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Key Points for Jenny Wynter

  • Jenny Wynter is a professional Speakers Australia Kerry Nairn Scholar 2020.
  • Jenny is a TEDx speaker.
  • Bachelor of Communications (Business) majoring in Marketing.
  • Jenny is the author of Funny Mummy, a memoir of the power of laughter to deal with the dark.
  • Jenny Wynter is the founder of Funny Mummies™, an organisation which aims to improve mothers’ mental health through laughter.
  • Award winning Comedian and Cabaret Performer with extensive background in improvisation.


Topics for Jenny Wynter

  • Kicking curveballs
    Pandemics, natural disasters, wars…add to this any unexpected events in the workplace and in people’s personal lives…it seems like the curveballs just keep on coming. This light-hearted but poignant talk will take your people from defeated and deflated, to hopeful and ready to relaunch.
  • Fun-da-mental wellness
    An uplifting, humorous and dive into some unconventional ways to deal with life's unexpected events and improve our mental wellness!
  • Real resilience: Thriving beyond the pivot
    How to shake off the PCSD (Post Covid Shit Disorder!) and charge forward with a new game plan to power through pain, crisis and change.
  • Taking the “duh” out of diversity
    We all know diversity is important…duh! This hilarious and uplifting but thought-provoking talk aims to inspire your people to re-consider what “diversity” really means and how to go beyond just ticking boxes and saying buzzwords, to creating true inclusion. As a mother comedian in a hugely male-dominated industry, Jenny is well qualified to share her stories of thriving as a minority in a workplace.
  • Creating the climate for brilliance
    Reaching your creative and performance potential isn’t about gathering endless new skills or know-how. It’s about creating the optimal climate - the conditions and culture - where you and your people are psychologically safe, supported and empowered to bring your A-Game.
  • Beyond the juggling act! Parenthood and passions
    As a mother of six (three organic and three she out-sourced), Jenny is well equipped to share the authentic struggles of balancing parenthood and ambitions.

Testimonials for Jenny Wynter

Jenny is one remarkable woman! She can make you cry, laugh and reflect on the meaning of living in what feels like a split second and then let you walk away with hope.
New South Wales Health

Jenny Wynter is one of the most prolific and versatile artists to emerge in the Australian comedy/cabaret industries.
Doug Anthony Allstars

Jenny Wynter is hilarious and worth every cent. I have used her three times...and know that has been one of the best decisions I made for every event.
Parent TV

Jenny delivered a spell-binding performance with her singing and comedy mixed with moments of poignant tenderness.
PeakCare Awards

We LOVE working with Jenny! It's easy to say she's funny - it's true- she's a comedian but Jenny's performance and presenting skills are deeper than that. She is warm and personable with her audiences, quick witted, inclusive, and yes, very very funny.
Everybody Now!

Jenny’s such an engaging speaker, she really brings the crowd to life and really lifts the energy in the room. We love having her!

...delegates enjoyed a warm, witty and fun performance over lunch. After a full morning of business meetings, it was the perfect way for our delegates to laugh and relax, and it also gave us a unique way to acknowledge our sponsors in a light hearted way.
Destination Gold Coast

…original and inspiring. She spoke with a confidence and engaging authenticity that had the entire room hanging on every word, in fits of laughter and impacted for the better.
The Belle Evolution