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Key Points for Joe Navarro

  • Personally sought out by CEOs of a number of major global organisations, Joe provides the same personalised hands-on attention, which made him famous at the FBI and at Saint Leo University in Florida where he serves on the adjunct faculty.
  • His international best-seller, 'What Every Body is Saying' is #1 book in the world on body language.
  • His book, 'Louder Than Words', was listed by Forbes as one of the six best books to read for business in 2010.
  • What he will share is state of the art and not taught anywhere else across the globe.
  • Joe utilises his FBI experiences to guarantee his lectures are not only fascinating, but also singularly unique.

Topics for Joe Navarro

  • Intelligence Community, Security and Law Enforcement
    How we use non-verbal communications in a forensic setting and how to best conduct interviews - this is based on his work and research as all of his presentations are.

  • Medical Practitioners
    • Assists doctors in speed reading their patients in order to detect hidden issues, pathologies, deception, or concealing of abuse.
    • It is also for the purpose of perception management so they come across as more empathetic with their patients and less likely to be sued even if they make mistakes.

  • Attorneys
    • This presentation is orientated towards practitioners with experience who do a lot of deposition, interviewing, and trial work.
    • How we read others and detect potential issues or hidden information.
    • How do we influence other humans and if it applies to juries.

  • Financial Sector
    • From working experience with JPMorgan and numerous other institutes, this presentation places focus on negotiations, conducting a proper due diligence using non-verbals, and dealing with clients as well as how do we influence others.
    • Joe's most popular presentation and it is based on his yearly lectures at the Harvard Business School.

  • University/Education
    • This lecture is suited towards educational institutes what want to expand their understanding of how non-verbals are used in real life in a forensic setting or to influence others.
    • Goes beyond what research teaches us and into how we apply it in real life.

  • One on One Confidential
    • Exclusive and confidential, Joe is personally sought out by CEOs from major global organisations and offers elite level of training with CEOs.
    • CEOs who have climbed high and are looking to take public and private communication and influence to the next level benefit the most from these exclusive, individually tailored sessions.

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