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Key Points for Daniel Bull

  • Daniel Bull is a 3x Guinness World Record-Breaking Adventurer.
  • 1% for the Planet Member.
  • Daniel Bull captures his audiences from the first moment, he awakens and inspires people from all walks of life with his passion and authentic presence.
  • Daniel Bull headlines both live and virtual conferences, his spectacular footage combined with his riveting and often spine-tingling interactive stories result in lasting impact.
  • More than just another incredible life story, Daniel Bull's lessons on building resilience, dealing with uncertainty, prioritising mental health & wellbeing, and achieving peak performance, continue to empower leaders and teams from all industries to become more resilient, fulfilled and successful.
  • Daniel Bull takes his audiences on his harrowing journey from suffering severe chronic childhood asthma to the thin air of extreme high altitude, where he pushed beyond his limits to climb the highest mountain and volcano on every continent, becoming the First Australian and the Youngest Person on the Planet to achieve the feat, all whilst holding down his day job.

Topics for Daniel Bull

  • Embracing risk and thriving beyond your comfort zone
    At the very top of the world, as in the business world, avoiding risk altogether is simply not an option. Going beyond typical risk management, Daniel Bull encourages his audiences to challenge themselves, employ effective decision-making strategies, and ultimately to embrace risk. He takes audiences on his harrowing journey from his hospital bed whilst suffering severe chronic childhood asthma, facing his fear of not being able to breathe sufficiently at sea level, to the thin air of extreme high altitude, where he pushed way beyond his comfort zone to climb the highest mountain and the highest volcano on every continent (including Mt Everest in the Himalayas and Mt Sidley in Antarctica) - the Youngest Person on the Planet to achieve the feat. Dan explores the importance of aiming high and reveals how to find the courage to step outside your own comfort zone and accept epic challenges.
  • Managing change and overcoming adversity
    Surviving the harshest environments on the planet, from ever-shifting glaciers to dense jungle and remote deserts, these vastly different terrains are constantly in flux, making them both extremely difficult and dangerous to navigate. Daniel Bull shares his insights on what it takes to succeed where change and uncertainty are inevitable: maintaining a clear vision, seeing change as an opportunity rather than a threat, adopting the best mindset to deal with the unknown, and planning and preparing meticulously. Through his unlikely ascent of arguably the world's most dangerous climb - the infamous North Face of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps - nicknamed 'Murder Wall’, Dan demonstrates first-hand how anyone, confronted with insurmountable odds (and in his case the “point of no return”), can overcome adversity, conquer self-doubt and move past setbacks.
  • Building resilience and achieving the impossible
    When the stakes are high and we’re confronted with hardships, how do we maintain our focus and progress towards reaching our goal? Believing that we can all accomplish great feats in the face of overwhelming obstacles, learn from our mistakes, and bounce back from failures, Daniel Bull shares his stories about how to practice resilience in tough times and rise to the challenges in front of you. Illustrated by his most recent expedition to the top of the world’s highest volcano, Ojos del Salado, situated high within the Atacama Desert in the Andes which is compared to Mars due to its other-worldly environment, Dan shows audiences how to push past mental and physical barriers, explore innate strengths, persevere through setbacks and develop resilience and grit in the process.

Testimonials for Daniel Bull

Having designed our agenda and list of Keynote Speakers for our Annual Conference in Australia & overseas for over 10 years now, it is an imperative to select speakers who are inspiring, challenging, passionate, fanatical and who motivate a change in behaviour. And to achieve this for our audience of financial advisers, accountants and business principals, this has always been task to get it right. In 2019 we sought Daniel Bull (“Unstoppabull”) to present to our group and he was truly outstanding. Not only did he reach great heights and accomplishments around the world himself, but he has inspired and challenged us to do the same! His presentation kept on script on our theme of “The Year of Why?” and this was exemplified by his whole story of why he has achieved what he has set out to achieve. Congratulations Dan and I look forward to more stories of you reaching even greater heights.
Lonsdale Financial Group

It was with great pleasure we were able to get Dan in to talk about his story, his life as an adventurer, overcoming fears and taking on extreme challenges. You won't meet a humbler guy who has achieved so much yet still keen to keep exploring the limits.

His journey has taught him much about resilience, preparation and focus. Dan is an inspiration to people of all ages. We were privileged to hear his story.
Real Time Learning

Immediately grabbed everyone's undivided, awestruck attention. Engaging and eye-opening.
McMillan Shakespeare Limited

All our students and teachers expressed how much they enjoyed his interactive presentation and even had parents tell us how much their kids loved it. We’d love to have him back.
Birmingham Primary School