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Key Points for Debbie Mayo-Smith

  • Debbie Mayo-Smith is a consultant, author, trainer and keynote speaker around the world.
  • She is considered an International expert on how to achieve massive productivity gains with minimum effort.
  • She shows how you can use this to improve business profitability and personal productivity.
  • Her 'how-to' speeches, keynotes, seminars, workshops and in-house training are done with fun, entertaining and business changing motivation.

Topics for Debbie Mayo-Smith

  • How to free up ½ an hour a day!
    So much of work today is computer/tablet/smartphone oriented. Work volumes are stressful. Even overwhelming. Most individuals are self-taught and software is continually evolving. In a very entertaining, motivating, memorable manner Debbie will give a selection of technology and software quick tips that will help free up at least three working weeks a year (1/2 to one hour a day).
  • Email: Massive yet effortless productivity gains (from stressed to empowered)
    When it comes to that critical business communication channel, Debbie moves people from stressed and overwhelmed to empowered and freed up - in an entertaining and ‘WOW! Inspiring way. Everyone should be able to free up two-three working weeks per year, as well as improve communication and follow through from the tips learnt.
  • How to make more sales with the secret diamonds of the internet
    In an easy to understand manner, Debbie will highlight and show how to use the hidden gems of the Internet for free and easy improvement in many facets of business. Results are a significant competitive advantage and improved income generation.
  • Effective communication: How to be more memorable and persuasive powerfully persuasive people, proposals, presentations
    Whether talking to a customer; someone on staff; interviewing a potential employee; or just entertaining around the dinner table – you could benefit greatly by knowing these essential secrets for’ persuasive discussions’ and selling. Debbie is normally one of the highest-ranking speakers at conferences and her secret to getting the message across isn’t just pushing a button for the next PowerPoint slide.
  • How to ease your work life imbalance
    Work life balance how-to’s and tips from a business owning mom of six including twins and triplets. Debbie will share secrets to successfully balancing the 1001 pulls on your time without dropping the ball while achieving personal and business goals.
  • Profits. Promotion. Productivity
    An entertaining, motivating yet practical set of 10-15 quick ideas and tweaks to create significant improvement: More Business. Free Time. Delighted Clients. Better Online Presence - from minimal effort.

Testimonials for Debbie Mayo-Smith

Your cheerful yet professional manner, interesting content and excellent presentation style. It was brilliant!!! Debbie is a natural presenter who is so pleasing to listen to - who would want to change anything? I came in with very limited knowledge of the Internet and what it can do. I've taken away a world of tools that I can now go back and use. Debbie's up front and honest approach make "walking the talk" so simple and obvious. Email as a communication and marketing tool. Each time I hear her, I learn more and more. Using the Internet is not a daunting prospect. Rather it's cost effective marketing to unlimited numbers of prospects.
Marcus Evans 

Debbie's presentation was the highlight of the weekend, and this was reinforced by the hugely positive feedback we had from the participants. As well as providing real business value to those in attendance, this was a very successful exercise for us, which I would willingly repeat
Macquarie Investment Management 

I found your Internet Marketing presentation extremely beneficial and motivating. Having now implemented some of your suggestions and marketing ideas we are starting to see the result in increased client contact. There has been a significant level of new client business like we have not experienced in the past. The new tools I have taken from your presentation are effective, easy to use and time efficient.
Fraserwood & Co

Debbie provided real information that our customers could go away and use straight away without any cost, the workshop was exactly what we were looking for. It unlocked many of the Internet's mysteries.

