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Key Points for Chris Robb

  • Chris Robb is widely recognised as a global thought leader. During COVID-19 he has often been referred to as “the glue that held the Mass Participation industry together”.
  • Is the author of “Mass Participation Sports Events: Unlock the secrets to this complex and exciting industry”. The only book of its kind in the industry.
  • A global advisor to Governments, Brands, events and Federations.
  • Imagine scaling your business from zero to 60,000 customers & 30 to 5,000 staff in a few months. Chris managed that multiple times to deliver the Singapore Marathon.
  • Has worked with the likes of Apple, Standard Chartered Bank, BMW, PWC, Red Bull, adidas, Sport Singapore, World Athletics, Unilever, Canon and Pfizer.
  • Has appeared on Fox Sports, Eurosport, Channel News Asia, The Business Times, Sydney Morning Herald, GMA, and a multitude of channels across Asia

Topics for Chris Robb

  • The Gifts of Disaster. From adversity to opportunity
    Often our greatest opportunity to grow and learn come during times of extreme pressure and each person has the opportunity to emerge as either a sparking diamond or dark coal. Chris shares how the “disasters” in his life, including the impact of COVID have helped lay the foundation for him to shine as an industry leader.
  • The Power of Pause. Stepping back to move forward
    In our busy modern world many of us are constantly on fast forward as we race on the “treadmill of life”. Chris will share his many lessons of taking the time to pause, even in potential life and death situations and especially during COVID have resulted in profound and sometimes life-changing outcomes.
  • Strength in Numbers. Creating powerful impact through collaboration and partnerships
    Delivering a 60,000-participant marathon involves multiple stakeholders and is impossible to do without high levels of collaboration and partnerships. Chris will share some of his guiding principles and lessons including examples of how one of the great positives of COVID has brought an industry together in unprecedented levels of collaboration.
  • Start Line to Finish Line on Purpose. Positively impacting the lives of millions
    It is no secret that COVID has had a massive impact on the health and wellbeing of communities especially with regard to mental health. Events and sport are often mainly measured by their economic outcomes but their ability to create huge health, wellbeing and charity impact is increasingly being recognised and Chris will share some astounding insights into the “Ripple Effect” on families, staff, communities and cities.
  • Something Will go Wrong. How you respond will determine success
    With tens of thousands of participants, thousands of staff, tens of km of city roads closed, the vagaries of weather, security and other risks Mass Participation events are one of the ultimate examples of risk management. The reality is they are so complex that its almost certain that something will go “wrong” and Chris will share examples of how whilst having the plans in place is critical the ultimate determinant of success will be how the team responds – lessons that are relevant to any business.
  • Zero to 60,000 Customers and 30 to 5,000 Staff in a Few Months. Business and personal lessons from mass sports events
    Delivering a Mass Participation event such as the 60,000 people Singapore Marathon is an amazing case study of the ability to scale, it touches every functional area of pretty much any business large or small and culminates in the ultimate test with all of your customers turning up within a few hours on one day. Chris will share real life examples of the many lessons he has learned both from a business and personal perspective.
  • Barefoot on a Zimbabwean farm to the Olympics and beyond. Inspiring business and personal lessons from a marathon journey
    Chris’s journey reads like a novel, from growing up poor on a farm in Zimbabwe in the midst of an independence war to working on the Sydney Olympics, playing tennis with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island and building a multi-million-dollar international business started with a few thousand dollars after emigrating to Australia. Buckle up for a roller coaster ride that will leave you with a multitude of practical, actionable strategies and highlight the power of being at the heart of a purpose-driven business.
  • From Stopwatch to Live GPS Tracking, AI and Beyond. Lessons in innovation from the mass sports industry
    When Chris organised his first fun run at the age of 16, whilst growing up poor on a farm in Zimbabwe he created the results using an old-fashioned stopwatch and sheet of paper but since then the industry and Chris have transformed enormously. Join his marathon as he shares examples of how these days its GPS tracking and AI and how he interacts with some of the best when he hosts an Innovation Showcase as part of an annual global industry conference.
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Testimonials for Chris Robb

I highly recommend Chris as a speaker. He’s an absolute professional, extraordinarily knowledgeable and will have your audience enthralled by the messages he shares.
Andrew Griffiths
International Best-Selling Author
Global Speaker

Absolutely world class.
Avi Liran
Chief Delighting Officer
Delivering Delight
Certified Professional Speaker (CSP)

Chris gave a magnificent Keynote address - the Power of Pause. The message, expertly delivered, resonated well with the audience. Chris readily provided extra value too - volunteering to participate in Panels. Significantly, from an organisational perspective, Chris was most accommodating.
Australian Swim Schools

Chris is one of the finest human beings l have had the great opportunity to meet. l have worked at the highest echelons of the entertainment and hospitality industries globally. He is extremely diligent with a level of authenticity rarely seen. His word is his bond and he is a joy to be around.
Robert Bonnick
International Keynote Speaker

I have known Chris for almost two decades and have seen him develop into the leading expert in the field of mass participation. His career achievements speak for themselves - but more important are his personal qualities. Chris has a relentless passion for what he does and has grown an incredible network around him. But he remains humble and always willing to share knowledge and assistance wherever and whenever he can. I can fully endorse him as a speaker, mentor and facilitator.
Senior Vice President
FMA (Football Marketing Asia)

I had the pleasure of working with Chris when I was running the area marketing team for Energizer's Personal Care brands in Asia Pacific. It makes my job so much easier when I'm able to partner with an exceptional leader such as Chris. His easy-going leadership style, excellent listening skills, great communication style, and business acumen make him a true business partner. If you're considering working with Chris or hiring him as a speaker for your event or conference, do so. You will not be disappointed!
Former Asia Pacific Marketing Director
Energizer Personal Care

Every so often someone stands out from the crowd for their integrity, passion and commitment to making a difference in the work they do. Chris Robb is one such person whose attention to detail and people make him someone you can trust. He speaks as authentically as he works and does what it takes to ensure great outcomes every time.
Ricky Nowak
Virtual Leadership Coach
Speaker Business Advisor
Executive Coach

Sports and business partnerships, like the running events TCS is focused on, is a fast-growing segment in Asia Pacific. I recommend Chris as a speaker and the go-to person to any company seeking consultation on a mass participation event strategy in the region.
Asia Pacific Tech CMO
Tata Consultancy Services

What I like about Chris is that he is a good listener (in addition to his public speaking skills), and an empathetic person who is genuinely interested in people. His diverse background -- Africa, UK, Australia and Asia -- is an asset, too.
Jason Dasey
Keynote Speaker & Emcee
Former CNN & BBC Host

Chris has been an inspiration for many years. I was lucky enough to get a chance to work with him as we taught partnerships to other entrepreneurs. For all his success, Chris is one of the most down-to-earth and genuine business leaders I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Chris is one of the most experienced and accomplished leaders in the Mass Participation sports scene in the world. Well worth listening to!
Founder & CEO
MBH Corporation PLC

His MPA conference was one of the best I've attended. The experience and insight Chris shared during the delivery of his opening keynote speech was hugely impactful.
Head of Communications
Abbott World Marathon Majors

Chris Robb is one of the best leaders I have had anything to do with. From the Sydney Olympics to the Singapore Marathon. He is highly respected in the Events industry. Chris is also a powerful public speaker who inspires his audience.
Managing Director
Sheridan Consulting Group