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Key Points
  • Dana Vulin made international headlines when a tragic, unprovoked attack left her with third degree burns to 64 percent of her body and face.
  • At the end of 2013, Dana encountered yet another major hurdle with a routine pap smear revealing cervical cancer.
  • She publicly removed her compression mask for the first time on Channel 7’s Sunday Night program, revealing her face, which had been covered for two years and eight months. The segment was rated in the top 5 stories of all time and attracted international media attention.
  • Her story has featured throughout many major media outlets around the world and she has recently appeared on television programs such as The Morning Show, The Project (panel and special edition segment), Sunrise, Today Tonight, The Daily Edition and This Morning Show (UK) and Loose Woman (panel) UK. Plus, many more.
  • Recently, Dana published her first book titled Worth Fighting For, for which she was invited to speak about at the International Writers Festival.
  • Although Dana’s story is both harrowing and unbelievable, it’s not what Dana is best known for.  She is hailed around the world for making the biggest recovery and transformation in burns history. It’s been compared to winning gold, if there was a ‘recovery Olympics’. It is truly is something that has to be seen and shared to be believed.
  • Dana is back at University now doing her 3rd degree. Her Masters in Science-Medicine.
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Self Love - Body Confidence and Fitness, Internal and External
  • Acceptance, Forgiveness and Perspective
  • Empowerment
  • Dedication and Drive
  • Bullying and Anti-bullying
  • Cancer
  • Perseverance and Hope
  • Master of Ceremonies



Thank you again Dana for a wonderful presentation. Everyone I have spoken to since this morning was in awe of your spirit and the love in your heart. Our parents, staff and students found your story incredibly life changing and inspiring. It is incomprehensible to imagine that one could survive an event of this magnitude and emerge with such positivity and joy. One of the students said that it was the most amazing thing they have ever done at school. A staff member wrote, “As well as being inspiring, I think it was very important for the students to hear her story of resilience and persistence…Thank you so much for organising Dana to come to the school!” In an era when failing resilience and societal challenges threaten our wellbeing; your story is one that everyone needs to hear. Listen to Dana – she will help you gain perspective and balance on what is real, what is true and what can happen with true human spirit.
School Presentation Testimonial

A wonderfully caring person with an awe-inspiring journey.  Dana was honest and raw in her delivery of her story and the entire room was resting on every word she said.  A true inspiration.  
Hotondo Homes

... What l did find memorable again for this year's event was the inclusion of Ms Dana Vulin as Master of Ceremonies. The adversity that Dana has overcome since 2012 in incomprehensible, yet this young woman's fighting spirit, never give up attitude, and tenacity to face the horror of what she has experienced, and use this as a platform to reach out to others in need of encouragement and support in times of great distress, is to be commended. ...
Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC
Governor of Western Australia

What an honour and absolute pleasure it was to have Dana Vulin attend the National Final of Australia Galaxy Pageants 2017. Not only did Dana add an air of glitz and glamour to the 4 day long event, but she shared her inspiring story and wise words of encouragement with all 60 contestants. As well as the full ball room for the final pageant show. Earning the only standing ovation. Dana’s courage and zest for life, her perseverance and her kind heart shone throughout the event and her words touched the hearts of all who had the pleasure of listening.
Thank you Dana – thank you for being you, and for being such an inspiration to both young and old.
Australia Galaxy Pageants

Interviewing Dana Vulin is like sitting down at a coffee lounge with your bestie and ‘shooting the breeze’, it’s so easy – and it’s genuine. I find it amazing that she has remained so positive, having faced the cruelest of attacks and years of unbearably painful recuperation. She’d be excused for surrendering to a hermit-like existence, but I know Dana Vulin will wear her scars like a badge of honour and use her story to inspire others to be the best they can be. I’ve seen her humour and confidence hypnotise an audience of 500, down to a boardroom of 3 – and I can’t wait for the next chapter, and the chapter after that, and the chapter after that, as Im sure only good things lie ahead.
Natalee Fuhrmann

“Every term, we invite Dana Vulin to speak with our aspiring models about perseverance, motivation and overcoming hurdles in their early careers and life itself. As the founder and mentor for Model Camp Australia, I truly believe there isn’t anyone more suited to this job than Miss Vulin herself. Her story is overwhelming – filled with courage, self-acceptance and determination. A perfect mirror to guide and inspire my students on their journey. And they absolutely love her. She’s a celebrity in their eyes and hold onto her every word. This is a sweet appreciation passage from our graduate Tahlia Seagram; “Tonight I met one amazingly strong and beautiful woman, who’s story of recovery makes every other trouble in life seem so petty. “Be who you are, because you are unique and nobody in the world is just like you” Dana Vulin, you are a truly inspirational human being and still smiling!” When your students make affirmations like this, you know you’ve done your job by providing them with life changing experiences. Dealings with Dana is always pleasant and professional. You are guaranteed a laugh or two thanks to her easy going comedian side. I couldn’t recommend her enough if you are looking for someone to entertain, educate and inspire your audience. Heck even you will be touched. I know I was. She is certainly a powerful being with a compelling story to share”.
Director and Founder
Model Camp Australia

