inspire through each and every self event. Justine captivated the audience and stayed throughout the event, happy to meet and connect with all of the beautiful women at the event. I am grateful to have had her be part of my event.   
Self Events Co.

Justine was a breath of fresh air at our annual Women in Leadership Summit 2022. A perfect way to kick off the event with her session – vibrant, insightful, inspirational and entertaining all in one. Her message resounded with our attendees and she was amongst the most popular speakers across our summit. We could not recommend Justine for further speaking engagements highly enough! We look forward to running into her again on the speaking circuit over the coming years.
The Leadership Institute

We were privileged to have Justine Flynn speak at our Women in Dentistry Breakfast as part of the Australian Dental Exhibition in October 2022. With an audience of more than 300 professionals from all corners of the oral health industry, Justine was at times humorous, often poignant, and always engaging. By the end of her presentation the audience was left feeling uplifted at what was possible and inspired by Justine’s achievements in both the business and social responsibility space. She was the perfect start to the final day of our flagship event.
Australian Dental Industry Association

Justine was absolutely fabulous in every way. She was incredibly inspiring and engaging. She has wisdom above her years and is very humble and genuine. Her presentation was moving and captured everyone in the audience. I had many people of all ages rave on about how fantastic she was. I would recommend her to anyone. What they do at Thankyou is amazing.
Southern Cross Care (VIC)