11 Jan 2022

Out & About: Jonathan MacDonald

Out & About: Jonathan MacDonald

Can you imagine Google, Apple AND Microsoft all coming to you for advice?! That’s the reality for Jonathan MacDonald, but his list of clients certainly doesn’t end there. This renowned business and tech expert is one of the most in demand digital transformation, technology, future and innovation speakers in the world. It’s no surprise then, how absolutely thrilled we are to have him join us as an exclusive speaker here at ICMI!


MacDonald has been creating and advising businesses for over 3 decades. He’s worked in over 100 cities globally, and has somehow taken nine start-ups to a mind-boggling eight figure valuation during that time. He’s also a best-selling author, having just released his sixth book in conjunction with his extraordinary brain training system Academy of Advanced Thought. This truly global thought leader is obviously an expert in harnessing the power of the mind, but he’s also an expert at empowering audiences with the skills to do the same. Transforming uncertainty and change into future growth and opportunity is MacDonald’s speciality. It’s no wonder that the biggest companies in the world want to pick his brains.


Whether he’s acting as an investor, entrepreneur, advisor, CEO or educator, Jonathan MacDonald is a truly prolific professional. It’s an absolute honor to have him jump on board as one of our brilliant exclusive speakers.


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