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Key Points for Clara Chorley

  • CEO and founder of Clarity Unlimited.
  • Author of the book: TURN 4 Steps to Clarity in Your Life and Career.
  • Developed over two decades, Clara’s powerful 4-step process: T.U.R.N.™ has helped women and men all around the world find satisfaction and fulfillment in their work (and therefore their lives).
  • Traveled and worked across 4 continents and 40 countries.
  • Trained in voice dialogue, a certified facilitator, member of National Speakers Association.
  • Trained students in Cotonou, Benin, Africa at the Van Duyse Entrepreneurial University.

Topics for Clara Chorley

  • T.U.R.N.
    4 steps to more trust, less obstacles, and smoother communication during change
  • T.U.R.N.
  • Transform changing beliefs for satisfaction at work
  • T.U.R.N.
  • Unwind for a workplace where everyone can thrive

Testimonials for Clara Chorley

Clara immediately became a favourite headliner for our group. In addition to sharing outstanding communication skills such as moving us from Cowering to Courageous! She USES the skills, too! Clara’s presentation was fun, engaging, and astute; and she was a breeze to work with. Truly, Clara is a rare find; we can’t wait to book her again.
DTM, President
Heart2Heart Toastmasters; Lake Merritt, California, USA

Listening to Clara Chorley’s presentation was a memorable and awe-inspiring event. Memorable because Clara is the most inspirational as well as accomplished speaker/professional career/life coach we’ve had since my time as Director of Programs. Awe-spiring because she captured and held her audience’s attention, even when it came to responding to difficult or challenging questions. During her presentation I looked around the room and saw people transfixed, mesmerised; at one point, I saw one woman’s eyes fill with tears. Clara’s ability to draw an audience in is amazing. She asks questions that make people look deep inside of themselves, sometimes in what might be considered “life-changing” ways, and always in supportive and nurturing ways. Clara Chorley commands an impressively large personal as well as professional image and her message of “The TURN!” delivers a big and forceful punch! I highly recommend Clara!
Director of Programs
California Department of Employment; San Francisco, California, USA

Clara is an excellent presenter for any group wanting greater clarity in their personal and professional projects. Clara combines coherent knowledge of inner processes with exceptional presentation skills. She is easily one of the most dynamic and involving speakers I have heard. Clara easily connects with individuals in the group, actively including them, which brings her message home in a lasting way.
Career Café; San Jose, California, USA

Clara inspires and moves people to think and act in new, more positive directions with their lives.
SING, Career Group; Danville, California, USA

Clara Chorley is energy, charm, and engagement all wrapped up in a delightful package. She speaks from the heart and delivers an important message to her audience. A message about listening to and trusting our inner voice (our intuition) and how to put it to work building success. Clara embodies her message and shares how it has shaped her life and her livelihood, and how it can shape ours as well. If your intuition is whispering that you should learn more about Clara, listen to it. You’ll be very glad you did.
Former President
East Bay Women’s Network; Alameda, California, USA

Clara’s impact on the room was astonishing. The material that she presented was innovative and empowering. Everyone walked away with a tangible next step and renewed inspiration and belief in themselves. Clara brought her high energy and the importance of what living with purpose can do for breaking through the barriers in our lives.
Experience Unlimited Career Group; Walnut Creek; California, USA

Clara, thank you … your energy and enthusiasm was infectious. Our participants are still buzzing about the session and there have already been several instances where the techniques have been very helpful. We are committed to making the lessons learned an integral part of our individual and collective days ahead.
Program Leader
Career Actions Ministry of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church; Mountain View, California, USA

Eloquent’ describes the speaking skills of Clara Chorley. As a teacher of rhetoric for more than 40 years, (Clara’s ability is) balancing logical appeal with emotional appeal. This talent, when backed by personal credibility that few can match, enables Clara to make us laugh, cry and learn in the space of five minutes.
Dr. Doric Little
Professor of Rhetoric; Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

(Clara is) the most joyful person that I have run across in months, maybe even in years. I just know that this whisper that has been circulating through my brain is practically screaming at me. I want to find work I love to support myself for the rest of my life. Thank you, Clara, for a thought provoking presentation.
Administrative Assistant
Walnut Creek, California, USA

Clara energised the group to actively participate in the discussion, and she created an open and encouraging environment where those gathered felt safe and comfortable sharing their goals, hopes and emotions. We highly recommend Clara Chorley to any group or organisation searching for a dynamic person to engage its members.
IAAP; San Francisco, California, USA

Clara presented the 4 steps for our members and we were so happy to have her. Her enthusiasm and energy was contagious. All of our members were motivated and took value from the variety of ideas and tools she presented. Thank you, Clara for your expertise and kindness.
SuccessLink Specialist
Women’s Initiative; Marin, California, USA

Clara’s T.U.R.N. presentation was the perfect start to our conference. She captured the audience with her inspiring and motivating energy, which reverberated not only during her session but throughout the whole weekend! Clara’s challenge to the attendees to evolve as people and business owners has driven a number of discussions amongst our members even after the conference. I highly recommend Clara. She is an asset to any group seeking an energetic speaker who has the ability to connect with a variety of people.
Events & Communications Manager
NANP (National Association of Nutritional Professionals); San Diego, California, USA