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Key Points for Fergus Watts

  • Fergus Watts is a former AFL footballer who has operated in elite environments and had to deal with significant adversity through significant career ending injuries.
  • At 23 years of age Fergus Watts founded Bastion, which is now the largest independent marketing agency in Australia, with over 300 staff and offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, New York and Los Angeles.
  • Fergus is a non executive chairman of Bastion.
  • He is CEO of Australia’s foremost youth mental health organisation The Reach Foundation.
  • Fergus is a sought after social commentator on entrepreneurship and youth mental health. Has delivered over 250 keynote address and often on mainstream media outlets such as Herald Sun, The Age, 3AW, SEN etc and those syndicated nationally.
  • The Reach Foundation is the most influential youth mental health organisation in the country, impacting over 50,000 young people annually and is the only organisation to be delivering peer to peer facilitation for preventative youth mental health.

Topics for Fergus Watts

  • Why preventative mental health development is the only long term solution to the mental health crisis
  • What impacts the development of mental health in young people and what are the key protective factors
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership. What creates great leaders and why emotional intelligence matters

Testimonials for Fergus Watts

I sit on the board of the Reach Foundation with Fergus Watts. In my role as Chairman of Deloitte I connect with many business leaders. It was obvious from our first board meeting together that Fergus Watts has something different. He has strong entrepreneurial and communication skills. He can understand a moving situation very quickly and determine the opportunities and the risks.
Deloitte Australia

I have been working with Fergus Watts for a few years now and can speak first hand of his unique business skills. Bastion Collective is a truly unique agency network, created specifically for the demands of the market. Most notably has been Fergus’s leadership throughout the COVID-19 crisis. When networks like Bastion are struggling because leaders didn’t act, Fergus led his team across two countries to act extremely fast, with the right strategy. This has meant that throughout this time of uncertainty Bastion has held the line, the culture is strong and Bastion has actually improved its financial position through this time, against all odds and certainly against the movements of the industry.
Former Chairman
Publicis Group
Board Director
NBL, Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Australian Pork

Fergus Watts is one of the most innovative and commercially savvy entrepreneurs I have met. I have worked with Fergus for over 5 years. His ability to recognise issues and opportunities with clarity, at speed, create a strategy and oversee a management team to bring it to life is exceptional. More importantly he cultivates a culture of excellence that is values based. Ferg understands the importance of business with ethics and integrity.
Former CEO
Cox Architects
Capital Health