“I’m always impressed by strong, smart, savvy women – but this one takes the cake. I first met Dana a few months after her horrific ordeal, she was still weak on the outside – but tough as nails on the inside. I’ve watched her slowly recover, seen her deal with the ongoing battles, and I am still in awe of the strength and courage she has shown.
Dana allowed me into her life so I could help tell her story to the Australian TV audience. We filmed her remarkable story over many weeks. Her determination to ensure we saw the whole story, warts and all, was commendable. This meant many long shooting days, retakes and uncomfortable conversations. But still she kept her extraordinary attitude and persevered. Upon broadcast of the first of Dana’s series of stories, it became obvious that our viewers loved her positivity and strength. We continued to work with Dana and produced further stories about her recovery.
Whether it be at her many public appearances, or in a media interview, Dana is one of a kind. And when Dana speaks, she speaks from the heart”.
Sandra D
Senior TV Producer

My team and I had the pleasure of working with Dana when she shared her story with Take 5 in a recent issue of the magazine. Dana is a true inspiration. She has been through unimaginable trauma and in the Take 5 office we were all rendered speechless by her bravery and courageousness since her ordeal. Not only has she triumphed over adversity but she has used her experience to inspire, motivate and educate others.
From the moment she agreed to share her story she proved herself, at all times, to be reliable and dedicated to Take 5 magazine and the editorial processes involved. Take 5 is a magazine for the people, about the people, and every story we print aims to fulfil a human need. Sometimes that need is simply to make our readers laugh, or maybe to make them think, reassure them that they aren’t the only person to have gone through a difficult time, or raise awareness about serious issues to inspire or offer support. Dana understood the heart and soul of our magazine and helped us fulfil our obligation to our readers. Her message “to love the skin you are in” reached out and touched the lives of thousands.
Dana is a highly focused young woman and it was a pleasure to meet her and, here at Take 5, we feel privileged she took the time to share her journey with us.
News and Features Editor
Take 5 Magazine

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share my experience in working with Dana Vulin. She is an amazing woman whose resilience and strength shines through in everything she does. Despite the horrific trauma Dana has endured, she is still able to see the world through a lens of compassion, perspective and humour, which makes her a relatable and positive role model.
I interviewed Dana for the Los Angeles based publication, SheRa Mag, and found that the magazine’s readers were extremely positive in response to her story. The article received a very high volume of views and shares over the first 24 hours of publication. Dana is so humble about her experience and for that reason she is wonderful to work with, however, this reception highlights that hers is a story that needs to be heard.
Co-Founder and CEO
Project Rockit

Dana Vulin has been an ambassador for the Momentum for Australia and the ‘Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye, campaign since 2014. Dana was the testimonial speaker at the International Women’s Day 2014 where she received a standing ovation for her emotional and inspiring speech. During her interview on Hello Darlink talk show she opened up about her incredible journey.
Dana gives hope and courage to so many women by sharing her personal story. She has shown that it is possible to come out on the winning end no matter what the challenge is. I’m honoured to have worked with Dana and have her beautiful presence at Momentum annual events. Dana’s dedication, passion and talent in connecting with the public makes her appearances an unforgettable experience.
Momentum Events

When we were looking for a host of Kalgoorlie Fashion Week, Dana Vulin was a sure stand out. Her love of life and fashion meant we were guaranteed a beautiful show.
Thrown into the deep end, Dana was able to keep the crowd entertained with her witty banter and seamless interaction with the audience.
We were blown away with how natural she was on the microphone and how professional she maintained her attitude over the week.
Thank you Dana, it was a great pleasure to work with you and can’t wait to have you back.
Kalgoorlie Fashion Week

LiveSmart recently organised a ‘Ladies Empowerment’ event to provide a platform to celebrate the inner strength of women. I could not have selected a more suitable speaker to address my audience. Miss Dana Vulin delivered her story of survival, determination and hope with such inspiration; exactly the aim of the event. It was not just her unique incredible story that captivated the audience, but her sense of humour and approachability.
Unanimous affirmations included “what an amazing lady”, “her strength and determination can only be admired”, “I am so glad I heard her story”, “wow what a strong woman”.
Dana is a remarkable lady, who is very professional and a pleasure to work with. In my role as a counselling psychotherapist, I promote education and empowerment and would highly recommend Dana as a motivational speaker. What a pleasure to have met Dana, a truly amazing lady. I pray for her continued healing and success.
Live Smart and Medical Hand