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Key Points for Julie Cross

  • Awarded NSAA speaking Idol winner 2008. Semi Finalist in Stand Up Comedy 
  • Social Media Viral Post around empowering women leading to media coverage world wide, Morning Sunrise, New Idea Magazine and online magazines and radio.
  • Achieved Certified Speaking Professional Designation from ‘Professional Speakers Australia’ in 2017. Based on professional skills, client feedback and income assessment.
  • Published a book in 2017 and also have CD’s, online programs and other merchandise.
  • Hold public events and can attract up to 350 people at any single event.
  • When Julie works within an Industry once she often then works within that same industry over and over again to do word of mouth referrals.
  • In 2023, Julie was awarded 'Keynote Speaker of the Year' by the Professional Speakers Association.


Topics for Julie Cross

  • The inspirational and entertaining ‘show’
    Inspirational Entertainment at its best! Julie’s ‘show’ format is perfect for any event opening or closing, or for a keynote address as it’s energizing, motivating and inspiring! Inspires self-leadership, emotional well-being and personal responsibility.
  • Women in leadership … Making it work
    It’s no secret that while Julie appeals to both male and female audiences, she has a special ability to connect with women. This presentation / workshop has been created for female-dominated workplaces / team environments to empower women individually to honour themselves, respect themselves and create highly effective team environments. As leaders the relationship we have others is directly impacted by the relationship we have with ourselves so we best get it right.
  • Reconnection with resilience and responsibility
    Resilience and personal responsibility back in fashion! She takes what can be a confronting message and delivers it in an inspirational and entertaining style, which has been proven to create internal shifts in audience members / delegates, and also create quantum shifts in team morale and productivity. While discovering and nurturing emotional resilience she reminds delegates that they are in control of so much more of there lives then they realize and that it is time to take responsibility for the choices they make.
  • Service with attitude!
    Service is back in the spotlight and rightly so!  In a ‘High Tech’ world we need to focus on ‘High Touch’ more than ever. We can spend money on the best products, the greatest technical systems and the most fantastic marketing tools, but if our people aren’t inspiring them to buy from us and creating an experience that will have them coming back time after time and then telling everybody else about us… well we have more work to do in cultivating an attitude and in designing and teaching service strategies that delight our customers.

Testimonials for Julie Cross

Julie is an absolutely amazing talent, so vibrant and engaging 
Rise & Shine Education

Julie Cross was amazing, her story, sense of humour, energy. She was very well received by all who attended and has helped many in our community with their journey through life.   
Hoch and Wilkinson Livestock and Property Pty. Ltd.

Thank you Julie, your humour and honest messages have made us all question and reaffirm our commitment to making our lives meaningful and fulfilling. With our lives as professionals demanding you have made us stop and realise the importance of looking after ourselves and putting in perspective the big and little things that surround and permeate us’
Assistant Principle
St Johns, Gladstone

Julie’s keynote presentation It's all about YOU! at our ECTA Conference was extremely well received by all in attendance. Delegates shared reflections such as - ‘Julie was amazing, I have never encountered such an interesting Keynote speaker before’ ‘Authentic, emotive, a connected speaker addressing real life experiences and connecting with her audience on a deep emotional level.’ ‘The keynote speaker was amazing!! Her presentation was so moving that I will remember it as a highlight of all of the ECTA conferences I have been to!’ ‘ Loved the laughter, the honesty, the ideas! Made me smile, laugh and cry. Lots of food for thought.’ Julie followed the keynote with her Leadership: an inside job workshop. Julie once again engaged delegates with her humour and fun activities. Sharing great ideas to motivate staff. Delegates really loved the practical tools Julie gave them along with the fun. Julie was so well received we organised a regional tour so she could spread her wisdom and sparkle throughout the state.
Early Childhood Teachers’ Association Inc. (ECTA)

Julie, even after a true wish-list of fabulous big name speakers over the Friday and Saturday, your presence on the platform on Sunday absolutely blew everyone away! Your energy, your truth, your connection, and your understanding of life, all combine to make the most amazing impact on everyone present. You are the first speaker mentioned when people call to thank me for our program. The sparkle that emanates from you is not about your sequins - you are pure magic!
Catherine Palin-Brinkworth