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Key Points for Dionne Lew

  • Dionne Lew is the CEO of the Social Executive®, a social media consultancy advising boards and executives on social media for business and is rated by Kred in the top 1% for global community influence.
  • She is the author of The Social Executive – how to master social media and why it’s good for business (Wiley), A Manifesto – why social media is vital for leaders and the ebook Relevance.
  • Dionne writes for Smart Company, Tech Company, Salesforce, Women’s Agenda, Firebrand Ideas Ignition, Uncluttered White Spaces and Company Director.

Topics for Dionne Lew

  • 7 myths about social media and the truth behind them
    If you think social media is a fad for young people or where you post photos of what you ate for lunch you’re hurting your business. Social media is part of the multi-trillion dollar online economy that increasingly contributes more to GDP than traditional sectors. In this talk, Dionne busts the myths that stop leaders being social and shows them how to use social to lead, innovate and grow business by tapping into the global brain.
    Dionne talks about:
    • Why 14 years on social media is not a fad
    • What the love of photos is really about
    • The surprising growth of social media for +55 years
    • Business-wide impacts and yes, ROI
  • Why leaders really, really need to care about social media
    You may have done well without social media, but the billion consumers coming onto the market have never lived without it. If you aren’t online you’re irrelevant. Consumers trust the recommendations of friends in social media or even content of strangers and act on it. They expect to find you in social just as we expect to find inventory in a store.
    Dionne talks about:
    • Why the future is social
    • How social shapes trust
    • The influence on investors
    • Why social drives business growth
    • The multi-trillion dollar bottom line
    • How social shakes markets and builds trust
  • How social shakes business to the core
    If a tweet can cause the share price to plummet then managing it is not just for the marketing intern. Social deeply impacts the way we do business and must be integrated into business thinking with respect to strategy, governance and risk.
    Dionne talks about:
    • How social shakes markets and influences investors
    • Why social listening is the law
    • How to leverage opportunity and manage risk
    • How to build valuable social relationships
    • How social media shapes leadership, perception, and trust


Testimonials for Dionne Lew

Dionne is a compelling speaker, her incisive thinking and deep understanding of mega-trends on business was fascinating. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.
Bronwyn Evans, Director Warren Centre, CEO Standards Australia

Dionne is just breathtaking. So far ahead of everyone else without realising but in such an unassuming way.
Manager, Department of Business and Innovation.

Dionne opened our eyes … she has enormous charisma and gravity.
Chair, International Association of Business Communicators

Flawless. Fantastic. Great presenter could have listened to her all day.
Delegate feedback Liquid Learning
Dionne is an incisive and highly professional speaker, undoubtedly an authority in her field with deep understanding of the corporate mindset.
Glen Frost, Managing Director, Frocomm Media Australia

Dionne has this way of captivating her audience with her calm, authoritative manner. The events were packed out, the feedback was fantastic and Dionne’s talk was a resounding success.
Carolyn Hyams, Digital Marketing DirectorAquent, Firebrand and Vitamin T