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Key Points for Elly Desmarchelier

  • Elly Desmarchelier is a sought-after speaker, writer, event facilitator and disability rights advocate.
  • As National Spokesperson for the Defend Our NDIS campaign during the 2022 Federal Election, Elly channelled her fierce advocacy skills, lobbying the country’s most influential leaders and ensuring the NDIS was high on the election agenda. Ultimately, Elly’s work on the Defend Our NDIS helped to secure commitments from the incoming government that will change the trajectory of the NDIS forever.
  • Elly’s determination to create change continues to gain her access to rooms where decisions are made, including as a participant and speaker at the Prime Minister’s 2022 Jobs and Skills Summit.
  • Elly’s work has not gone unnoticed, including as a finalist in Marie Claire’s 2022 Women of the Year Awards.
  • Elly is also a celebrated writer with her work published in national publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, FutureWomen and Refinery29 Australia.
  • You will also see Elly on your TV screens as a regular guest on The Drum, The Project, Afternoon Briefing and 7:30.

Topics for Elly Desmarchelier

  • Proudly disabled 
    Elly has lived experience - Elly is proudly disabled. Born with Cerebral Palsy and diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 28, the bigger the barrier, the more stubbornly determined Elly is to overcome it.
  • Creating change
    Elly knows how to create change - through her time in politics and on the campaign trail, Elly has learnt lots along the way, fine tuning her advocacy to deliver tangible change for people with disability.
  • Diversity, inclusion and accessibility
    Elly knows how to deliver diversity, inclusion and accessibility - Elly knows what it takes to create a more diverse, inclusive and accessible society and it can happen one person, team and business at a time. If you want to make your business/services more accessible to people with disability, Elly knows how to do it.
  • Leadership during tough times
    When times are tough, Elly shows leadership - At a time when the NDIS was at a crossroads, Elly stepped up as National Spokesperson for the Defend Our NDIS campaign and showed vulnerability in sharing her own NDIS story. During a hotly contested election, Elly’s work made the NDIS one of the top 3 issues talked about across the campaign period (Essential Media, 2022) and delivered real commitments for people with disability.
  • Gender equality and LGBTIQ+ issues
    Elly is passionate about gender equality and LGBTIQ+ issues - Elly recognises that women with disability face even greater inequalities than men with disability. As a proud feminist and member of the LGBTIQ+ community, Elly understands the issues faced by people from many marginalised communities and is passionate about working with them to find solutions.
  • Politics and media
    Elly understands how to navigate politics and media - Elly understands the current political and media climate and can speak to how best to engage with government and media outlets in a way that delivers outcomes.

Testimonials for Elly Desmarchelier

If you want to explore disability issues in a warm, accessible and meticulously informed light, Elly is your woman. Since having her speak at one of our team events, I've had relentless requests to get her back.
News and Features Commissioning Editor