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Key Points for Jon Faine AM

  • Jon Faine is an ABC Broadcaster of the Year, multiple media and legal awards, Order of Australia, Monash University Distinguished Alumni… Jon has been gonged at many levels.
  • He is the best selling author of From Here To There, recounting a father and son overland road trip from Melbourne to London. It sold 20,000 copies as well as being a top selling audio book.
  • He is a masterful story teller. Jon's knowledge bridges current affairs, politics, social change, law, justice, media, business, ethics - but with a humorous and light touch.
  • Live daily radio and TV over decades prepares Jon Faine for any challenge, and makes conference facilitation second nature. There is no better BS detector than live radio.
  • Seven years a lawyer - commercial law then Fitzroy Legal Service - means Jon Fane understands the worlds of both business and community.
  • Countless conference presentations, MC-ing, facilitating private and public events, round tables, guests lectures, public speeches… Jon Faine can speak to any audience.


Topics for Jon Faine AM

  • A look into the national soul - Whatever happened to ethics?
    Australia is undergoing an ethical crisis. Why? How to fix it? Banks, insurers, clergy, Aged Care, politicians, lawyers… all under unprecedented scrutiny and not emerging in a good light. What do we do to restore the publics faith?
  • When the whole town burned … Who stepped forward?
    Drawing on his extensive exposure to the Black Saturday fires, Jon Faine asks “is leadership instinctive or learned?” Who stepped up in the crisis? And what happens when a capital city has collective PTSD?
  • Who can you trust? Fake news and the legacy media
    The 21st Century is becoming a real time experiment. Social patterns and human interaction will never be the same again. And why is Facebook just like the motor car?
  • Cheaper than a shrink
    Mid career, Jon Faine took long service leave - a massive gamble and disappeared from the microphone for 6 months. He drove with his 18 year old son from Melbourne to London, along the Silk Road. What do you learn from over 30 countries as you drive some of the most rugged inaccessible and remote roads on the globe?
  • War stories - Thirty years behind an ABC microphone
    Why did Tony Abbott wink at me? And which politician finished an interview saying “I hope I never have to talk to you again…” Who stormed out? Who sued and why? And which Hollywood star dropped the ‘c bomb’ live to air? Stories from celebrities, sports stars and the occasional outraged politician.
  • Peak lawyer?
    Have we reached legal saturation? More law schools are churning out more lawyers, and court cases dominate the news, day after day. Why has the law become such a dominant factor in the life of the nation? And what comes next? Do we go down the US path? Or is there any alternative? Drawing on his extensive experience as both a practitioner and a commentator, Jon Faine guides you through the legal minefield.


Testimonials for Jon Faine AM

We were delighted by Jon’s hosting - his journalistic prowess and keen curiosity ensured that the sessions were always interesting and informed. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Jon. The summit was a great success, in no small way due to Jon’s superb hosting.
Solutions Summit
ATN Universities

Thank you again for the fantastic job you did as MC at our Solutions Summit. I’m so delighted that you were able to lead conversations across a range of topics – of course with such skill and professionalism. Our Vice Chancellors are absolutely thrilled with the result and we couldn’t have had such a quality result without your involvement.
Solutions Summit
ATN Universities

Jon Faine was recently a moderator at our annual Neuroethics free public event, held at the State Library Victoria with an audience of around 270 people. Jon facilitated a rich discussion that was engaging and thought-provoking with our four expert panellists from the areas of digital health and privacy. Prior to the event, Jon worked with us to ensure the panel discussion would be entertaining and flow smoothly so that the audience would feel like they had attended a worthwhile event. I would not hesitate in recommending Jon as a speaker, moderator or MC. He is incredibly professional and will definitely add value to your event.
Communications Officer
ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function
Monash University

Jon was terrific to work with, he followed our brief exactly and was an excellent MC for our staff conference.
BlueCross Community and Residential Services

Jon was highly professional in his role as MC and moderator at our research forum on the Signposts program. Jon handled the proceedings with great ease ensuring we were running on schedule, he lightened the mood with jokes and asked our panellists many thought-provoking questions about their experiences in the Signposts program. We thank Jon for his time and contribution to making the event such a success.
Parenting Research Centre

Excellent. John fulfilled the brief perfectly. The presentation was warm, insightful and set a lovely tone for the rest of the evening.