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Key Points for Dr Liz

  • Dr. Liz is a behavioural scientist and founder and CEO of Include Software. Include is now the world’s first enterprise software designed to equip everyone to make inclusive decisions in real-time.
  • With a Ph.D. in organizational culture and behavior, Dr Liz is on a mission to create a world where everyone is included and valued for their difference.
  • For the first 20+ years of her career, Dr. Liz worked with some of the world’s most notable brands through their business transformations until she witnessed the discrimination of a loved one.
  • By combining her organizational transformation and behavioral science expertise, Dr. Liz discovered a simple solution that eliminates the focus on our differences and focuses on “The 8 Specific Needs of All People©”.
  • Dr Liz's specialties include inclusion, enterprise change management and leadership, culture change, strategic planning facilitation, people and talent management, leadership and career development, capability and organisational development, end-to-end learning strategy for behavioural, operational and technical development, and employee engagement programs.

Topics for Dr Liz

  • What a Tinder date taught me about inclusion
  • Inclusion beyond the labels, celebrations, and cupcakes
  • Inclusive CX
  • Inclusive EX
  • Just a ‘girl’ playing with the ‘big boys’
  • When you’re the only woman at the table
  • I’m not bossy, I’m assertive
  • If I was a man would this have happened to me?
  • Short-circuiting bias
  • Breaking bias with inclusive decision making


Testimonials for Dr Liz

Dr. Liz’s talk was the absolute highlight of the conference - she is authentic and hilarious! I walked away super inspired and blown away!

Dr. Liz engaged, inspired, and motivated our attendees with simple and practical examples on how to make modifications to the way they do business to make this world a more inclusive place for everyone.

I highly recommend Dr. Liz as a keynote speaker on how workplaces can be more inclusive and how processes can be designed to meet the needs of everyone. She has a captivating style and the feedback received was fantastic.

WOW!! Totally blown away by this morning's event and have walked away feeling emotional but with a stronger wanting to help the inclusion journey we're all on. I felt that the comment of today is that WE need to adapt ourselves not the person with the disability - they've dealt with enough without having to worry about how WE feel and how to make US comfortable!! I'm with Dr Liz and calling BS on that - the time to change has arrived.....
 ... I walked away equipped with a level of social awareness that I would’ve otherwise not had access to... A big thank you to Scott and Liz for sharing their personal stories with us.
Sabrina Hossain

I’ve learnt a bit about being more Inclusive! Disabled people are still people, not scary people -  Dr Liz Wilson shared the sad story of how her deaf husband Scott and the person that signs for him sat alone on a F45 conference table - no one, not even fitness industry leaders, were brave enough to step away from their cohort and out of their comfort zone and sit with them! ... Liz also shared that able bodied people can have a physical response to discrimination – they may draw back, screw up their face. And that that bias is learned.
Victoria Symes