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Key Points for Jeremy Meltzer

  • One of Australia’s leading social entrepreneurs and speaker on ‘business for purpose’, Jeremy Meltzer is Founder & CEO of i=Change.
  • At age 21, Jeremy lived in Cuba and saw significant violence against women. This lit a fire that would drive the next 20 years of his life and inspire i=Change.
  • Jeremy’s determination to create a new funding stream for women & girls’ empowerment – and now climate change projects - is turning e-commerce into a ‘force for good’ while revealing a new, more viable business model.
  • From an idea, i=Change now works with Australia’s largest retailers and NGOs, has raised almost $6m, impacting the lives of over 1.3m people in 14 countries.
  • Jeremy Meltzer highlights the global movement calling business to solve the most pressing issues of our time. As consumer behaviour and expectations have changed, Jeremy shares the data, opportunities and unexpected ROI.
  • Jeremy powerfully connects hearts and minds, ultimately inspiring audiences to connect with their ‘why’ - to bring passion and purpose to their life and work each day.
  • i=Change won Best Charity Initiative finalist 2021, Social Entrepreneur of the Year finalist 2019, Optus ‘Innovator of the Year’ 2019, featured in VOGUE and Sky News, Australia Post’s ‘Best Bootstrapped Growth Initiative’, Lift Off’s ‘Star of Social Impact’ and Finder Award’s ‘Best Shopping Innovation’.




Topics for Jeremy Meltzer

  • Leadership & entrepreneurship
  • Purpose-led business & consumer behaviour
  • Social & environmental impact
  • Technology & sustainability

Testimonials for Jeremy Meltzer

Jeremy Meltzer's work with i=Change is a shining example of how corporate responsibility can meet humanity in a powerful way. His message is both motivating and reflective. What sets Jeremy apart is his deeply personal message and unwavering commitment to make life better for the people he touches. His work is a testament for all businesses to drive meaningful change through corporate social responsibility. I highly recommend Jeremy’s presentation to any business looking to make a real difference in the world.
Icon Developments Australia

A deeply inspiring presentation, that reflects the core values of what we stand for and where we want to go.
Head of Marketing
Dieticians Australia

What a powerful story, and now with the data showing the ‘win-win’ opportunity. Surely, this is the future.
Bond-Eye Group

Everyone was riveted to their chairs, the screen and your message. Really moving - and well tailored to our audience.
Customer Owned Banking Association

We are all consumers. We have power. Let’s make the world a better place. Thank you, Jeremy.
Group Chair
Dieticians Association Australia

A powerful talk that deeply inspired, and has given our business even greater purpose. As an important message that’s enormously relevant, Jeremy distilled a global movement into an exciting and simple way forward, urging us to remember our ‘why’, while understanding the business case and how giving back meets the emotional expectations of customers today.

A genuinely charismatic speaker on a subject increasingly important to businesses, their customers and staff. Jeremy is one of the very few able to connect the dots and inspire audiences to understand the business rationale for having a clear 'purpose beyond profit', and explain this fast-growing global movement and the opportunity.
Director of Commercial and Innovation
Octomedia, Inside Retail Live

Jeremy’s story was inspirational and moving. He clearly and effectively articulated this growing movement and the opportunity. His innovative business model to create social change through corporate ‘giving’, helps my team understand the benefits and impact our customers could have on extremely worthwhile causes around the world. Jeremy has a natural and very engaging presentation style, which stirred many positive emotions within my team and myself. We're promoting his worthy business across our customer base.
Head of Transactional Banking

Jeremy is one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve encountered. He speaks with great passion as he motivates organisations to unite in using the power of business to support women and children around the world. His engaging and charismatic style has the power to motivate and influence, making him the perfect ambassador for real and lasting change. I hope Jeremy’s work encourages more men to lead with such conviction, compassion and care.
Cristina Re

Jeremy is an engaging and compelling speaker who has the talent for connecting deeply with his audience, through his authentic and credible communication style. With the right balance of charisma, wit and substance, Jeremy has the ability to make complex and difficult topics resonate and move people to action.