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Key Points for Jonathan MacDonald

  • Jonathan MacDonald is the author of 6 books, his most recent being The Rise of Advanced Thought, and Powered by Change a Sunday Times bestseller.
  • He is a speaker and advisor to companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestle, Lego, Heineken, Sony and IKEA.
  • Has taken 9 companies to market, increasing valuations to 8 figures.
  • Jonathan MacDonald is globally acknowledged as one of the most prolific and experienced thought leaders in digital transformation and innovation.
  • Winner of a UK Business Book Award in 2019.
  • Jonathan MacDonald tailors every talk specifically to each client to ensure optimal resonance with the audience.

Topics for Jonathan MacDonald

  • Managing transformation and strategic development
    How to navigate and leverage the perpetually changing environment to unlock maximum opportunity.
  • What does the future hold?
    A look into various future scenarios, tailored to your specific industry, coupled with tangible and practical actions for today.
    • Which countries have progressed the most in terms of technology in the workplace?
    • What other territories have adopted new technologies into traditional systems?
    • Which countries have shown the most futuristic working practices?
    • What technologies of the future are already here today and how can they impact work?
    • What changes will there be in the future definition of 'work'?
    • What jobs will exist in the future that aren't already here?
    • Which jobs exist in other territories that don't exist in Australia yet - but will do in the future?
  • The change mindset
    Understanding the way we can exercise our thought muscle to make the absolute best of uncertain times.

Testimonials for Jonathan MacDonald

Attendees were impressed with Jonathan MacDonald and interested is what a larger speaking engagement might include. He provided good conversation points for the event to get everyone thinking and provided a great platform for client stakeholders to engage the audience and discuss opportunities whilst not being too "salesy" .  
Raw Marketing

Jonathan MacDonald's presentation was on point, entertaining and relatable. He provided real solutions to the challenges faced by businesses and offered examples with tangible outcomes. Jonathan had some great metaphors and plenty of humour. He followed the brief to perfection and did not disappoint even the most discerning audience member. Jonathan related to individuals in the audience and made a real impact on them. He was professional, respectful, courteous and an overall pleasure to work with. Jonathan even provided value-add links to further online materials and webinars which were high quality and very appreciated. We will absolutely be implementing his suggestions and getting him back again in the future. 
Ingham Building & Roofing

You made a great impression on us. You have an absolute world class, unique talent, combining vision, strategy and challenge which, based on your lovely sense of humour, is incredibly effective to open minds. Thank you.

We brought Jonathan MacDonald in to help our senior team understand how we were going to achieve more relevance in our customers’ lives going forward. Primarily, he helped us to understand the business that we are today and the business that we’re going to be in the future. I would absolutely recommend Jonathan to any company in any industry. His insight is invaluable.

O2 Telefónica

You were simply outstanding in terms of content and delivery of your talk, setting the scene for discussions over the rest of the evening – and the way that you tailored the session specifically for us certainly engaged and entertained the audience. Thank you very much, your professionalism is unsurpassed and we are truly delighted that you were able to join us. We hope we can tempt you back again?!


We invited Jonathan MacDonald to speak at our Annual Conference after seeing him present previously at another hotel industry event. He did not disappoint! His presentation was engaging, interesting, entertaining and filled with anecdotes that were relevant to our industry. We would gladly work with Jonathan again.