Thank you so very much for speaking at our annual Financial Services Forum. The reviews are in and I am pleased to let you know that on a scale from 1(low) to 5(high) your average score was 4.5. It simply doesn't get much better than that. Thanks for sharing you wonderful, creative and imaginative ideas with us. The comments coming out of your session were all about learning practical, effective and easy to implement internet strategies. The attendees were energized and excited with new ideas. Many said they couldn't wait to get back to the office so they could work your ideas.
United States Financial Services Professional Organisation

Many, many thanks for your time over the weekend, I found your presentation both stimulating and highly informative, for quite some time I had wondered on how I improve the position of our website on the "results ladder" with the various search engines, without paying a small fortune for the privilege - thanks to you the mystery is solved.  I used some of your tests and suggestions for our website on my return yesterday and to be honest was a little horrified at the results, our goal is to implement some changes this week and to institute an ongoing monitoring policy, our website is a primary marketing tool for the software company in our group, it must work! Congratulations, you provided a "real world solution" at little or no cost, to what I am sure is a common problem for most SME.
Australian School and Portrait Laboratory

Too many of the motivational speakers that we see these days leave you pumped up for a day or 2 and then what they tell you is forgotten, Debbie Mayo-Smith left me pumped up but what she told me was not forgotten. The information that Debbie passed on was practical stuff that I can start using straightaway.
Croydon Camera House

Our star presenter for our 'e-enabling' series was Debbie Mayo-Smith (and our highest rating speaker). Debbie captured the minds of thousands of Auckland businesses with her enthusiasm and easy to follow and understand tips for successful e-marketing. She clearly understands what success in e-commerce is, and is more than capable of taking business there.
Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Debbie - this weekend I sold two homes to people I had been emailing. I started using your system as soon as I got back from the Barfoot Conference, and have been getting rave reviews since. 
Lodge Real Estate

Debbie, your presentation highlighted to Members the importance of using the information they had about their customers to efficiently and effectively communicate with them - for newsletters, for cross-selling, for general information. It brought home the importance of database management and the manipulation of such data. Well done on a very professional presentation.
Steadfast Insurance Australia

Thank you so much for the excellent closing keynote address and workshop session that you ran at our conference. The feedback throughout was superb, the only apparent gripe being that some delegates did not have clear heads on the Sunday morning after the gala dinner, for your longer workshop. Still, that was self inflicted on their parts. I know that your sessions truly opened people's eyes and inspired them to start thinking closely and more critically about their Internet and email strategies - exactly the purpose of your sessions, along with providing them with some tips and tools by which they can extract more leverage from these excellent marketing facilities.
Motel Association of New Zealand

You delivered the presentations with passion about the subject and have a natural way of engaging the audience. The feedback from both our audience and Telecom representatives has been excellent.
Telecom New Zealand

Anyone who has ever organised a conference knows how great a challenge it is to find speakers who can bring something of real value to attendees. I am pleased to say that Debbie Mayo-Smith was a star performer at CIO's inaugural leadership conference . Her presentation, relating to Internet issues, was a real challenge because there was a wide range of knowledge and experience among the audience. Debbie's presentation received the most positive feedback, not only for its content but also for its presentation. It was a difficult task very well done. I heartily recommend Debbie as a speaker.
CIO Magazine 

Just a short note to say thanks for presenting at the AMP conference where you gave us a talk on emailing. I bought your book, read all of it and have put your email know how together for my own use. My first email in August produced for me around $1,800 of fees. Thanks!

I have enjoyed the enthusiasm and clarity that Debbie is able to bring to a challenging medium for an average user. Many of the ideas she talks about are applicable to any marketing strategy, and the innovative use of e mail technology simply speeds up the process. By demystifying this technology and providing simple and common sense advice she challenges me to keep my marketing ideas fresh and to constantly review how I deliver my tactical solutions. Maintaining communication with customers is a major challenge for any business. Debbie provides simple solutions to make this task manageable.
Photoquick Camera House

Debbie, Just wanted to say thanks for your inspiration at the AFG conference on the weekend. I loved your sessions and had a good case of brain drain at the end of that day. I actually went and got my laptop straight after the session and implemented some of the things on the spot.... so thanks. I have recently spent quite a few thousand dollars on print advertising that has not worked. During the process I realised that the only marketing that has successfully worked for me is email and web